Fiona Ross Shows What a Difference a Creative Week Can Make with Newly Released Album

Fri Apr 15 2022
Fiona Ross

For most, our weekly to-do lists usually consist of a laundry list of different tasks… Including laundry. For prolific, multi-honoured British singer-songwriter Fiona Ross, her’s always features something music-related, including one recent week devoted entirely to creating new music. Now, she’s treating us to its beautiful results with her brand-new EP, 7 Songs in 7 Days.

Productivity is not a problem for this highly accomplished multi-award-winning music maker. To clear out the remnants from writing and recording her latest, big production and Global Music Award-winning full-length release, Red Flags and High Heels, Ross took on this new project as an ambitious palate cleanser.

“7 Songs in 7 Days is exactly that!” Ross explains. “Each time I work on an album, I seem to get bigger and bigger with the instrumentation, and having just finished my Red Flags and High Heels album, my head is already full of big brass sections and string orchestras…

“So, I wanted to pull myself back a bit before I started, and I tasked myself with writing seven songs over seven days — all acoustic, simple, straightforward, and nothing fancy.”

UK Contemporary Jazz Artist Fiona Ross Spotlights Self-Worth in Brave and Beautiful “Good Enough”

Fri Jan 21, 2022

“Will I ever be good enough?; Will I ever be wise enough…for anyone?” Multi-award-winning contemporary jazz artist Fiona Ross launches her heartfelt new single with these two intensely personal questions, bravely throwing the doors open to examine self-doubt with “Good Enough” from her recently released album, Red Flags and High Heels.

Check out “Good Enough” on YouTube here:

“We all have moments of doubt and wonder if we are good enough — whether this is as a musician, an artist, a parent or just a human being,” Ross offers. “It’s what it says on the tin, really: a song about being good enough or, more precisely, not being good enough.

“This song is just me and how I feel.”

Jazz Songstress Fiona Ross Sings Across Life’s Emotional Spectrum with ‘Red Flags and High Heels’

Fri Oct 22, 2021

The black and white keys on a piano. Heads and tails on a coin. Yin and yang. Just like these opposing halves that create a whole, life would not be complete without both its highs and lows. Multi-award winning contemporary jazz artist Fiona Ross reflects the full emotional spectrum of this thing called life with her highly anticipated new album, Red Flags and High Heels, and its satisfyingly scathing lead single, “You Are Like Poison”.

Watch You Are Like Poison” here:

With her fifth studio album landing after Ross being named among the 100 Alternative Power Music List for 2020 by, the internationally acclaimed, London-based vocalist, pianist, composer, producer and journalist has garnered experience and expertise to cast a wide net to capture the dark, light and much of what lies between in this personal and very relatable new collection.

Award-Winning Contemporary Jazz Songstress Fiona Ross Releases The Live Sessions Video Album

Thu Sep 24, 2020

Award-winning, internationally acclaimed contemporary jazz artist Fiona Ross unleashes today an electrifying rendition of some of her favourite works across four album releases in The Live Sessions Video Album — including her most recent, Fierce and Non-Compliant.

“I tried to do the whole live session at home, but it really wasn’t me,” the songstress explains. “It also meant I didn’t have my incredible musicians with me.

Watch and listen to Fiona Ross 'The Live Sessions': Don't Say here:

“Part of my sound and what I love about what I do is the incredible people I get to work and play with,” she continues. “I feed off their energy and, well… I just love playing with them!

“Due to COVID-19, all of my gigs were cancelled for the foreseeable future, but as soon as the studio I normally rehearse at re-opened, I jumped to book it.”

Jazz Artist Fiona Ross Releases ‘Raw & Real’ New Single, “For My Dad”

Fri Feb 14, 2020

Award-winning contemporary jazz artist Fiona Ross is out today with her newest single, “For My Dad” — available now! The second track on her newest album, Fierce and Non-Compliant, ‘For My Dad” is especially noteworthy for being one of two especially raw and pared-down productions as live, musically pared-back takes completed in a stairwell.

“I wanted the production to reflect the honesty of the song: raw and real,” Ross confides. “This album ended up being a really personal journey, and this song just happened. I was going through my songwriting book and found a list of chords. I had no idea what they were for, and they had no lyrics with them.

“So I turned them into a song for my dad.”

Listen and Watch Fiona Ross: “For My Dad” here: