The “Stars Align” for Ottawa's Electro-Pop Duo Gold Bonds

Fri Nov 26, 2021

The “Stars Align” for Canadian electro-pop duo Gold Bonds as they launch their new single and video.

Check out “Stars Align” here:

The song serves as a preview to their forthcoming album, Growing Pains — due out Spring 2022.

'”Stars Align' is a reflection on waking from lost time and lost ground in a rapidly changing world,” Gold Bond’s Matt Gilmour and David Gervais say. “The song refers to stars aligning as an affirmation of our lucidity, and our ability to make dreams come true.”

Composed, recorded, and produced by Gold Bonds during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Stars Align” serves as a breakaway from the overwhelming isolation many artists, musicians and songwriters felt while forced to stay home, and unable to share the stage.

J-Pop Artist Shihori Releases Soaring Ode to Better Days Ahead in New Video, “Your Song”

Fri Nov 26, 2021

In a soaring ode to her past, present, and future self, along with any others who may be grappling similar sentiments, J-Pop darling Shihori releases a jubilant and spirited new video in “Your Song”.

Watch “Your Song” here:

The latest to land from her first full-length U.S. album, Mutation, “Your Song” sees the currently Los Angeles-based artist respond to previously held concerns around self-harm.

That said, morose notions of despondency are nowhere to be found in “Your Song;” in fact, quite the opposite... From its passionate percussion and expressive vocal runs — not to mention hushed piano melodies and equally enchanting harmonies — Shihori’s fusion of pop makes a grand splash through headphones and onto the screen where her visuals bring the experience into a mesmerizing 180.

Pop, Soul & RnB Singer/Songwriter Rahul Samuel Reminisces on Romance with New Single, “Feels”

Fri Nov 26, 2021

Telling a tale as old as time, award-winning pop-soul and r&b singer/songwriter Rahul Samuel is whisking listeners away into a world of authenticity, romance and musical flourish with this, his silky-smooth new single, “Feels”.

Check out  “Feels” here:

Through the lens of Rahul’s unique perspective on romance comes an entirely new take on the R&B love song. The acoustic approach to instrumentation is influenced by multiple genres of music, providing an upbeat warmth that carries throughout the entire song, and vocal harmonies blend seamlessly with soothing guitars to create an atmosphere that welcomes self-discovery embedded within the hopeful lyrics.

Mickey Moone & Murder Unleash Non-Traditional Love Anthem "Perspective"

Fri Nov 26, 2021

With raucously crunchy guitar and deeply pumping bass, ‘LOVE’ bursts from the speakers as award-winning Barrie, ON-based artist Mickey Moone and band, Murder, unleash their newest single, “Perspective”.

Watch and listen to “Perspective” here:

Listeners sidled up can expect deep-fried, sun-stained harmonica tones resonating over a chilled-out, classic D-beat as the playful punk-rock rollicking celebrates the inherent flaws of a dirty kind of love.

“These are stories we can all relate to,” Moone says of the song and its surrounding EP — Murder (noun): A gathering of crows. “It’s about broken hearts, and how we heal.”

Toronto Hip-Hop Artist Mark Brathwaite Delivers Champion Flow Off New Album, My Season

Fri Nov 26, 2021

When it comes to stylistic lyrics, slashing rhythms, and raw storytelling, look no further than Toronto hip-hop artist Mark Brathwaite, and his newest album, My Season.

Check out Champion Flow here:

The Toronto-based artist’s fourth project, My Season is the culmination of Braithwaite’s professional experience in the industry, coupled with personal experiences along the way. The six-track EP is an up-and-down roller coaster of emotion, traversing layered and rich themes of betrayal, triumph, unrequited love, and the cyclic grind of life deeply embedded into its roots.

Not only that, but the work of Mark Brathwaite also features a stylized fusion of afrobeat, R&B, and good ol’ hip-hop — coupled by the energy needed to deliver such an intricate mixture.

