Indie Rockers bluefront Say It’s “High Time” for Love

Fri Nov 05, 2021

Indie rock band bluefront says it’s “High Time” to get things right in this, their new single and video.

Check out “High Time” on YouTube here:

The Windy City-based four-piece is fronted by long-time musician, turned-lawyer, turned-professional musician, Alan Zreczny. Since being a child, Zreczny has had an enduring love for music, saying, “I always thought of being a musician and writing songs as the most fulfilling modes of self-expression.”

It’s “Your Move…” Say Chicago-Based Rockers bluefront in New Single, “High Time”

Fri Apr 09, 2021

On a quest for emotional peace and grappling with the question “could anything more have been done,” indie rocker Alan Zreczny and his Chicago-based band bluefront deliver this, their newest single and video “High Time”.

“I think the song is about me reaching for an emotional space I have rarely, if ever, achieved,” Zreczny reveals of the song and its inspiration. “Although it was written with a relationship in mind, for me, it could apply whenever there comes a time — sometimes far too long in the making — where a certain kind of peace is achieved.

Check out “High Time” on YouTube here:

Chicago Rockers bluefront Brace for Emotional “Aftershocks” in Sophomore Release’s Title Track

Fri Nov 20, 2020

International indie rocker Alan Zreczny and his band bluefront confront the often harrowing reverberations of emotional, new single “Aftershocks”.

Watch the video “Aftershocks” here:

The title track from bluefront’s 2019 sophomore album release, the song “was written after I watched a news report about an earthquake and its aftershocks,” Zreczny lays plainly. “It started a process of thinking about the correlation to emotional aftershocks, like the flash of a memory where the whole thing would sort-of hit again.

“The song is my small way to address my own aftershocks and being ‘ready’ to handle them when they come,” he continues. “I realized that the aftershocks could actually feel worse than the shock or the event itself. In essence, I had already made it past the initial blow but now, on top of reliving that, I’m upset with myself because I’m thinking about it again, and it's affecting me in the same way.

Chicago Indie Rock Outfit bluefront Ride the Aftershocks of Sophomore Release

Fri Aug 21, 2020

Chicago-based indie rocker Alan Zreczny and his band bluefront are still riding the Aftershocks following the release of their sophomore album this spring, including top track “It’s Not Over Yet” and its brand new video.

Narrative poems set to spirited melodies, Aftershocks is a journey into the reverberation of emotional aftershocks enveloped in shimmering melodies and instrumentation deftly demonstrated by bandmates Jason Steele, Nick Kabat, and Mark Burns.

A lawyer-turned-singer/songwriter, Zreczny first picked up a guitar at the age of ten, having grown up in a house always filled with music and music lessons. His love for music and writing remained under the surface while he went to college, law school and grad school, and continued as he worked as both corporate in-house counsel and later at a law firm…

The thoughts about creating music were ever present: “I always thought of being a musician and writing songs as the most fulfilling modes of self-expression. And then, a terrible break-up happened.”