Toronto Alt. Pop Singer/Songwriter Jadyn Lamb Calls Out the “Liar” in New Single

Fri Sep 25, 2020

There’s a reason Toronto alt pop singer/songwriter Jadyn Lamb sounds so confident on “Liar,” her eighth, newest and smoothest single yet: she’s become fearless in love.

Bold, self-assured, dauntless, and daring, you could even say.

“I’ve played enough emotional games in relationships,” the Toronto-based vocalist shares. “If I feel like I’m being lied to, no matter who you are, I’ll call you out.”

“And this time, ’Liar’ speaks for me.”

Watch and listen to Jadyn Lamb - Liar (Official Video) here:

The track lands as an effortless fusion of chill pop and contemporary R&B, with a suave beat hitting hot-and-heavy while fragments of Lamb’s calm, calculated vocals swirl into a slick melody. In fact, she’s never sounded stronger, despite admitting she had no control at the time the song was being written.

BTW This Week- KIIA, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, John Borra, Gianni Bodo, Terry Guy, Junkowl, Bruce Cockburn, Jadyn Lamb

Fri May 22 2020

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Toronto-Based Pop Singer/Songwriter Jadyn Lamb Is Better Off As “Friends”

Fri Apr 03, 2020

Canadian alt pop singer/songwriter Jadyn Lamb is all about lessons learned when it comes to relationship dynamics in her newest single, “Friends” — available now!

“I dug deep when writing this one,” the Toronto-area artist says, looking back. “This is everything I wanted to say when I was younger, but kept inside.”

It all comes down to gossip, egoism, and a genuine lack of experience, she says. “That’s what ruined my love life in high school. The inspiration for this song comes from years of stifling feelings of being discontent in romantic relationships, and not communicating it.”

“It wasn’t for lack of trying”, she adds.

“I would practice the words over and over in my head, but when the moment came to tell the truth, my voice would always tremble. It was hard to tell people ‘no’ or how I felt.” 'One such instance — and the modern-day muse for this track — came when Lamb grew highly disenchanted with the direction the relationship was heading. “One thing became very clear to me,” she recalls. “We were better off as ‘Friends.’”

Watch “Friends” here:

Jadyn Lamb Releases “Bad Sign”

Fri Jan 10, 2020

Described as “sickly sweet”, singer/songwriter Jadyn Lamb embodies moody electronic pop with a style similar to Lorde and Kate Bush. In 2018, Lamb released her debut single, “A Day Off,” emphasizing her love for the strange and different.

Born in Toronto, Canada, besides rattling train tracks and noisy city parks, Jadyn Lamb grew up spirited and loud. Fascinated by music and writing as a child, she quickly fell in love with big stages and crowds. Every summer was spent in a packed bar in Leaside, watching her Father play the guitar and sing songs with his band.

As a young teen, she moved with her family to a sleepy town outside of the city. In this town, there was a great distance between homes and no one walked around outside. In school, she weirded out her classmates and was told to be quiet. This would be the beginning of her musical career.