Rockers Dali Van Gogh Persist through Fire & Brimstone with New High Octane “Little Hell”

Fri Oct 08, 2021

With electricity surging from the moment Canadian rockers Dali Van Gogh’s new single first hits your ear, “Little Hell” is here – check it out here:

“Little Hell” is the latest song presented through the band’s unique sonic framework, The Testimony — a collection of songs more cerebral than your average rock ballad.

Thanks to Isaac Kent’s liberating guitar expertise that is so naturally arranged, audiences are immediately entranced by the high octane track rife with determination and persistence through fire and brimstone, start to finish. From there, the thunderous drum-work of Johnny Moore effortlessly accompanies Lance Hicks’ deceptively catchy bassline to render the backbone of this fiery track. The searing vocals of newly promoted frontwoman Rachelle Moreau round out this blessing to the rock gods.

Canadian Rockers Dali Van Gogh Face Their “Past Crimes” in the Lore of Love with New Single & Video

Fri Apr 09, 2021

Well, with the annual day of ‘unbridled love’ long out of the way, Canadian rockers Dali Van Gogh are soldiering on with a brand new video and release for their favourite “anti-love song”; “Past Crimes”.

The freshly pressed video depicts two lovers at the onset of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic; it serves as an allusion to the stress and turmoil of the last year, and the toll it’s taken on even the closest relationships. It was originally envisioned as a live action story but, after numerous delays due to related restrictions, the band converted the concept into an animated lyric video.

Highlighted with a Tchaikovsky-inspired keyboard line, the song churns through a near-despondent ‘lost love’ narrative and the haunting consequences of old mistakes. The groove-centric duet features bandmates John Scotto and Rachelle Moreau trading lead vox as they’re supported by the rest of the Halifax-based five-piece: drummer Johnny Moore, bassist Lance Hicks, and guitarist Isaac Kent.

At Over 500,000+ Streams, Halifax Rockers Dali Van Gogh Release Ode to Our Times with “Boneyard”

Fri Oct 30, 2020

Canadian rockers Dali Van Gogh have released a high-energy and poignant ode to our times in “Boneyard” — their new single produced by JUNO-nominated songwriter Rob Laidlaw (Platinum Blonde, Honeymoon Suite) available now.

Check out “Boneyard”

The song is the latest installment into The Testimony, a story being delivered through both music and a digitally-issued tie-in novel unveiled in parts every Friday by the Halifax-based band — Isaac Kent, John Scotto, Johnny Moore, Rachelle Moreau, and Lance Hicks — as part of their intricate and innovative concept release.