Alt.Rocker MDMP Channels Cosmic Forces of Sound & Silence into Emotionally-Charged “Strength"

Fri Nov 05, 2021

Cosmic forces of sound and silence are channelled effortlessly through the artistic perception of multi-disciplined renaissance musician MDMP on the emotionally charged single “Strength”.

The new single off MDMP’s ambitious 27-part debut album, Day One, “Strength” is a harrowing tale surrounding the internal struggle that invites itself in when all hope seems lost.

Check out “Strength” on YouTube here:

Featuring the ultra-talented metal band Dayshell out of Southern California, MDMP fearlessly captures the haunting realities of those who deal with trauma in harmful ways; particularly those with substance abuse issues. Meticulous listeners are rewarded with a vocal performance that takes no lyric for granted with the depth and raw energy that does this pain-staking subject justice.

Hawaiian Alt-Rock Artist MDMP Reflects on Personal Turmoil in Emotional New Single, “Kneeling Scars”

Fri Jun 25, 2021

Nearly seven months after his last single, the enticingly frightening “Chosen One” — where he pays homage to veterans, living and fallen, by delving into his own harrowing memories of serving time in the military — Jeremey Meyer, front man for MDMP, has appropriately returned to the alternative rock scene with a brand-new single, in which he discloses more of the torments he’s faced throughout life. Fittingly, it’s called “Kneeling Scars ”.

Though the lyrical content of this brand-new original is not as vividly agonizing as that of “Chosen One,” “Kneeling Scars” is one of MDMP’s most-personal tracks to date. Check out “Kneeling Scars ” on YouTube here:

This is evident in the songwriting; multiple times throughout the song, Meyer is heard singing, ‘All I do is cry / ‘Cause I miss you,’ and clearly reflecting on an impactful absence in his life.