UK Contemporary Jazz Artist Fiona Ross Spotlights Self-Worth in Brave and Beautiful “Good Enough”

Fri Jan 21, 2022

“Will I ever be good enough?; Will I ever be wise enough…for anyone?” Multi-award-winning contemporary jazz artist Fiona Ross launches her heartfelt new single with these two intensely personal questions, bravely throwing the doors open to examine self-doubt with “Good Enough” from her recently released album, Red Flags and High Heels.

Check out “Good Enough” on YouTube here:

“We all have moments of doubt and wonder if we are good enough — whether this is as a musician, an artist, a parent or just a human being,” Ross offers. “It’s what it says on the tin, really: a song about being good enough or, more precisely, not being good enough.

“This song is just me and how I feel.”

Condor Matador Celebrating a Happy Return from Feeling Blah with “The ’90s Song”

Fri Jan 21, 2022

Sometimes the only way to feel happy again is to just fake it ‘till you make it. Montreal-based pop artist Condor Matador, a.k.a Jeremie Legault, addresses that very process in his violin-studded, disco-infused earworm of a new single “The ’90s Song”  - check it out here on YouTube here:

Legault had been in a funk; it was the pandemic, which is funk-inducing for all of us, and he was also working a job he didn’t like and was just feeling blah. Working on Condor Matador was one of the few things that brought him joy and kept him sane during that time; he wrote “The ‘90s Song” when he began making steps toward feeling better and taking hold of his own destiny. The opening lyrics – “As I walked along/Hummed a ’90s song/It was Cher/Do you believe in life after love” – inspired him to apply the disco treatment to the song, because who’s more disco than the diva Cher?

Sarah Tolle Voices Empathy to Those with Mental Illness in Piano-Driven New Pop Single, “Fight For You”

Fri Jan 21, 2022

Fighting for one’s mental health can be a lonely endeavor; one made much easier when you have at least one person in your corner. Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Sarah Tolle gives voice to that fight through the perspective of a loved one or a friend in her cascading new single, “Fight For You”.

Check it out on YouTube here:

A piano-driven electronic pop ballad, the song’s standout feature is its deeply heartfelt vocals. “For me, the song is sung by a caregiver — someone in a support role,” Tolle says.

“Fight For You” begins with one rolling, harmonious word: You. It’s the word that provided an entry point to the song Tolle wanted to write, but that she then got stuck on. So, she asked her mom for help.

Toronto-Based Ian Lake Releases Heartfelt Video and New Single “Easier”

Fri Jan 21, 2022

Toronto-based Ian Lake is one of Canada’s most gifted actors, and now he can add musician to the mix. His highly acclaimed single “The Bottom” was released in 2021, from his upcoming debut album What It Is, set for release in 2022. His new single and video “EASIER,” is a letter of encouragement to himself and to all of us struggling through this difficult time.

Listen and enjoy “Easier” on YouTube here:

Annapolis, MD Spellbinding Rocker Dracula Jackson Wants To Be Together with “Apart”

Fri Jan 21, 2022

There’s no better time to want to be Together than when you feel “Apart,” which is why the lead single off the brand new album from Dracula Jackson couldn’t have landed at a better point in human history, when both feelings are churning inside of each of us simultaneously.

Available now, “Apart” highlights Jackson “lamenting the discomfort of waiting for his love, and longs for the relief following their return.”

Watch and listen to “Apart” here:

And it isn’t simply clever songwriting; as art interprets life, Jackson himself drew from his reality — a divorce that struck during songwriting. Though, the artist says he met his true love in the process, and this inspiration drew Jackson to completing the album in its entirety.

Singer/Songwriter Derek Helm Laments Lost Love & Times Gone By with “Gone to the Sea”

Fri Jan 21, 2022

Universally, lost love is a difficult thing to come to terms with, but singer/songwriter Derek Helm is making it a little bit easier with the release of his beachy, sun-soaked new single, “Gone to the Sea”.

Starring a plugged-in acoustic guitar, ukulele, and some very smooth saxophone, “Gone to the Sea” tells the wistful story of taking beachside vacations with a lover — only for that love to have slipped away.

Gone to the SeaWe used to go out every Saturday night
Mix margaritas and sway in the moonlight
Man, I miss that blue agave gaze
I wish I could go back and re-live those days

Nashville’s Songbird Callie McCullough Announces Release of “Three Quarter Time” Video

Fri Jan 21, 2022

“Three Quarter Time” - The stunning, poignant new video from Nashville local songbird Callie McCullough to be released in celebration of McCullough’s 2021 CMAA award nominated album ‘After Midnight’ (Best Alternative Country Album).

“Three Quarter Time” is a traditional country/roots ballad. The video, filmed on location at Madison, Tennessee’s much adored local hang Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge, provides the perfect backdrop for McCullough to dazzle and engage viewers as she leads a stellar band through a biographical account of her life working in the Nashville music scene.

“The song and video really is a snap shot of “New Nashville”. It’s sharing a glimpse of our reality as musicians moving to town trying to make it. The driving message is just... the truth. And my unapologetic lament for traditional country music.” Callie McCullough.

McCullough’s own sonic identity, encapsulates the legends who came before her and her deep appreciation for their ground-breaking legacies.

