Myles Goodwyn Releases Striking Statement on Residential School System With New Release

Fri Sep 17, 2021

Multi-Platinum selling and award-winning Hall of Fame producer, songwriter, and artist Myles Goodwyn relays a sombre and striking statement on the residential school system in this, his new song “Some Of These Children (They Never Grew Up).

Check out the YouTube link of “Some Of These Children (They Never Grew Up) here:

“It’s a personal response by Jim Henman and I to the recent finding of unmarked graves of Indigenous children in Canada,” Goodwyn shares of his long-time collaborator, with whom he also started the iconic rock band, April Wine, with in 1969. “We felt like making a statement regarding the discovery of these graves, and this song is that statement.”

Steven Heighton Rises Above Tragedy with New Single, “Don’t Remember Me”

Fri Sep 17, 2021

“Sometimes finding your voice means losing it first.”

That may be a conceptual statement for most but, for internationally acclaimed Canadian poet-novelist and singer-songwriter Steven Heighton, there are no truer words. After recovering from a near-fatal accident, the Governor General’s Award for Poetry winner returned to his songwriting roots to create and release his debut album, The Devil’s Share, and the new single, “Don’t Remember Me”.

Watch and experience “Don’t Remember Me” on YouTube here:

A deeply moving declaration to a lost love who needs to be, but can never really be forgotten, “Don’t Remember Me” is the first post-release single from the 11-track LP — which just landed this Spring via Wolfe Island Records/CRS Europe.

Canadian Pop-Rock Duo The Red Dirt Skinners Unveil New Single, “Wolf In The Woods”

Fri Sep 17, 2021

Pop-rock group The Red Dirt Skinners may just be getting settled in Belleville, ON, but they're far from settled when it comes to their music careers. With a discovery straight out of a storybook, and enumerated accolades from the UK, The Red Dirt Skinners have grown into their sonic skin and surroundings with recent world events, fleshing out new riffs and lyrics; their new single “Wolf In The Woods” among them, and available now.

Upon moving to Canada after receiving an invitation from Canadian Immigration to become permanent residents under the “Performers of a World Class Level” category, the Red Dirt Skinners were on their way to Edmonton to start their tour for the year. As the world was rolling into 2020, and winter storms battered the Alberta region, the Red Dirt Skinners received the news every touring indie group dreads — the show is cancelled and the venue is closed. Tack on a growing pandemic, and you’ve got a recipe for uncertainty.

Pop Artist Jack In Water Reveals Emotionally Charged LP “You Don’t Feel Like Home”

Fri Sep 17, 2021

Following a string of emotionally charged single releases this year, Mallorca, Spain-based Jack In Water entwines them together in this, his stunning debut full-length, You Don’t Feel Like Home” – check it out on YouTube here:

The chamber pop nom-de-plume of singer/songwriter William Clapson, the LP highlights newly unveiled single, “Everyone Will Be Lost,” as well as previous offerings “For You,” “Anxious Smothers,” the release’s title track “You Don’t Feel Like Home,” and more.

Emily Molloy is “Wide Awake” About the Aftermath of Heartbreak, Anguish & Resolve

Fri Sep 17, 2021

When a stand-alone guitar riff meets you at the door, it’s time to welcome in the pure, unadulterated emotion it’s brought along with it. In this case, it’s Canadian artist Emily Molloy and her raw, emotive-packed new single, “Wide Awake,” and her new EP, Catastrophes.

Check out “Wide Awake” on YouTube here:

A fixture in the indie music community of the West Coast, Vancouver’s Emily Molloy is a trifecta of talent. From exciting and enduring song writing, to her flawless execution and powerhouse vocals, to her captivating visuals on-screen and on-stage, Molloy employs a host of truth to the notes she writes and performs.

Further, her commitment to telling the whole story leaves the listener with relatability; her authenticity lends credence to her words, and she captivates audiences by providing solace in understanding with her songs.

Toronto Punk-Pop Rocker Chris Nine Unleashes Blast of Adrenaline with Blistering “the rage” Single

Fri Sep 17, 2021

Canadian post-hardcore punk-pop rocker Chris Nine unleashes a blistering blast of bone-crushing adrenaline in the form of his new single, “the rage”.

The new supercharged single lands ahead of the Toronto-based artist’s forthcoming EP, The Heavy, due out this Fall.

Check out “the rage” on YouTube here:

“the rage” is a harrowing opus that unveils the duality of love and the consequences of our actions. This viewpoint puts the listener’s experience front and center, creating a connection using emotionally complex themes while embedding them within expertly produced music you wouldn’t typically hear from a newer artist. Chris Nine bears his soul to tell a tale that’s as much filled with tragedy as it is hope.

“I show up, a fight last night was what you
Had to call it
I’m so sorry, I’m still lonely
Can this be our moment”

Singer/Songwriter Dean Friedman Unpacks Historical Terrors & Hope in New "America Lullaby

Fri Sep 17, 2021

Gentle in tone as it braces listeners for what lays in wait, singer/songwriter Dean Friedman delivers tranquil and captivating piano concertos with a serving of history in this, his new single “American Lullaby,” and titular album of the same name.

Check out “American Lullaby” on YouTube here:

Hailed as one of the pre-eminent songwriters of his generation, Friedman’s American Lullaby marks his ninth studio album, released on his Real Life Record Label. “American Lullaby” is a journey through the past, drawing visuals from across four centuries of American history as it delves into the dark corners of a blemished past, all with a sense of optimism intertwined for the future ahead.

GRAMMY & JUNO Contributing Producer & Artist Chin Injeti Reveals Personal Ode in Single “Sparrow”

Fri Sep 17, 2021

In an ode to ‘letting go’ and ‘taking life as it comes,’ multi-GRAMMY and JUNO Award-winning alt-hip hop and RnB artist Chin Injeti soars with this, his newest single, “Sparrow” – give a listen and look here on YouTube:

With Injeti handling all instruments, with the exception of the song’s extra synth parts — “They were played by my friend, Anthony Craig Bell, a producer from Philly who produced Jasmine Sullivan, Jill Scott, and many more,” he shares.

“‘Sparrow’ is my little ode to freedom,” Injeti continues. “It was the perfect ‘escape’ when I was held ‘prisoner’ in my basement, as I wrote it in my home studio while I was in quarantine.”

Singer/Songwriter Andrew Allen Savors That Fresh-Love Feeling with New Single, “Linger”

Fri Sep 17, 2021

New love can be so intoxicating that we want to slow down every single moment, draw it out, and savor it, making the feeling last forever. And Vernon, BC singer-songwriter Andrew Allen’s new single “Linger” – available now – captures just that: the slowing down, to the point that a lover’s every breath and heartbeat takes on a profound meaning.

A pop earworm that alternates between love ballad and dance tune, “Linger” makes use of simple beats, hook-y harmonies, and well-placed breath and heartbeat effects. Lyrics like ‘go slow/I like to let it linger/you know my knees are getting weaker’ harness that universal feeling of infatuation; listeners experience the slowed-down beauty of noticing all the new things about a love interest, and then the joyful, dance-y exuberance of just knowing that that person exists in the world and our love is returned.

“’Linger’ dives into the intimate connection between two people and the desire you can’t help but see, feel, and want more of,” Andrew says.   Check out “Linger’ on YouTube here:

Dance-Pop Musician Ryan Shane Owen Evokes Etherialism with New “Summer Night Dream”

Fri Sep 17, 2021

Canadian dance-pop producer Ryan Shane Owen invites you “into the big striped tent by the river” to enjoy his new single release, “Summer Night Dream” — check  it out on YouTube here:

Drawing inspiration from Shakespeare’s heady classic, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the Vancouver, British Columbia-based artist ushers audiences away on an atmospheric journey through the sonic colours, visuals, and sounds of a moonlit forest.
A singer/songwriter with a plethora of talents, Ryan debuted his first full-length solo album, Rhapsody for the Disco, in the beginning of 2020. From there, he developed and released his sophomore 12-track follow-up album, Symphony for the Stereo, or “Rhapsody part two,” before this new single, “Summer Night Dream.”

