Sat Oct 19, 2019

Born in the suburbs of Essex, England, Zach Oliver is a multi-talented musician that now resides in Toronto, Canada.  Growing up he idolized artists like Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, John Mayer and Coldplay, as his parents were always playing a very wide spread, variety of music around the house.  

When Zach was 8 years old, with not much to do as a newly landed immigrant to Canada and highly inspired by Jack Black’s “School of Rock”, he picked up on of his mum’s old guitars and began to write songs.  This hobby quickly turned into a lifestyle, as Zach was performing and writing as much as he could, even integrating it into his elementary school curriculum anyway possible.   This carried on through to his high school life, where Zach was lucky enough to have a very influential Music teacher, Chris Carson-Foster and an incredible music program. This allowed him to work on his craft for a majority of his senior year - writing, producing and recording his own songs in the recording studio he and his music teacher built above the school’s comm tech room.  

Although being heavily involved in athletics, the countless hours spent exploring what it meant to make music he loved, Zach realized music was his only post secondary calling. He enrolled himself into the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College in London Ontario. Whilst there, although surrounding himself with like minded musicians and learning from industry knowledgeable professors, Zach truly experienced what it meant to be a “college student”. The broke, cheap beer drinking, ramen noodle eating, jobless, debt increasing lifestyle that is so often portrayed as a student, became everyday life for the next two years. Not only was Zach learning to become a more prolific songwriter, but he was gaining real life experiences that later would be emulated in his the songs he wrote. At the end of his two year college bender, Zach possessed the skills, relationships and mindset that it took to start a career in the music industry. 

Zach Oliver
Zach Oliver

In his first summer as a college graduate, Zach wrote, recorded and produced a 5 song EP at his parents’ home in Milton Ontario, entirely by himself that he released to the world on Spotify and Apple Music. Through mutual friends of his, the EP ended up in the inbox of music manager, Mark Lea (Nelly Furtado, Philosopher Kings, FeFe Dobson) and after a pint and a chat, the partnership of manager and artist was formed.  From there Mark introduced Zach to multi-platinum, award-winning producers and songwriters David Bendeth (Paramore, Breaking Benjamin) and Jarvis Church (Nelly Furtado, K’naan) and they began working away to find his sound, trying to create music that was true to him and taking his talents to new heights. 

Fast forward to 2019, after five singles and another EP, Zach has an unbelievable team of young producers, writers and mentors behind him and is releasing his first full-length album entitled “Banzai” this October. This project embodies Zach’s musical and stylistic endeavours and is the perfect fusion of Ed Sheeran meets Justin Timberlake meets Post Malone.

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