Alberta Country Singer Myranda Christi Takes You on Love’s Wild Ride with “When You Come Around"

Fri Nov 26, 2021

Strap yourself in and hold on tight! Rising Bowden, Alberta country singer-songwriter Myranda Christi has saved a seat for you on the emotional rollercoaster of romance with her hot new single, “When You Come Around” — available now via Sony Music/The Orchard.

Check out “When You Come Around" here:

When romantic chemistry goes into overdrive, falling in love can definitely feel like a thrill ride; in “When You Come Around”, the Alberta-based artist and former Canadian Idol competitor sings about discovering the one who creates that love rush and reaction every time they come near.

As fast-paced and exhilarating as any five-ticket fairground attraction, “When You Come Around” showcases Christi’s expressive, joy-filled vocal in a rockin’ country track punctuated by classic pedal steel riffs.

Folk-Rock Duo HuDost Release Video/Single Declaring “Home is Bigger Than Us”

Fri Nov 26, 2021

Seeking to sit the world down for a bit of a breather, folk-rock duo HuDost serve up down-home comfort with the release of their breathtaking and enveloping new album, Anthems of Home.

The expansive and lush 11-song release — and its newest single and video, “Home is Bigger Than Us” — sets out to “ask important questions,” the award-winning band says.

Check out “Home is Bigger Than Us” here:

Celebrating authentic love in its many forms, the song shares the story of how much more beautiful we are when our love is combined, co-fronts Moksha Sommer and Jemal Wade Hines explain.

“When the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts…” they muse.

Nova Scotia Based Artist Erika Kulnys Takes a Stand for Bodily Autonomy with “My Choice”

Fri Nov 26, 2021

With reproductive rights increasingly at risk, Lower Cornwall, Nova Scotia-based singer/songwriter Erika Kulnys takes a stand in song for bodily autonomy and the right to choose with this, her searing new single and video, “My Choice” – check it out here:

No matter how geographically far from Texas one may be, the abortion ban in that state has created seismic reverberations and sounded countless alarms from onlookers worldwide and, from her Canadian perspective, Kulnys is no different.

Landing ahead of her forthcoming album, Stand Together — set to arrive in Spring 2022 —  “My Choice” supports women and child-bearing folks in their rights to assert reproductive freedom, Kulnys explains, as well as benefiting Whole Woman’s Health — a major abortion provider and catalyst for legal and cultural change in the US.

Amanda Mae Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve with Sultry New Single, “Shoulda Known”

Fri Nov 26, 2021

Much like seemingly ‘perfect relationships,’ Canadian R&B artist Amanda Mae’s newest single “Shoulda Known” feels and looks beautiful on the outside but, in its core, is fueled by contempt and infidelity — resulting in a sultry yet ominous vibe throughout.

Available now, “Shoulda Known” is Amanda Mae in every sense possible... Providing a velvet listening experience for her growing fanbase, the song lays out a story of betrayal and contention in a relationship that started great — but ended flat on its face. Check out “Shoulda Known” here:

Decadent Hues Drape Creatively Expansive Duo mLau’s New Single, “Blue Boy - Babylon Girl”

Fri Nov 26, 2021

Draped in evocatively erotic and decadent hues, creatively expansive and sonically immersive duo mLau lifts the veil on their new single and video “Blue Boy - Babylon Girl”.

Check out “Blue Boy - Babylon Girl” here:

Fresh from the long-time friends’ breakthrough debut EP, Locked In (2021), the song reveals the story of a tormented, convulsive love destined to touch the purity of feelings only when the sacrifice of innocence marks truth and beauty’s poetic intertwining.

The voice, lyrics, and melodies of co-fronts Maria Laura Ronzoni teamed with Massimo Marraccini’s rhythmic and harmonic textures summon a creative response to the profound sense of restlessness, frustration, and claustrophobic isolation, they say.