Junk Dior Captures Loneliness in Modern Relationships in Sunny And Sad “When We’re Both Apart”

Fri Sep 17, 2021

There’s a specific type of loneliness that comes with being into someone who parties too much, and Phoenix, AZ’s pop artist Junk Dior captures it perfectly with his new single “When We’re Both Apart” – check it out on YouTube here:

While sonically, it’s a sunny — if not euphoric — delivery of unbridled optimism, the lyrics tell the other story. Amid layers of beats, synth, soaring vocal harmonies, and rap/talk, the song tells the story of a ‘party princess’ who continually evades the narrator, giving him time only in the spaces between one party and the next — even if the party only happens to be on TikTok. And she keeps her weekends to herself.

JUNO-Nominated Toronto Tabla Ensemble Release New Percussion Driven, “Spellcheck”

Fri Sep 10, 2021

Tabla master Ritesh Das and his JUNO Award-nominated musical collective, Toronto Tabla Ensemble, have turned the tables on technology with their innovative, colourful new single and video, “Spellcheck”.

The first release from the group’s upcoming eighth album, For the Love of Tabla, “Spellcheck” gets its name and inspiration from everyone’s favourite, frustrating smart phone feature… Autocorrect.

Check out “Spellcheck” on YouTube here:

“The title is a joke,“ Das reveals. “If you try to type out tabla on your phone, spellcheck changes it to table. I get messages all the time from people asking: ‘Where can I buy a new table?’ I tell them to go to a furniture store.”

Singer/Songwriter Marty Zylstra Lights Up the Sky with Blistering New Single & Album

Fri Sep 10, 2021

Singer/songwriter Marty Zylstra comes out swinging with the first single from his highly anticipated second album, Boom Chicka; “Rattle The Glass”.

Check out “Rattle The Glass” on YouTube here:

With an electricity that pulses through gritty instrumentation, coupled with a sense of timelessness to deliver a sonically melancholic experience, the track’s musical craftsmanship and a spiritual self-awareness guide the follow-up to Zylstra’s deeply personal 2018 album, The Dragonfly and the Spider.

Boom Chicka and the songs within it are a love letter to the sights and sounds of the anti-war and peace movements of the 1960’s Flower Power era. While his influences are clear, as the album channels legends like Lennon and Brian Wilson, in particular, Boom Chicka was carefully crafted and conceived as a sole artistic vision with no details taken for granted.

Ozzie Lovin Gets “Lost In You” in New Single

Fri Sep 10, 2021

Seamlessly fusing dancehall with pop, multi-talented artist and Wyomissing, PA-based Ozzie Lovin gets “Lost In You” in a new single. Check out “Lost In You” on YouTube here:

Looking to take the pop genre back to the basics — love — Lovin’s unique blend of dancehall and late-pop elements is delectable start to finish. After realizing the allure music had, Ozzie Lovin found heaven in music production and, after honing his craft over the past four years, audiences are treated to this, a truly authentic listening experience; it's his distinct and honest lyrical composition in “Lost In You” that really sells this song.

“As I personally watched the world around me crumble, I used music to escape a lot of what I was experiencing,” he shares. “I started writing and putting my words to beats I made, and could not believe how much it assisted the healing process.

June Garber Releases New Video of Classic “Windmills Of Your Mind”

Fri Sep 10, 2021

June Garber has released a new video of the classic “Windmills Of Your Mind” in advance of the album release concert – check out the video here on YouTube:

The album release party is Thursday, September 16, 2021 @ Paradise Theatre, 1006 Bloor Street West in Toronto - Doors 7pm • Concert 8pm

Tickets available at

June Garber will be joined by Attila Fias (piano), Sam Pomanti (keyboards), George Koller (bass), Steve Heathcote (drums), Ted Quinlan (guitar) and Colleen Allen (flute and reeds), as she celebrates the album’s September 17 release of Off the Carousel. This album, arranged and produced by Lou Pomanti is her fourth and is distributed by Vesuvius Music.

