Paris/France Electro-Prog Funksters Moôn Are Landing on Earth with Out Of This World Sophomore Release

Fri Jul 03, 2020

With their head in the sky and their eyes to the stars, progressive electro-funksters Moôn are Landing on Earth with their sophomore release.

Founded in April 2018 by Murphy and Martiti, MOÔN, through its funk 80’s and electro-modern influences, MOÔN offers hisown universe, mixing dancing rhythms, a lunar atmosphere and down to earth lyrics.

A swirling constellation of sonic outer-worldliness, Moôn and its ‘nauts — Murphy on vocals and keys, Martiti on guitar, and Bardin on drums — call on a meteoric mix off analog and digital sounds to create a cosmic confluence of pop, electro, funk, hip hop and alt rock music.

Landing on Earth serves as follow up to previous singles “Amiba,” “Sad Clowns” and “ILU” — complete with 42,000+ streams across YouTube alone. The trio released their debut EP Welcome to the Moôn in 2018.

Watch and listen to MOÔN - I Need To Know (Official Video) here: