Brandon Child Reflects on Lost Love in New Single, “Time”

Fri Mar 12, 2021

Four months after releasing his highly-anticipated sophomore single, Brandon Child — the Toronto-raised alt-rock/pop musician — is back with a surprise, brand-new single all about getting over an ex-lover. It’s called “Time” and it shows that even though he’s new to the scene, Brandon is a force to be reckoned with.

Check out the  video of “Time” here:

Right off the bat, Brandon reels in the listener with a buttery 45-second guitar solo — which is sonically reminiscent to something of Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmour. The magical, blues-inspired guitar melodies make their way back into the song sporadically and keep you enticed, while the up-and-comer’s poetic lyrics are delivered smoothly through a catchy, pop-inspired vocal track.

It’s “Now or Later” for Saint Paul, Minnesota's Hip Hop Artist ATR

Fri Mar 12, 2021

After racking up 36,000+ Spotify streams alone, ATR has dropped his newly minted video for “Now or Later”.

Check out “Now or Later” on YouTube here:

Produced by 9Gotti (GuerellaTunez), it adds to his 330,000+ total spins on the platform — including his latest LP, 2020’s Nobody Knows Me — and hails from his 2018 pressing, Microwave. The bass-heavy, digitally produced dance track is driven heavily by ATR’s signature rapping style and the iconic steel drum sample used in Soulja Boy’s 2007 breakthrough anthem “Crank That.” To ATR, the three-minute track “embodies what perseverance is.”

Though born in Oklahoma City and raised in Los Angeles, the ambitious musician now resides in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Despite living there — away from the bumping L.A.-music scene, ATR says he has exactly what it takes to thrive in the industry.

Alt-Rocker Apricity Releases Smashing New Single, “All My Lies”

Fri Mar 12, 2021

Months after bursting out onto the music scene without so much as a warning, Scottish-born, Puslinch, Ontario-based singer/songwriter Apricity has released her debut single and video, the alt-rock extravaganza, “All My Lies”.

Check out “All My Lies” here on YouTube:

The Puslinch-based powerhouse first released the five-minute track back in October along with a spooky music video, which was directed by Jesse Read of Dropout Entertainment and Toronto Creative; the enchanting song and accompanying short film has already amassed more than 120,000+ streams across platforms — including 80,000+ on YouTube alone.

Sonically, the immediate smash-hit covers ground from alternative music to pop, over to rock and then back to indie. Though it might seem like a darker song, given its moody lyricism, it’s an easy one to tap your feet and sing along to.

Rock Duo Meneely Brant Serve Up Groovy New Single, “Coming Days”

Fri Mar 05, 2021

Four months after the release of their debut EP of the same name, Albertan musicians Al Brant and Dennis Meneely, have released their latest single, “Coming Days,” under the moniker Meneely Brant.

Watch the YouTube video of “Coming Days” here:

The four-minute, 20 second-spanning rock tune is driven by Dennis’s fantastic and inventive piano playing as well as an infectious vocal track by Al — which is complimented and layered beautifully with the harmonies of an uncredited, and powerful, female voice. On top of these key sonic elements, there’s an incredibly emotional and melodic guitar solo right at the end, which makes for a fitting grand finale.

Since the 1990s, Al and Dennis have been esteemed and highly-respected players on the local music scene. Before becoming inspired to start the Meneely Brant project, the duo serves as members of Tacoy Ryde — a Canadian roots rock band.

Mattmac Continues to Inspire with New Dream Chasing Hit, “Break Me Down”

Fri Mar 05, 2021

Melodic pop-trap beats and inspiring stories bring blind music producer and recording artist Mattmac together in collaboration with contemporary artist River Waterhen for this, his newest single and video for “Break Me Down”.

Watch “Break Me Down” on YouTube here:

Known for using his platform to inspire others, the song serves as an intersectional moment celebrating two young individuals passionately pursuing their brightest futures — and is the latest to land from Mattmac’s recently released debut album, 20/20. The project “Break Me Down” ushers audiences into the individual lives of Mattmac and River, and how they are connected through a larger narrative of Indigenous youth who are breaking the cycle, overcoming barriers, and finding their own pathways to success.