Brandon Glazer Releases Title Track of New Album – Because of You

Fri Sep 10, 2021

The new single from Toronto singer/songwriter/producer Brandon Glazer is the title cut of his forthcoming album Because Of You, and if the album is anything like this track it will not disappoint.

Check out “Because of You” on YouTube here:

With his unlikely yet unforgettable combination of vintage Country Rock and glossy up-tempo Pop, Brandon is breathing new life into modern music. Acting as his own producer on the project, he incorporated modern production techniques, to push his sound into bold new musical territory.

Alt Rockers The High Loves Put a Breakup Behind Them With New Single, “Sometime”

Fri Sep 03, 2021

Sometimes just knowing an experience is in your rearview is enough to roll down the windows, turn up the tunes, and cruise along with zero cares... And with its laid-back tempo and smooth vocal harmonies, Canadian rock five-piece The High Loves and their new single “Sometime”  captures that very freedom of knowing a relationship is over and, hey, you did all you could.

Check out “Sometime”  on Spotify here:

Appearing on the alt-rockers’ forthcoming EP, Too Much Of A Good Thing, out this Fall, “Sometime” was one of those songs whose inspiration came out of nowhere. “I was just practicing my guitar one day when the song in its entirety just popped into my head,” guitarist Noah Mockton says. The lyrics were imagined as a goodbye letter to an ex. “It's about being okay with change,” he adds, “and letting someone you love go.”

Toronto-Based Latin-Pop Artists MellyQueen & Skyzz Set the Night Ablaze with “Lento y Pegadito”

Fri Sep 03, 2021

This simmering late-summer heat is no match when it comes to heating up the room like Latin-pop artists MellyQueen and Skyzz do on their fresh track, “Lento y Pegadito”:
Check out the YouTube here:

Driven with poppy composition, enticing vocalizations, and some undeniable musical magnetism, the two Toronto-based multi-talented artists soar beyond the stratosphere with their newest single — and first collaboration.

“When Skyzz and I met, we shared a great connection and an overall chemistry,” MellyQueen recalls. “We really wanted to create a song that captured that fun, heartfelt, and feel-good energy we share off-camera.”

Singer/Songwriter Lara Taubman Releases Groovy, Funk-Inspired Single in “Hookup”

Fri Sep 03, 2021

While the term “Hookup” is 21st-century parlance for fleeting romance, singer-songwriter Lara Taubman’s new single of the same name wastes little time evoking the groovy ‘60s and ‘70s with a funk-infused bassline and crystal vocals reminiscent of Grace Slick.

The song opens with a question: “Was it just a hookup, didn’t you feel my heart” that then becomes a harmonizing hook — taking us on a psychological journey of the morning after.

Free love, in this case, isn’t so freeing. The narrator’s lover assures her there will be no regrets, and then she, presumably, never hears from him again. The song is personal, inspired by a time when Lara was waiting for a text from a man she had recently hooked up with. “It’s about the risky high dives I took in my intimate relationships, gambling with hope as my best hand,” she said.

As Lara sat facing the dread that this particular hookup wasn’t what she had hoped it was, she decided to use it as creative inspiration. “I wrote the song in one sitting,” she said. “Driven by that first line and a mountain of yearning, despair and anxiety.”

Check out “Hookup” on YouTube here:

Canadian singer/songwriter Mena Hardy Releases Compelling Single “Man I Love”

Fri Sep 03, 2021

“Man I Love” combines Mena's past musical influences, in conjunction with a spiritual and emotional connection to Indigenous culture. The combination of “Southern Rock” with Indigenous influences, satisfies a longing for those with Native ancestry. As such, “Man I Love” presents an inspirational step toward the cutting edge sound of this accomplished performer.

“Man I Love” relates to not only the loss of love, but loss of friends to suicide,” as Mena explains. “I put the pain into song.”

Expressed beautifully, and with deep emotion, is the understandable sense of loss of not only what was, but what might have been.

Players on the track include Producer Mark Muir, who also played guitar and bass, Roy Nichol (April Wine) on drums, Pamela Cumming plays the violin, Duncan Gillis is on the flute, and Steve McAlear added Native percussion. The track was engineered by the  world-renowned Ron Nevison.