Duo Fresh Breath Stroll Down Memory Lane with Splashy New Single,“When We First Met”

Fri Apr 15, 2022

Canadian singer/songwriter duo Fresh Breath take a stroll down memory lane in an autobiographical tale of love and excitement with the splashy new single, “When We First Met” – watch it on YouTube here:

The latest single off of Fresh Breath’s dazzling EP, How Did I Get Here, “When We First Met” is part of the collection of six original tracks with hints of creative influence from artists like The Allman Brothers Band and Alanis Morrisette.

The single came together as a regular love song at first, but was quickly repurposed to tell the true story of how this married singer/songwriting duo first met. The idea dawned on Katie Pascoe, one half of Fresh Breath, as she was listening to Paul Simon one day; she began to hum the melody into her voice memos app and decided it was the perfect song to talk about the origin story of her and her husband, the other half of Fresh Breath, Josh Pascoe.

Blues Alt-Country Soft-Rock Duo Fresh Breath Ask 'How Did I Get Here' in New Album

Fri Aug 27 2021
Fresh Breath

Blues alt-country soft-rock duo Fresh Breath are asking How Did I Get Here with the release of this, their new album.

And Fresh Breath is a perfect name for this dynamic duo, KT and Josh, as they truly are a fresh breath of music when there is so much music being released right now that is just not as captivating as this band.

The six-song EP is a culminating reflection of the band’s married members, KT and Josh, and their own relationship stories — from the early days of when the couple first met, to their take on the world navigating isolation, all the way to the darkness they were forced to find in order to keep their own lights shining.

This year’s previously released lead single “World Gone Crazy” covered ground as an alternative protest piece around social injustices and pandemic fatigue, whereas newly unveiled songs “You & Me,” and the album’s title track, “How Did I Get Here,” land as sweetly tender and raw with revelation.

“It’s no secret our world has changed,” Josh marvels, “and when you read through the track list of the album, it pretty much sums up what we went through in 2020.”

Canadian Blues Rockers Fresh Breath Deliver Real, Raw Truth in “World Gone Crazy”

Fri Jul 02, 2021

Known for their raw, insightful lyrics teeming with truthful observations about the state of society, Canadian indie-blues rock duo Fresh Breath are back with a new story to tell by way of single, “World Gone Crazy”.

From their forthcoming album, How Did I Get Here, and joining the ranks of previous singles “Likes & Shares,” “Time For a Change,” and more, “World Gone Crazy” lands as an anthem for each of us in the midst of a global pandemic; an ode to what we are presented each day.

And through it’s boot-stompin, electric-guitar riff strummin’, truth-packed grit, the song delivers on telling it exactly how it is.

Check out “World Gone Crazy” on YouTube here:

Fresh Breath - The Award-Winning Canadian Alt-Folk Rock-To-Blues Duo Frets Over “Likes & Shares”

Fri Jul 24 2020
Fresh Breath

With over 100,000+ streams across Spotify, award-winning Kingsville, ON’s alt-folk rock-to-blues duo Fresh Breath direct urgent attention to the world’s obsession with social media in this upbeat, sing-along new single, “Likes & Shares”.

“A single event inspired me to write this song,” Fresh Breath co-front Josh Pascoe recalls. “It happened at one of our performances; we were playing and an audience member, I could see, perked up at the very first note.”

“She reached for her phone with excitement and began to film,” co-front Katie Pascoe adds. “You could obviously tell this person took a short video, posted it to social media, and then proceeded to talk through the rest of the song.”

“There wasn’t a single hoot, holler or clap (from her) once the song was complete,” Josh continues. “I thought to myself: nobody cares, it’s all about the likes and the shares.”

Kingsville, ON’s Alt-Folk Rock-Country Band FRESH BREATH Says it’s “Time For A Change”

Fri Jun 26, 2020

Award-winning Canadian alt-folk rock-to-blues duo Fresh Breath are taking off and getting outta town, adding to their over 100,000+ streams across Spotify along the way, with their newest country-inspired single, “Time For A Change”.

“At face value, it’s a song about wanting to break free from the stressful normalcy of small town living,” Katie Pascoe says. “It’s about heading out on an adventure with the one you love.

“Getting out of town,” Josh Pascoe adds. “Together.”

But as most great songs do, there’s a personal back story to “Time For A Change,” too.

“It’s inspired by some personal events that happened to us,” Josh explains. “A friend of ours who lives in Calgary, Alberta, was chatting with us about their upcoming western tour at the time. Knowing we’d be there during the Calgary Stampede, he encouraged us to learn and brush up on some country music.”

“So we decided to write our own!” Katie adds. “We kept it honest, simple, and to the point.”

Watch and listen to “Time For A Change”:

Alt-Folk Rock-Country Duo FRESH BREATH Share Fresh & Positive Perspective in Two New Singles

Fri May 29, 2020

With over 100,000+ streams across Spotify, award-winning Canadian alt-folk rock-to-blues country duo Fresh Breath are sharing some fresh and positive perspective in their two new singles, “Tomorrow Today” and “Make It Together” — both available now.

“‘Tomorrow Today’ was written during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Katie Pascoe recalls. “Josh was playing the piano riff one day during our isolation, and I thought of the lyrics on the spot.

“The song is inspired directly by the health care heroes and front line workers out there that are choosing daily courage over fear, and fighting for our ‘Tomorrow Today.’”

Watch “Tomorrow Today” by Fresh Breath (Official Video)

“Production was unique to this track,” Josh Pascoe adds, citing the restrictions that come with social distancing and isolation. “We recorded at our home studio and shared the files to our producer, Brett Humber at Sound Foundry Studios.”