Fri Feb 19, 2016

Yet again, Lucinda pulls out all the stops with another double album full to overflowing with her quirky, sly take on life, love, death and virtually everything in between.  Each of her previous two albums seem to have been sideshoots leading up to this offering where she again writes with extraordinary power and vision, depth and assurance, each of the 14 tracks seamlessly earning its place in the evocative and emotional mix.

Ghosts of Highway 20 is simply another ground-breaking bit of grit from a well-worn, care-worn Nashville genius. I, for one, thought she'd inevitably struggle to top her last wonderful offering, Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone. And, it comes as little genuine surprise to find that she has again pulled it off in spades. Never predictable, Williams is always irresistible, thoughtful and ready to take you by the guts, shake you by the nuts when you least expect it. This is clearly a truly great artist sailing steadily, against the tide at times, towards ever-expanding horizons and musical harbours. Ghosts is an album that really deserves enormous success. If you don't yet have this one, get out and grab a copy as soon as possible. This is bound to be one of the best of the year.