Fri Jul 23, 2021

Once again unleashing a sonic flood all their own, Montreal low-fi alt-rockers Astral Gates have flung open a preview to their forthcoming EP with the release of this, their new single, “Devil In A Silk Dress”.

An all-familiar tale of a tantalizing woman who uses what she needs to get exactly what she wants, the supercharged rock hit “Devil In A Silk Dress” is told in a way only Astral Gates can. A heart-thumping anthem to the jezebel that fooled ‘us all,’ its lyrics spell out a defiant notion that we won’t fall prey to her trap — which is both equally worth rooting for as it is a knowing grin that this scarlet letter will charm her way into your arms, whether you like it or not.

Check out “Devil In A Silk Dress” on YouTube here:

The supercharged dance-rock and sure-fire hit is the result of coworkers Evan Falcone and Dan D’Urbano; formed in 2020, the duo were quickly defined by their innate song writing prowess and equally enchanting production — ultimately coming together after a myriad of other meetings on their plate.

“We would book fake meetings with each other just to sneak in a half-hour brainstorm session about songs we had in the works,” they reveal. “The time spent collaborating after hours just wasn’t enough for us, I guess.”

The delivery on their debut EP scored the two tens of thousands of streams across global platforms, earning them legions of fans. They soon recruited the engineering talents of Dave Traina (The Damn Truth, Warner Music Publishing / Spectra Records) who would sign on as their dedicated drummer.

And now, their sophomore offering, EP II — earmarked to drop this year — is a highly anticipated sequel for rock lovers. Their up-tempo, high-octane energy matches heavy percussion and stunning guitar solos, all with soaring vocals that all tie the project together.

“We have been a duo writing virtually pretty much since day one,” D’Urbano recalled in one interview, “so when COVID hit, people were like, oh my God, we can’t be in jamming; we can’t write as a band,; how are we gonna do this?

“We were sitting back saying: Really?! We have been doing that for the last two years!”

The subsequent music video for the track encapsulates the soul of Astral Gates; a pair of guys in different cities, writing rock music from the comfort of their homes before it all comes together in the studio. With the full band delivery, the song comes to life live-off-the-floor; a full-bodied rock concert moment captured at the historical Freq Shop studio in Montreal (home to JUNO nominated The Franklin Electric, The Damn Truth, and Storry).

To summarize the sound of Astral Gates, lean into a 70s rock time capsule, but with modern, industrial flare. Should the Arctic Monkeys ever have gone into a lyrical sound session with Jimi Hendrix, you might have found yourself locked inside the Astral Gates.

And it’s one place you don’t want to leave.

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