Alexis Lynn Isn’t Afraid to “Fall Apart” in New Single Release

Fri Apr 01, 2022

Encapsulating a personal, edgy, and inside view of her perspective on the world, Alexis Lynn lays it bare on her latest single, “Fall Apart” – check it out on YouTube here:

Unafraid to be vulnerable, raw, or emotive on the latest release, the honeyed pop diva with a story to tell is back with a dreamy, up-tempo dance-floor bop that moves listeners in her catchy hooks, ear-worm melodies, and a message that resonates with us all.

“It’s about being everybody else’s rock, and putting their needs before your own,” the West Coast-based artist explains. “I wrote it at a point in my life where I felt like I was constantly balancing everyone else’s needs, and making sure everyone else was good — disregarding whether or not I was good.

Artist Alexis Lynn Addresses the Struggle With Addiction in New Single “House On Fire”

Thu Feb 10, 2022

Watching a loved one self-destruct through addiction sucks, plain and simple. It’s a powerless, helpless feeling, and one that Vancouver-based pop artist Alexis Lynn captures in all its complexity in her searing new single “House On Fire” — watch and listen here:

“House On Fire” is a pop powerhouse, packed with infectious beats, cascading vocals, and gorgeous well-timed harmonies, while its lyrics deal with the cold, dank darkness of watching a loved one’s addiction progress.

You gon’ always do what you want to
No matter what anybody tells you
Chasing temporary fixes, you won’t call it quits
Just living to exist, yeah shit

And then, the metaphorical house starts burning as the narrator is forced to stand by helplessly — “I’ll just stand here 10 feet away/Watchin you, trapped in your house on fire.”

Surrey, BC's Alexis Lynn Holds onto the Joy of Christmas Year-Round in “December Dreaming”

Fri Dec 03, 2021

Capturing the magic of Christmas, and how sometimes in life, holding the holiday in your heart year-round can keep you going, Canadian pop artist Alexis Lynn explores that joyous, hope-inducing feeling through her new single “December Dreaming” – Watch it on YouTube here:

Ethereal and lullaby-like, “December Dreaming” features soft, honeyed vocals over the familiar, comforting sound of Christmas-choir handbells. Like many of the best Christmas songs, it’s beautiful specifically because of its simplicity, and the lyrics take the listener through all the other seasons – the green of Spring in May, the golden glow of summer days, kicking up autumn leaves – with the Christmas spirit burning like a tiny ember.

Because even on the brightest of summer days
No matter the season
I’ll be December dreaming away

Cashbox Radio Christmas & Holiday Pick Hits December 2021

Fri Dec 03 2021
Cashbox Radio Christmas & Holiday Pick Hits December 2021

With the holidays fast approaching, radio will soon be on high rotation of the usual Christmas hits and the nostalgic classics.

At Cashbox Canada and Cashbox Radio, we have been receiving some great new Christmas tunes and I would like to share the first Top 10 songs that are now being played on Cashbox Radio.

We would really love if you give these songs a boost by listening to Cashbox Radio, and heading to our Request link here:

Who knows? Maybe that future classic is right here on the first Top 10 – more to come next week!

Because at Cashbox Radio we believe someone has to play that future hit for the first time – and we want it to be us!

Barry Stagg - Christmas Grace

Top 100 2020 CBC Searchlight Finalist Alexis Lynn Says “I Can’t Relate” In This, Her Newest Single & Video

Fri Jul 10 2020
Alexis Lynn

The Canadian urban pop dynamo’s second single of the year lands after February’s “Circles” and September 2019’s breakthrough debut, Things Get Good. The seven-track release — and each single thereafter — teems with the First Nations artist’s irrefutable musical magnetism and signature songwriting, delving deep into topics of love, lust, vulnerability, self-awareness, and everything in between.

“It’s about looking in on a friend’s toxic relationship, and reflecting what I might do in that situation while also trying to help them see they’re worth more,” Lynn shares about “I Can’t Relate” and its inspiration; she drew from personal experience as the scenario was one Lynn frustratingly found herself in. “I was venting to my co-writers that I didn’t understand how my friend couldn’t see what I saw was going on, and couldn’t see that she deserved so much more.

Watch and listen to “I Can’t Relate” here