Indie Alt Rock Breakout Artist Delyn Grey Observes Life’s New Normal in “Ghost Town”

Fri Mar 05, 2021

Under Bif Naked’s Management Wing, “Ghost Town” Follows Latest Blogger Favourite “Battle” & Lands Ahead of Forthcoming EP, Disappointment Girl

Canadian indie alt rocker Delyn Grey alludes to the world’s ‘new normal’ in her latest single, “Ghost Town” — Check out the video here on YouTube:

The track lands soon after this year’s breakout single, “Battle” — recently featured by Obscure Sound, We All Want Someone To Shout For, Yellow Black Music, Art Publika Mag, Acronym Official, Music Mayhem Magazine, Life Beyond the Music, LeFuture Wave, Press Party, Aupium, Shock Ya, Alternative Nation,, Paper Blog, New Sick Music, News Break, Indie Pulse Music, Daily Blocks, On Stage Magazine, IMDB, KMS, Audible Addixion, Breaking and Entering, This Is Not The Radio, Higher Plain Music, Modern Mystery, and more.

Award Winning Producer, Composer, Songwriter CHRIS BIRKETT Releases New Single “Precious Love”

Fri Mar 05, 2021

Toronto’s Multi-JUNO Award winning and Platinum-selling producer, composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chris Birkett has penned a passionate love letter in this, his new single — “Precious Love”. Watch the heartwarming video of “Precious Love” on YouTube:

Written with his muse in mind — his wife, documentary filmmaker Joan Prowse — the newly released song floats forward this month ahead of his forthcoming albums, Songs from the Kauai Hotel Room, and a collection of fun-loving songs with his new collective, The Happy Campers.

“I was performing in concert at Massey Hall with Buffy Sainte-Marie, when I met this attractive woman with a radiant smile,” Birkett recalls. “It was Joan, and she had made a documentary film about Buffy.”

Canadian Rockers Cigar Club Release Heavy Hitting Double Single, “...Aliens” and “Swimmin’ in Gold”

Fri Mar 05, 2021

In preparation for the release of their upcoming debut album, Day, Now this May, Cigar Club — the Toronto-based rock band — have just released not one, but two brand-new singles: “…Aliens” and “Swimmin’ in Gold.”

“…Aliens” is an instant classic: a pummeling rock-meets-punk track driven by one of the tightest drum and bass duos of the year. Seriously, fills galore! Percussionist Tyler Booth and bassist Jeff LeFort really pack a punch together on this one.

Check out “…Aliens” on YouTube here:

Better yet, the pair’s backing gang vocals — along with those of lead guitarist Dan Amato-Gauci’s — complement frontman Dan Amato-Gauci’s own smashing vocal delivery.

“This song is so much fun to play,” said the enthusiastic “Trev.” “It’s fast and has gang vocals and a wicked drum intro that’s just like, ‘let’s go,’” he concluded.

Pop Singer Katelyn Biehn Sits Mellow with New Single, “Daydreamin’”

Fri Feb 26, 2021

After two years away from the music scene, Canadian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Katelyn Biehn is sitting mellow with her newly released single: the innately romantic “Daydreamin’”.

Watch the YouTube of “Daydreamin’” here:

Similar to the rest of the Stratford, Ontario-based singer’s discography, the two-minute, 55 second-spanning comeback single is a beautiful blend of the pop and R&B genres. The guitar and bass-driven instrumentals are complimented by Katelyn’s smooth delivery, perfect pitch and mellow demeanor.

“You know that moment when you see a total stranger and in your mind you imagine walking up to them confidently and introducing yourself and then the ‘rest is history?’ ‘Daydreamin’’ is that idea played out in someone’s mind,” Katelyn says, of her latest creation. “Who doesn’t love a romantic love at first sight story? A first love that lasts the rest of their lives.”

N i G H T S Have You Covered This Month o' Love with a New Double-Single, “Magic” & “One”

Fri Feb 26, 2021

At 10+ Million streams, Philadelphia-based electro-R&B duo N i G H T S continue to ride their own genre-bending waves with the release of their new EP.

Complete with lush production and soaring vox, the offering’s premiere double-singles “Magic” and “One” deliver a song to suit just about anyone’s state of affairs this romantic season.

“‘One’ is dark,” N i G H T S co-front Evan Hall says of the track. “We wanted to explore the edgy, dark side of ‘tough love’ for whoever might not have a Valentine heading into this year.

“‘Magic’, on the other hand,” co-front Corey Murphy chimes in, “is the lustful and full of romantic sound that feeds the energy the season usually brings: love, appreciation, gifts, and candy.”

