Fri Jul 30, 2021

Canadian artist (and former frontman of 80s-era rockers ARKITEX) ROGOV describes a cautionary tale of the consequences of love in this re-imagined version of his alt-rock single, "Love Is A Killer" — check it out on YouTube here:

Working with long-time friend and Canadian collaborator, Stacy Heydon — former lead guitarist for David Bowie and Gold & Platinum-selling producer (Teenage Head, Long John Baldry, Sheriff) — the two found themselves revisiting an old song off of ROGOV's demo reels.

"We followed ‘Mistakes are Beautiful’ with ‘Love is a Killer’ because, not only is it a defining song between Stacy and me, but because it is relevant today,” ROGOV shares.

"I wrote ‘Love is a Killer’ back in 1978, and recorded my first album in 1979,” ROGOV continues, recalling when the song was originally written — and how it came to be today. “It was at the end of the Punk movement, ushering in the New Wave.

“Some say I was ahead of my time... I just did and went where my compass directed. I can't add much to that.”

Heydon then went on to produce ‘Love is a Killer’ with Blues legend, Long John Baldry, in 1980. “After all this time, ‘Love is a Killer’ — and its sentiment — struck us (just) as insightful and urgent,” ROGOV says.

The track harbors a more profound message of wisdom from this newly found free spirit, presenting ROGOV's take on the concept of love by reflecting aloud "...the subservient quality to love is our willingness to make unquestioning sacrifices for the desired well-being, and eventual transformation into slaves to what we love."

Being the third release on ROGOV's unfurling EP, Tourist, the song's message of caution rings true to this day for many.

"Love is vicious, and it's never just."

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