The Heavyweights Brass Band Funk It Up & Never “Fake It” on Horn-tastic New Single

Fri Jun 17, 2022

The best brass music is full of sass, funky rhythms, and snappy melodies and Canada’s Heavyweights Brass Band has all that, and more! Down and deeply in the groove with their new sax- and soul-powered new single, “Fake It” is available from Slammin Media, and distributed worldwide by Believe this June 10th on all platforms!

Watch and listen to “Fake It” on YouTube here:

The latest single release from the Toronto-based brass band draws inspiration from drummer Gregory C. Coleman and his famous “Amen Break” solo first performed in 1969. Coleman originated it in the recording for funk and soul band The Winston Brothers’ b-side track, “Amen Brother.” It’s a rhythm pattern that is an enduring favourite in funk, hip-hop, and drum and bass music.

BTW Cari Burdett, Jim James, King Princess, Heavyweights Brass Band, Amanda Rheaume, Mimi O’Bonsawin, Folly & The Hunter

Fri Jun 22 2018
Cari Burdett

World music fusion artist Cari Burdett is bringing her exotic fusion of jazz, art song, folk and opera eastward this June, including dates at the Winnipeg Jazz Festival, Toronto's Burdock Music Hall, and Montreal's Upstairs Jazz B. She'll be accompanied by members of her 4Tet who are also featured in the new video for "De Cara a la Pared," written and originally performed by the late great Lhasa de Sela. The video premiered exclusively at Roots Music Canada.

BTW-starring Black Lips, We Are Scientists, Emm Gryner, Gord Downie, The Sadies and The Conquering Suns, The Heavyweights Brass Band and Aretha Franklin

Fri Apr 18 2014
Black Lips

This week’s big indie guitar showdown happens Tuesday Apr. 22, putting Black Lips (Phoenix Concert Theatre) up against We Are Scientists (Lee’s Palace). Breakups, breakdowns and a death in the band has not slowed down Black Lips. Eleven years on, these Atlanta garage legends continue to provoke and freak out audiences all over with their live show. This is, after all, the band which recorded their major label debut album, Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo, live off the floor of a dive bar in Tijuana, Mexico, that the band solemnly described as "absolutely nuts." Then there was India 2009, where the dudes got up to some onstage “antics’ which so outraged the audience, the Lips fled the city and eventually the country, abandoning the tour on account of the very real fear they’d be busted and thrown in the slammer for "homosexual acts". The band’s view: “Ian and Cole kissed, some weiners got pulled out, people lost their shit.”