Alt-Electronic Artist Rick Christian’s New “Contagious” Taunts & Teases Danger

Fri Apr 08, 2022

While his previous single asked if you’ll “Dance With Death,” Canadian alt-electronic artist Rick Christian now gets up close and personal with more macabre-meets-music themes in this, his new single, “Contagious” – check it out on YouTube here:

No stranger to the thrill of horror-savvy songs that invite listeners into a dark realm of fantasy-meets-nightmare, “Contagious” is plucked from the twisted inner workings of Christian’s mind to both taunt and tease with danger.

He has, in his words, “escaped from the depths below to spread his Dark Jams into your mind in an attempt to regain a soul” and admitted to tapping into the dark recesses of his mind while penning the track.

“I decided to write a song that was very honest for the listener,” Christian says. “In that process, I’ve exposed my emotions in a vulnerable way…

Alt-Electronic Artist Rick Christian Asks “Will You Dance With Death?” In New Single

Fri Nov 05, 2021

There’s a good chance you’ve been asked to dance, or asked someone else to. But if that dance was with Death, would you square up or bow out?

That’s what Edmonton alt-electronica artist Rick Christian is asking in his new single and music video-turned-horror flick, “Will You Dance With Death?” — available now. The electronica, low-fi, banger wastes no time mashing a dance bop with dark, chilling lyrics. And it’s just as Rick Christian likes it.

“I wanted something dark that people could dance to,” Christian says, simply; his music is heavily entrenched in bass and synth, layering his lyrics inside the production. “I attempted ideas and techniques when recording and producing this song that I had never done before. The production and blending of the synth in the mix was the next level for me. The hours of post production really paid off.”