London, UK-Based Soul Artist + Netflix's "Top Boy" Actor THEO OGUNDIPE Releases “Y” Single

Fri Sep 03, 2021

There is something about Theo Ogundipe that is worth getting to know... And with one listen to this multifaceted indie-soul musician’s new single, “Y” that notion is easily confirmed.

It’s easy to tell that “Y” is rich with emotional vulnerability, easily explained in that Theo Ogundipe has always “been a lover of music and a musician at heart.”

Check out “Y” here on YouTube:

Ogundipe’s fusion of several genres including soul, hip hop, indie, and RnB is inspired “by his life growing up in the diaspora” — referring to his home Nigeria in West Africa, and his transition to the United Kingdom as a child. Citing influences like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Motown, it becomes clear where Theo Ogundipe's mind is when writing music.