Canadian Folk & Roots Artist James Culleton Totally Rocks at Child’s Play with “Superfun” New Single

Fri Mar 18, 2022

Everyone can agree childhood years are a full-on, multi-sensory experience with much time spent in the pursuit of pure, unadulterated fun. In celebration of such, Winnipeg’s children’s music innovator James Culleton releases his high-energy new anthem, “Superfun.”

Check out “Superfun” on YouTube here:

Fresh from Culleton’s forthcoming album of the same name, the release builds on the folk/roots artist’s first children’s offering, Unusual Friendships (2020), where he created a multi-sensory experience for the ears, eyes, mind, and heart.

And builds, he does; “Superfun” roars out of the backyard gate with a title track and lead single that sets the garage rockin’ tone for the ultimate, all-day playdate. With joyfully raucous guitar work from revered guitarist/producer Grant Siemens (Corb Lund, Del Barber), “Superfun'' cranks the volume all the way up to the top for glee.

Folk Musician James Culleton Uses AR Technology to Bring Children’s Concept Album & New Single to Life

Fri Feb 05, 2021

It’s time to meet the main characters in Canadian folk musician James Culleton’s children’s concept AR technology album Unusual Friendships, with  this: the release of his new single “Little White Paws”

“‘Little White Paws” describes each of the characters in Unusual Friendships and gives the listeners the basic facts to what they are about to embark on,” Culleton shares of the song in its relation to the album. “This first song is sort of a preface to the full story.”

Unusual Friendships and the lead single, “Little White Paws” — which was recorded in both English and French:

Little White Paws

Petites Pattes Blanches

JAMES CULLETON Uses AR Technology to Bring Children’s Concept Album to Life

Fri Dec 11 2020
James Culleton

Winnipeg-based folk musician James Culleton has used AR technology to bring his new children’s concept album, Unusual Friendships, to life.

Unusual Friendships is based on the children’s story Unusual Friendships: A Little Black Cat and a Little White Rat, written by the award-winning Métis author Beatrice Mosionier — who is also Culleton’s aunt; the 71-year-old novelist wrote the rhyme-heavy book as symbolism for difficulties Métis persons experience.

With a collection of 14 original songs, Culleton effectively turned pen; to paper, back to pen; to paper; to ear drums. The 36 minute-spanning record features a mixture of traditional and contemporary roots song while succinctly retelling the symbolic tale of acceptance and equality relayed through a peculiar friendship which blossoms unexpectedly between a black cat and a white rat. Though rats and cats are thought to be enemies, the dynamic duo stick together throughout Unusual Friendships to fight and earn the respect of others.

Learn How James Culleton Brought Unusual Friendships to Live via YouTube here: