Vancouver/Toronto's AVRY Gets Mellow for New Swoon-Worthy Single “Back to You”

Fri Mar 19, 2021

At 200,000+ Spotify spins across his three breakthrough singles, Canadian pop singer Avry gets mellow for this, his debut music video for ”Back to You”.

Check out the YouTube video of ”Back to You” here:

The ambient, three-minute pop track not only follows the release of the Vancouver-born, Toronto-based artist’s previously released singles “Close to Me” (2020) and “Running Dance” (2020).

The song begins with the ringing of a phone and an automated voice message for a “not-in-service” number, and it’s not long after that “Back to You” really kicks off into the mellow and relaxing hit unsuspecting listeners and fans are already praising and recognizing it to be.