Singer/Songwriter Greg Rider Second Date Was Almost 'TinderCringe' in New Single, “Accident”

Fri Sep 18, 2020

Canadian country-pop artist Greg Rider’s second date felt just like the first in this, his new single “Accident”.

“This song came to life after a date in Nashville,” Rider recalls. “It started as an innocent online dating match with a Canadian girl, and it turned into a hilarious coincidence… Or ‘Accident.’”

Grab the popcorn, here’s how the story goes: Rider met up with the girl — a fellow songwriter — and soon after grabbing a drink and getting to know one another, she insisted he looked familiar. “She was from Alberta, and I was from Ontario,” he explains. “I was confident I’d never met her before."

“But then she asked, ‘did you ever live in Montreal?’ and my eyes went wide. She said, ‘oh my God, are you Greg from Montreal?! We went on a date and I still talk about that night with my friends!’

“I was in utter shock, and couldn’t believe what she was saying. I felt horrible because I didn’t remember it at all. She had a different hair colour back then, I was 22 and a club promoter, so I met quite a few girls that summer, but… I still felt like a horrible person!”

After Years on the Road Country Singer/Songwriter Greg Rider Wonders if Love is Just “One Town Away”

Fri Jul 10 2020
Greg Rider

Canadian country-pop artist Greg Rider takes to wondering if the love of his life is just “One Town Away” in this, his new single release.

“This song was actually written in two days,” Rider recalls, looking back at a songwriting session with collaborator Rich Cloke. “I didn’t plan it at all. I was a bit stuck,” he explains. “I had songs that I couldn’t release yet, so William Gaboury — producer and owner of Father & Son Records — suggested I write something new and come visit him in Montreal that same weekend to record everything. It all happened so fast… Within four or five days, everything about ‘One Town Away’ was done!

Watch and listen to ‘One Town Away’ here:

This song’s particular process may have been quick, but the concept had been percolating in Rider’s mind for years — albeit subconsciously, for the most part.