Fri Jul 31, 2020

Folk-rock singer/songwriter Moira Lazarus relies on simple, honest emotional expression when it comes to her newest single, “Listen To Your Heart”.

“I wrote this song some years ago, and it has always been a favourite of mine,” she confides of the track’s earliest journey which, she adds, pretty much wrote itself. “It was a very direct, heartfelt plea, and an example for me of the alchemic and healing process of songwriting.

“When you’re communicating from the heart, something beautiful can come out of something painful.”

Watch and experience “Listen To Your Heart” here:

The song serves as an enthralling peek behind the curtain when it comes to the southeast London-based artist’s forthcoming EP, Rise the Phoenix, set for release this Summer 2020.

“Although I was classically trained in the violin and piano, I was always drawn to the guitar,” Lazarus shares. “I taught myself how to play because I knew that it would give me the freedom to sing the songs that I loved — and, crucially, to write my own songs.

“I still love an eclectic range of music and my diverse musical background has definitely influenced my songwriting.

“It all comes together on this EP.”

A direct extension of the signature heartfelt, incisive lyrics and harmony-rich, melodic music Lazarus has long-nurtured, Rise the Phoenix heralds the multi-instrumentalist’s breadth of talent through an inventive combination of sounds that land in a unique, warm and enveloping result.

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