Fri Aug 07, 2020

Glenn was born in a very small Illinois town in the late 60's.Two years later the family loaded up their 1950 Studebaker pickup which took him to God's land where the country raising began. Pryor, Oklahoma was the place he was brought up and lived the next chapter of his life. Glenn spent his childhood working for his dad in the body shop,  going to Church or wrestling. It was always one of those 3 things. Music entered into the scene during the Church days.

Graduating from high school in 1985, Glenn had 2 scholarship choices, singing, or wrestling. Glenn didn't want to be a sissy singer so he chose wrestling. The wrestling career lasted 1 year and 3 shoulder separations.

Not long after that, Glenn married and started life. He Joined the Army National Guard in July, 1988. Working full time left little room for outside pleasures. In November 15, 1990 he received the call! Time to pack up and go to war! Desert Storm was his destination.

While serving as a Fire Direction Sergeant in Iraq, Glenn had a lot of time to think. Upon returning home, he quit his job and went into business with his father. But the music was never far from his heart.

Many years had gone by since he seriously sang but practice and perseverance had always been part of his life. It was no different now. So Glenn went to Nashville to learn from the masters! It wasn't long before The Heirborn Quartet was born.

Glenn spent about 10 years performing all over the Midwest with 3 other great guys. They built friendships, touched hearts and enjoyed the journey but just like in a lot of other stories, hard times hit. He found himself in marital problems in 2004 and that was the end of his singing career.... or so he thought.

16 years later, sitting in a restaurant on Fort Lauderdale beach, Glenn found himself enjoying live music again. While listening to a local cover band called Sippin' Fire, he was singing his butt off and pretty well making a fool out of himself when the lead singer came over and handed him her microphone. That was the spark that has turned into a Full Fledged Fire! Just 2 years later, The Glenn Baker Band made its debut. Finding some of the best musicians South Florida has to offer the dream took form and is now rolling full force down the tracks like a steam engine.

And then it happened. A little misunderstanding, identification and wrongful accusations, and add a little too much of a ‘Barney of Mayberry’ police officer, and Glenn found himself locked up. He was denied his phone call, denied his rights, and wasn’t told what was really going on. It was during this time that the concept for the song of “Freedom” was born. Glenn realized  that even as an American, his freedom had been denied, and there was nothing he could do about it. 

"I have had a lot of experiences in my life, but nothing made me realize that the most precious thing we have in life, beside or faith in God, is our freedom. When you are denied, that everything else gets affected; your mental health, your physical well-being. When your freedom is snatched away from you, then you are powerless. It really opened my eyes to how so many others in this world suffer that loss of freedom every day of their lives. I was blessed to find my way ot of that situation, but thousands of others never will. It was where the inspiration came to sing about "Freedom".

After extreme stress and months of fighting a situation, and with the help of his loving sister, Glenn was released and the wrongful arrest, and was on his way home.

It was at this point that Glenn took 2 trips to Nashville, recorded 5 original songs and the breakout music video "Freedom!" which is currently is receiving airplay and is # 20 Americana # 9 Traditional Charts on the Cashbox Magazine Charts. This song is especially poignant during these current times of unrest and violence in the USA, and the need to protect the American people’s "Freedom!" is more important now than ever.

Watch and listen to “Freedom” here:

Glenn loves to perform and meet new friends and fans and is starting to be able to book live performances again in the very near future.

“Look us up, come shake our hands or hug our necks. We would love to meet you!”

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