Arrested Development Release “Vibe” Ahead of Forthcoming Album, For the FKN Love

Fri Nov 26, 2021

When it comes to boombap and classic rap, there isn’t anyone who does it like the trailblazers, name-makers, and ground-shakers like Arrested Development, and their newest single, “Vibe”.

Check out “Vibe” on YouTube here:

The 2x GRAMMY Award-winning hip hops group credited with a culture-shaping 30 years of experience, Arrested Development was the first hip hop group to ever receive the GRAMMY for Best New Artist while also receiving one for Best Rap Single; the song of honour was their anthemic, prayer-like track, “Tennessee” — which has gone on to be named by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as one of the Top 500 Songs That Shaped Rock and Roll.

Collin Clowes Captures the Moments that Matter in New Single, “Polaroid” From Debut EP

Fri Nov 26, 2021

Check out “Polaroid” here:

The new single off of the debut EP, Sleepy, the seven-song 2021 release is a collection of heartwarming songs that feature delicate instrumental compositions over meaningful lyrics to create a sound that’s as familiar as it is new. This body of music is the singular vision of Clowes, who not only plays on every instrument, but also works through the painstaking effort of production, mixing, and mastering.

Persistence, along with a firm dedication to the music-making process, puts artist Collin Clowes in a league of his own. The production value and rhythmic polish on the EP are more characteristically associated with high-value teams of musicians and producers, not the debut of a single artist, and Clowes’ ear for pop melodies and multi-layered vocals reveal a sonic texture that is mature beyond its years.

Toronto's The Honeyrunners Ask “What Are You Scared Of?” in New Single

Fri Nov 19, 2021

Toronto folk rockers The Honeyrunners set the scene ablaze, asking “What Are You Scared Of?” with the release of their new single and debut LP, Everything Is On Fire — available now via Gypsy Soul Records / Warner Music Canada / FUGA / Proper Music Group.

Watch and listen to “What Are You Scared Of?” here:

The band’s new nine-song full-length aims to disrobe our culture of apathy — a sentiment that everything is always on fire, with nothing to do but watch. The chorus of the title track sums up the band’s approach to art: ‘Let it burn. It’s the ashes that I admire.’

Sophie Lukacs Releases New Single “Too Many Times”

Fri Nov 19, 2021

Montreal-based Lukacs is a kora player, singer and composer, born in Budapest, Hungary, and raised in Canada. She grew up studying classical violin from the age of five to her University years. On a trip to Burkina Faso in her early twenties, she discovered the kora, a 21-stringed African instrument. It changed her life: She began lessons, and travelled to Paris for a master class with kora legend Toumani Diabaté. When he invited her to study with him in Bamako, Mali, she packed her bags and never looked back, spending six years fully immersed in studying the instrument, as well as the cultural, artistic, and linguistic traditions of Mali. Onstage, she sings in English, French, Bambara and Hungarian.

Because the kora is primarily played by men born to griot families, it's a real acknowledgement of her skills that Lukacs is one of the few women in the world recognized as a kora player. She's collaborated with some of the best-known Malian musicians, including Habib Koité, who's also featured on her forthcoming album.

Sunshine Coast, BC's Ron Kalmakoff Pays Ode & Urgency to the Planet in “Mother Nature”

Fri Nov 19, 2021

Whether you believe it or not, climate change is real, global warming is real, and our planet is in crisis. Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Kalmakoff addresses the urgent need for action in the face of this emergency with the release of his new single and video, “Mother Nature”.

Check out “Mother Nature” on YouTube here:

Landing ahead of his forthcoming album, Nature — arriving November 15th — the song features soaring instrumentation and a bold tapestry of male and female vocal harmonies, complete with the sound of  late-‘60s light-rock ballads and conjuring a slowed-down 5th Dimension’s “Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In.”

With lyrics like ‘You're not the only one/In this place, in this space/It's not your universe,’ the message of “Mother Nature” is not one of the dawning of a bright new future - but rather an admonishment to those who don’t care, as well as a kind of prayer to Mother Earth for help, and possibly forgiveness.

Mother, Mother, Mother Nature
Mother, Mother, Mother Nature
We need you more, than we ever did before
We need you more

Pop Artist Kayla DiVenere Explores the Stresses of Dating Through Dark Humour in “PSYCHOPATH”

Fri Nov 19, 2021

Sometimes having a string of fleeting romances in our teen years makes it easy to feel like there might be something wrong if we can’t settle on one person… Canadian pop artist Kayla DiVenere confesses to these feelings, and more, in her alternatingly depressed-then-exuberant new single, “PSYCHOPATH” – check it out here:

Kicking off with a dark and heavy bassline that’s somehow both goth and grunge-y all at once, the pace picks up and the Montreal-born / Los Angeles-based dynamo’s song quickly turns into a danceable pop-punk earworm.

“Why do I keep stopping
Before it starts
I jump to the end
Like you already broke my heart”

Soon, the narrator asks herself: “Am I a psycho, psychopath / What’s wrong with me, I’m scared to ask.”

Another simpler explanation, however, soon arrives in the second chorus: “Boys are dumb.”

Peter Karroll Releases Poignant New Song Inspired by His Father & Dedicated to WWII Vets

Fri Nov 19, 2021

Inspired by his father’s experiences in WWII, and dedicated to those who fought alongside him for freedom, Platinum- and Gold-awarded Canadian producer, writer, and singer/songwriter Peter Karroll releases the poignant new song, “Coming Home” — available now.

The title track from Karroll’s forthcoming album of the same name, the song shines a beacon of gratitude on veterans, both those who perished during battle and who came home, able to share hard tales with their sons and daughters — something his own father did with him.

Watch the moving video of “Coming Home: here:

Michelle Rasky Debuts Genre-Bending Breakout in Groovy “Dancing on My Own"

Fri Nov 19, 2021

With expertly tracked instrumentals fusing with precisely programmed synthesizers to meet in the dark, award-winning Canadian artist Michelle Rasky’s new single creates a substantial electro dance-pop single in “Dancing on My Own”.

Check out “Dancing on My Own” on YouTube here:

The Folk Music Ontario Songwriter of the Year award-winner’s newest genre-bending release explores how Rasky finds solace in her musical compositions the same way she’s found solace in dancing — especially throughout the recent string of unforeseen worldly events.

Appalachian-Country Swing Band Over The Moon Release New Single “Lonesome Bluebird”

Fri Nov 19, 2021

Straight from their ranch nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta folk-roots and swing duo Over The Moon deliver their signature stone-ground sound in the form of new single, “Lonesome Bluebird”— available now via Borealis Records.

Check out “Lonesome Bluebird” on YouTube here:

“This song is basically about a beautiful young woman who is letting the fear of failure or the impression she might be making cause her to miss out on so many of life’s real experiences,” co-front Craig Bignell explains. “She makes up for it by only focusing on her outer beauty and possessions.

“We’ve always loved the movie ‘Cat Ballou’ and the way Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye are always in the shot somewhere, singing songs about the scene,” he continues, with a nod to the duo’s counterpart, Suzanne Levesque. “We thought this would be a great concept for the ‘Lonesome Bluebird’ video.”

Canadian Pop Artist Madison Olds Gets Ready to Spend “Christmas At Home”

Fri Nov 19, 2021

Every so often, an inventive artist sets out to challenge the norm when it comes to the merriest genre of music, and award-winning, stream-soaring, chart-climbing Vancouver, BC pop singer/songwriter Madison Olds does just that with her newly minted holiday bop, “Christmas At Home”.

The perfect duet for sipping hot toddies by the fire with friends, the song is in collaboration with Nearly York (Lucas Gienow); the pair paint a seasonal portrait epitomizing the joy found in hiding out at home, avoiding the crowds and holiday chaos — until the family arrives, that is!

Listen to the heartwarming “Christmas At Home” here: