Record Producer Taabu Joins Forces with Kenyan Singer Yviona for “Pigana”

Fri Jul 02 2021
Taabu & Yviona Pigana

Canadian record producer Spencer Heaslip, AKA Taabu, continues to showcase his musical talent and range with this, the release of his heart-pounding ominous new pop single “Pigana (feat. Yviona)” — available now!

Landing just a month after the release of his upbeat, bubblegum-pop EDM single, “Ooey Gooey (feat. Omega Mighty),” ''Pigana” is the second cut from the Toronto-based artist’s forthcoming debut album, Bellows.

Translating to “fight” in Kiswahili — Yviona’s native tongue — the title “Pigana” was inspired by the subject matter of the two-and-a-half-minute rollercoaster. Yviona, who wrote the lyrics, explains it was inspired by “broken relationships caused by miscommunication.”

Check out “Pigana” on YouTube here:

“This is a tale of two lovers who struggle to make it work before contemplating pulling the plug,” she adds.

For a breakup song so dark, and filled with so much intensity, you wouldn’t expect it to kick off with a Kalimba; it does, however, and it works beautifully.

Toronto Producer Taabu & Singer/Songwriter Omega Mighty Collaborate in New Single, “Ooey Gooey”

Fri May 21, 2021

Just in time for sizzling summer vibes, Toronto producer Taabu and singer/songwriter Omega Mighty serve up a bubblegum-sweet EDM-pop treat in the form of new single, “Ooey Gooey” — Check it out on YouTube here:

The infectiously feel-good track boasts enough layers of audio goodness to adhere to nearly every sweet tooth's musical desires; from the Drake-reminiscent drum and bass beats, to the magically ethereal synth melodies oscillating throughout, this soon-to-be smasher is nothing short of a dreamy delicacy.

Their third collaboration — including “Wishy Washy,” and featured on Haviah Mighty’s 2019 Polaris Music Prize winning release, 13th Floor — Taabu (Spencer Heaslip) created the track’s firm-footed foundation first, before sending it over to Omega Mighty for lyrics.