Enjoy “Magic”and “One”  on Spotify here:

8-Piece Hip Hop/R&B Big Band PEOPLE OF THE SUN Shine with EP, Last Day of Summer

Fri Feb 26, 2021

A Redditor commented on People of the Sun’s latest single “The Lick” with, “why does this actually slap tho?” This is high praise coming from the land of cake days and, if Reddit gold and rocket ships are modern oracles of skyrocketing success, this Canadian big band is one to keep an eye on — stat.

With a freshly pressed EP already available, People of the Sun are an eight-piece hip hop/R&B band that came together in another very ‘of today’ way…

Check out “The Lick” here on YouTube:

Taming Sari Release Emotional & Raw New Ballad: “Gone and Run Away”

Fri Feb 26, 2021

Ottawa, ON-based rockers Taming Sari have just released their fourth single — and very first ballad; the emotional and raw “Gone and Run Away” is available now. Check out the video here:

Between the musical composition, vulnerable lyrics and blazing vocal delivery, the four-minute, 50 second-spanning ballad was made to convey emotion to the audience. It’s also jam-packed sonic elements similar to that of the Southern rock country scene and some of Canada’s finest modern rock acts — think The Glorious Sons or Rival Sons.

From the powerful drum fills, to the seemingly-endless slide guitar melodies and then an all-round groovy bass line to drive the Lynyrd Skynyrd-reminiscent track home, Taming Sari has delivered modern day magic with this one.

Cosmic Lorette West, Balladeer MISTER K Is Prepared 'In Event of Moon Disaster'

Fri Feb 26, 2021

Lorette West, MB's folk-pop musician Kevin Roy Kratsch — known professionally as the cosmic Canadian balladeer that is Mister K — has just released his debut album, In Event of Moon Disaster, and single “Tamarack”.

Check out the video of “Tamarack” on YouTube here:

To celebrate, Mister K has recorded a live, acoustic rendition of the song from the comfort of his own backyard in the region of Lorette West. The powerful performance of “Tamarack” features the aspiring musician’s wife Avery on backup vocals and guitar — and their adorable bulldog Luna, for emotional support.

Mister K points out that one of the sonic “easter eggs” found in the new album comes from his little canine companion; every time the word “moon” is sung on In Event of Moon Disaster, Luna rings a bell.

“If you listen hard enough,” he adds.

“Wish We Were Older” Angel Baribeau Releases New Video Off Debut EP

Fri Feb 26, 2021

Queer, non-binary, Indigenous pop singer/songwriter Angel Baribeau tells a tale of love and loss passed to the next generation in this, their newest video for “Wish We Were Older”. Check out the YouTube video of here:

Depicting an elderly woman reminiscing with visual memories about her past, the snapshots weave through love and loss and illustrate an uplifting timeline of her life as a queer woman.

“This music video will be a recounting of a lifetime of true love between an elderly 2 spirit Indigenous couple,” director Nang K’uulas / Patrick Shannon shares of the video’s scope. It shows “the challenges, the joy, the raising of a family in a community where that isn’t common,” adds. “It’s somber, but beautiful — and a reminder that everyone can find love and bring beauty into this world.” Working with Nang K’uulas / Patrick Shannon was a privilege,” the Montreal-based artist shares of the experience. “He went above and beyond, and I’m so grateful. It started with a call about a concept I had in my head, and Nang made it a reality.

MC & Leader of Arrested Development SPEECH Releases Anthemic Call-to-Action “A Different World” Submitted by Cashbox Canada

Fri Feb 19, 2021

2 x GRAMMY Award-winning artist Speech has put his MC talents, artistic integrity, and passion for socio-political issues to quick use as he delivers an anthemic call-to-action single, “A Different World”.

Check out the extended versions here on Spotify: “A Different World:

The dedicated MC and member of legendary Afro-centric hip hop group Arrested Development had watched in horror alongside millions of Americans — and onlookers from around the world — as a swath of die-hard Trump loyalists stormed the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. last month.

“The rebellion that happened on January 6th was the curtain being pulled back on race, lies, and darkness in America,” he says. “This song had to be made to become proactive in shaping our collective future.

Legendary Icon Alan Frew of Glass Tiger and Pineo & Loeb team up for Collaboration on “Hey Jude”

Fri Feb 19, 2021

Alan Frew of Legendary Canadian Grammy Nominated Rock Band Glass Tiger and producer duo PINEO & LOEB team up to take on one of the greatest songs ever written, Hey Jude. This explosive cover of the iconic Beatles song honours the original while taking it in thrilling new directions, weaving in “I Am The Walrus'' and restructuring it around festival ready drops of bass. Featuring a chorus of background singers, soaring sax and 808 drums, it takes the song into the 21st century while staying true to its roots.

Julian Lennon who, Paul McCartney wrote the song for in 1968, approved of this version, gave his support and offered us the advice to really try and make the song our own. “Julian’s feedback inspired us to rearrange the song's structure and work in some of his fathers lyrics to the ending.” says LOEB. Paul originally titled the song “Hey Jules”, referring to Julian's nickname but changed the line to Jude as it felt better to sing. Alan references this in the new cover by singing “Hey Jules” midway through.

Teen Alt Pop / EDM Prodigy Mikalyn Releases New Single, “I Love You Too Much”

Fri Feb 19, 2021

At 2.5 Million streams, Canadian alt-pop and EDM prodigy Mikalyn Hay unfurls an infectiously grasping new single, “I Love You Too Much”.

Check out “I Love You Too Much” on YouTube here:

“It’s dreamy, it’s heartfelt, and it’s got a melody that floats along at a pace that reminds me of life in the small city I grew up in,” the Guelph, Ontario-based chanteuse offers of the track that’s a sonic sidestep from her EDM foothold. “The distorted drums and 808 bass from Chris give it an urban touch.”

She’s referring to producer Chris Grey (88Glam, K. Forest), with whom she’s collaborated with since they were early teens. “We’ve long worked together,” Mikalyn details, “since we were discovering who we are as individual artists, and as a combined force.”

Toronto's Soul Rockers BAD BREED Release New Video for Emotional Track, “Not in My Life”

Fri Feb 19, 2021

Toronto-based rock fusion group Bad Breed has just released its latest — and possibly most emotional — single, “Not in My Life”.

Check out “Not in My Life” here on YouTube:

The vulnerable song serves as the third single from the band’s long-awaited sophomore album Ferocious Love (2020) — often referred to as “The Bad Breed in Ferocious Love.” The eight-track record is the band’s first full-length release since their 2015 debut, The Violent World of Bad Breed.

The five-minute soul-rock track was released alongside a black and white homemade music video featuring an assortment of people close to the band lip-syncing along. The tune is jam-packed with an allotment of tasty blues riffs — reminiscent of those from The Jimi Hendrix Experience — and backed by some of the finest, tightest drum and bass work in the modern rock era.

Toronto's Rock Duo ECLECTICUS Deliver Fifth Album, Five Point 0 & Lead Single “Took Me for Granted”

Fri Feb 19, 2021

Not ones to let the doldrums of winter or pandemic restrictions mute their music or motivations, Canadian rock duo Eclecticus serve up their fierce and energetic new single, “Took Me for Granted”

Check out  “Took Me for Granted” on YouTube here:

Fresh from their fifth album — aptly titled Five Point 0 — co-fronts Gar Reid and Tiina LeMay say the five-track release is quick to capture their distinct point of view as songwriters and performers. “We let loose with this record,” LeMay shares. “It’s catchy and colourful!”

Landing four months after their previous offering, 2020’s Take Me Away, the duo say making Five Point 0 was cathartic and reinvigorating. Specifically: the video for “Took Me for Granted,” was shot on location in their home in Toronto.

Award-Winning Rapper & Entrepreneur Cloudy Wingz Releases New Single “Papi Chulo”

Fri Feb 19, 2021

Haitian-American rapper, songwriter, investor, and entrepreneur Cloudy Wingz — William Clark — releases new single, “Papi Chulo”.

The song is the first to land ahead of his forthcoming debut album, Culture Shock — set for release this Spring.

Check out “Papi Chulo” here:

“This is my first album so I wanted to make the best music possible, of course, but I also wanted to experiment with different styles in order to create something that all different walks of life can hold onto for years to come,” he explains. “I wanted to rap straight bars from the heart, and stay true to hip hop while also touching on subjects like growth, love, sacrifice, dedication, disloyalty, wins, losses, inspirations, anger, and death.

The release draws on inspiration from Cloudy Wingz’ storied life, while giving listeners the opportunity to get to know him on many different levels.