Fri Apr 30, 2021

Canadian soul-R&B artist Ty Richard is hitting “Restart” with this, his newly released single.

Slicing through with a superbly polished sound, gloriously minimalistic arrangement, sparse mix, and brilliant engineering, this superb duo — featuring Liv Marie — is a preview into the Toronto-area artist’s forthcoming 2021 LP, In Time & Grace, and follows previous tour and studio collaborations with Brooklyn dream-pop outfit Cigarettes After Sex and Australian soul duo Breathe.

With flowing melodies, the song’s seamless structure takes audiences through a gamut of scenes that support the silky, studied, and sculptured vocal textures and melodies that make up this brilliant work.

The lyrics, though introspective and sometimes fairly personal, immerse listeners deep within this duo’s universe — a tango of promises and regrets that amount to a compelling, rich and vast pop song that is sure to go around the airwaves.

“Restart” expresses the notion of returning to and being accepted by God after turning away from him and his faithful love. Richard does a brilliant job at passing a smart, deep, heartfelt, philosophical prayer for a beautiful love song.

Give a look and listen to “Restart” by Ty Richard ft. Liv Marie here on YouTube:

Then again, maybe it just confirms the writing talent that accompanies Richard’s believable introspect and vocal talent, and how the two intertwine.

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