Fri Apr 09, 2021

Canadian rock singer/songwriter Ethan Flynn steps to a mirrored surface to examine the varying depths of human connection in relation to oneself in this, his new single “Reflection”.

A fitting preview into the Maple, Ontario-based artist’s forthcoming album, The Pumpkin Club, this contemplative and captivating new single steadily carries listeners through a robust stream of sound.

On “Reflection,” oscillating guitar effects create an affable ripple, which is then harnessed by the undulating distortion of Flynn’s flowy voice and accompanying harmonies. When bound with the single’s lyrical themes of transitory relationships — romantic or otherwise — the music feels rich in texture. It’s like a river in song-form due to how effectively these conjoined elements illustrate the transience of our connections with other people, as the current of life carries us from them and them from us.

Check out “Reflection” here on YouTube:

When absorbing lyrics like ‘it's like they all slipped away, but I want you to stay, and you want me to go, so I'll go now,’ one may be able to discern such allegory based on how the components of “Reflection” intersect, and speaks to Flynn’s innate ability to write songs that are open to interpretation of how the music and the lyrics come together.

Known for his fusion of alternative, rock and indie — the influences that drive his musical direction — Flynn admits he’s compelled to write music that is “true to myself, and actively inspires me as an artist.”

Ethan Flynn is as DIY as they come, and as determined as they get, with each stacking release a further testament to his momentum and growth. Previous credits as a songwriter, singer, and producer include his debut, Happy Valley (2019), and sophomore EP, Fly Away (2020) — all ahead of this Spring’s The Pumpkin Club.

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