Country Songstress Bree Taylor Inspires Strength & Self-Love While Overcoming Challenges with New Single, “On My Own”

Fri May 06, 2022

When you’re going it alone, sometimes all you need for that extra pep in your step is an encouraging anthem about independence. Thankfully, Canadian country songstress Bree Taylor delivers just such an antidote with the release of her brand-new single, “On My Own” – check it out on YouTube here:

Bursting with a catchy, head-bopping chorus, “On My Own” is validating to anyone who might doubt their ability to do it alone. “I’m ok on my own/ I can do this alone/ I’ll find the road that will lead me home/ Because I’m ok on my own,” Taylor sings as an affirmation.

“I originally wrote this song about being fed up with disappointing dating experiences and wanting to just get to a place of being okay on my own and not needing someone to ‘complete’ me,” she shares. “The song was written almost four years ago now, so its meaning has taken a turn for me in the time since I originally wrote it…

Chart-Topping, Award-Nominated Country Artist Dares to Get Close to “Kryptonite”

Fri Jun 25, 2021

Chart-topping and award-nominated Canadian country artist Bree Taylor channels her superwoman vocals with new single, “Kryptonite”.

Check out “Kryptonite” on YouTube here:

Recently nominated for a 2021 Mississauga Arts Award (MARTY) in the Music: Solo Vocalist — Emerging category, the Ontario-based singer/songwriter has been churning out classic country tracks for the better part of the past two years.

With “Kryptonite,” she’s granting an all-access pass to fans with this contagiously upbeat, diary-reading track about a love that’s so wrong, it feels so incredibly right.

Since the age of six, Taylor has been harnessing her impressive vox onto stages and in recording studios. The up-and-comer has worked with the likes of vocal coach to the stars, Bob Garrett (Los Angeles), and Lorraine Lawson (Toronto), notable for her work on CTV’s “The Launch.”

What You’re Looking For Bree Taylor

Fri Dec 15, 2017

Hailing from the Toronto, Canada area, Bree Taylor’s rise in the music world should be swift and notable based on the quality of her initial releases. Her first single “Broken Dreams” introduced her in late 2016 as a formidable talent in the making whose powerful pipes, songwriting acumen, and willingness to put herself on the line in songs sets her apart from the typical young performers looking for their piece of the pie today. There’s little doubt that Taylor craves the spotlight and critical recognition, but there’s equally little doubt that she writes and performs music simply because she has no other choice. Her latest single “What You’re Looking For” amply testifies to the breadth of her unusual talents and positions her to assume the mantle of one of her generation’s most promising musical exports. Based on the quality we hear with this new single, there’s little question that Bree Taylor has the talent and discipline alike to grace stages around the world for years to come.