Kurt Cobain
Fri Mar 15, 2019

Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a general term of disparagement for someone or something repugnant or odious, unpleasant or dull, "grunge" finds its way into music lingo by the 1960s to describe the unfavorably fuzzy or unclean sounds which might've otherwise undercut cheaply or poorly made records.

This etymology is forever changed in 1987 when Seattle record label Sub Pop introduces a catalogue of "ultra-loose grunge" locals including the likes of Soundgarden, Nirvana and Mudhoney, thus giving namesake to a region’s budding sub-cultural movement that would soon thereafter sweep the globe up in its angst-ridden embrace. Three decades later, Morrison Hotel Gallery is pleased to reclaim the term once more with 'Grunge: Rise of A Generation', shining retrospective light on a teenage riot's coming-of-age at all three gallery locations that run from March 8th-March 31st, 2019.

The photographs are part of the Morrison Hotel Gallery’s latest exhibitGrunge: Rise of a Generation, which also features shots by Danny Clinch, Clay Patrick McBride, Karen Mason Blair, Henry Diltz, Frohman and more. Running from today through March 31st in New York, L.A. and Maui, the collection — curated by NYC gallery director Marcelle Murdock, L.A. gallery director Casey Fannin-Kaplan and L.A. sales manager Jamie Bucherer — features images of Nirvana, Pearl JamSoundgarden and other early-Nineties bands that helped popularize the Seattle Sound.

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