Ottawa Artist Terry Gomes Releases New Single Video “Steen’s Reverie”

Fri Apr 22, 2022

TTerry Gomeserry Gomes completed an Honours degree at the University of Ottawa, studying classical guitar and composition. He taught guitar for many years, played in several rock bands, and performed in a flute/classical guitar duo. Later on, he released three self-penned albums in singer-songwriter/pop/folk-rock genres. In 2013, his album SHH marked a major shift into guitar-based instrumental, smooth jazz.

However, his last three releases, THE SAND IN MY SHOES and BLUE. GREEN. AQUAMARINE., and THE TROPICAL DREAM, found him moving much closer to home.

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Fri Oct 25 2019
Zach Oliver

Starting off with a blast of cheeky monkey music. Canadian pop-rock n’ roll bad boy and self-described “bastard” Zach Oliver has dropped his personal anthem and “battle cry” in the form of new 10-track LP, Banzai — available now.

“I feel alive in this music,” the Toronto-based artist says of the album as a whole. “I think that’s where the name came from. I love that ‘banzai’ is used as a patriotic cheer and battle cry. It’s kind of like the Japanese version of ‘hooray’ and shouted in the same sense as ‘long live the King’ in English…

“This relates EXACTLY to how I felt making this,” he continues. “It’s a battle cry for being original. I wanted to celebrate coming into my own.

“Although 90% of the album is about a relationship, a lot of the back-end emotion came from just being 21 or 22 years old, and figuring out who I wanted to be and what I wanted to say.”

Six Questions for Terry Gomes

Fri Jan 12 2018
Six Questions for Terry Gomes

Terry Gomes is a University of Ottawa music graduate, having studied classical guitar and composition. He has released six recordings altogether. The last three marked a switch into instrumental music fusing World, Latin and Smooth Jazz genres. His newest and seventh recording, “The Tropical Dream”, is a concept album tracing the stages of a tropical vacation. Written while recovering from a slow-healing back injury, it pays homage to his childhood experiences growing up in a Guyanese culture, and to the memories of traveling with his family to the Caribbean.

Cashbox Canada recently had a chance to ask Terry Gomes some questions about his career and music.

Tell us about the concept/theme of the new album.