High Energy Soul-Funk Electro Outfit Ishi Strikes Sweet Gold with Newly Minted LP

Fri Jan 14, 2022

If you’re feeling funky, high-energy soul-funk electro outfit Ishi has a Sweet Gold mine of tracks ready and waiting to get your groove on.

Available now, the U.S.-based artist’s third full length album Sweet Gold, featuring track “Pro’s & Con’s” with Nia Brock, has landed — and not a moment too soon. Noting the project took two years to complete, Ishi says, “We haven't released a full length in over seven years, and honestly could have done so. I had the material, but it did not feel right. I'm glad I took the time to wait, and to allow this record to come to life.”

Watch “Fly Away” on YouTube here:

Kelly Besd Tackles Inequality With Call To Action & Open Arms in Hard-Hitting Track, “Dreamin'”

Fri Jan 14, 2022

As we look ahead to 2022 and the tumultuous journey the world is embarking on for the nth time in history, it’s words of encouragement from activists, free thinkers, and musicians like Canadian singer/songwriter Kelly Besd, and her new single “Dreamin’,” that remind us to keep pushing forward.

Fresh from her newly released debut album, Back To Me, “Dreamin'” is a poignant and hard-hitting track shining the spotlight on racial injustice and discrimination.  Harnessing the use of slow drums and her signature R&B vocal structures, Besd creates a warm, open, and ethereal listening experience for audiences while highlighting the need for change.

Check out “Dreamin’” on YouTube here:

The Co-Conspirators Deliver a Masterful Mix of Folk Fact & Fiction with The Unreliable Narrators; Announce BC Tour

Fri Jan 14, 2022

In keeping with how the best and most enduring folk songs oblige audiences to take a closer look at history, society, and ourselves, Canadian duo The Co-Conspirators deliver their poignant and riveting new album, The Unreliable Narrators, and its pull-no-punches first single, “The Lonesome Death of Elijah McClain” – watch and listen here:

Training a modern-day lens on folk’s deeply rooted tradition of storytelling through song, the Quebec-based band’s sophomore album offers 12 ‘chapters’ of compelling stories — whether fictional or real — that orbit around hardscrabble characters, troubled lives, social injustices, personal struggle, and more.

Folk Singer/Songwriter Faeya Explores Resilience and Vulnerability in Stunning “Brave Obsession”

Fri Jan 14, 2022

Vulnerable and raw, riveting and real, multi-talented Canadian folk singer/songwriter Faeya explores resilience and perseverance with the release of her new single, “Brave Obsession” — available now.

As one-third of her most recent EP release, The Blue Period: Volume 1, the Toronto-based indie artist lays it all bare on “Brave Obsession”’s melody, donning a courageous face as she boldly goes where so few have the resolve to venture: the inner workings of one’s heart.

“I wrote this on my acoustic guitar, inspired by the feeling of hopeless dependency of a young infatuation,” Faeya explains. “This song flowered into its folk-inspired sound over several late- summer days at Dream House Studios in Toronto.”

From there, it was between her, recording engineer, Calvin Hartwick, and instrumentalist, Sean Royle, that “Brave Obsession” grew to the sounds and textures we hear on the final cut. “I had been listening to a lot of music by great folk artists like Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake while writing this song, which influenced its sound,” she adds.

‘It’s OK to Feel This Way’: Julia Shuren Joins Italian Duo WAMI for Thought-Provoking New Single

Fri Jan 14, 2022

Carrying a thought-provoking and universal message of self-acceptance that crosses all ideological barriers, award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter Julia Shuren has joined WAMI for a new single, “Lost Sometimes” – check it out on YouTube here:

The Belle River, Ontario-born Songwriting Hall of Fame’s 2021 NYU Steinhardt Songwriting Scholar Award winner collaborated with the Italian music duo to craft a song navigating the societal pressures that complicate our lives. As the world becomes increasingly unpredictable, "Lost Sometimes" lands as a positive statement embracing the resilience of the human spirit.

“It’s a reminder to those struggling that it’s okay to feel this way,” Shuren shares.

The lyrics genuinely emphasize a humanistic approach to living instead of comparing the significance of our achievements to others; its liberating lyrics mesh with the warmth of its musicality.

Ileen Laura Celebrates the Re-Prioritizing of Her Musical Gifts with New Single, “Sit Beside Me”

Fri Jan 14, 2022

No stranger to the struggle of how to balance work and family, Canadian Christian artist Ileen Laura’s hopeful and inspiring new single “Sit Beside Me” documents the process she and her husband went through as they figured out how to prioritize her music career amid their family responsibilities.

Watch the video for “Sit Beside Me” here:

“Back in 2020, the pandemic had just become a reality,” the Toronto-based singer/songwriter recalls. “Schools were shut down and, as a high school music teacher, this meant planning for school music concerts and festivals was put on pause.”

Within quarantine, time became all Ileen Laura’s for a moment, and she began to consider her life and her purpose — concluding that something was missing.

It’s More Than Just the “Same Ol’ Thing” for Rockers Arsenal Mills and Their New EP, Lovesick & Broke

Fri Jan 14, 2022

It’s more than just the “Same Ol’ Thing” for rollicking Canadian rockers Arsenal Mills and their dynamo of a breakthrough EP, Lovesick & Broke — check it out here on YouTube:

The East Coast four-piece features Brad Milligan (lead vocals, guitar), Griffen Arsenault (lead guitar), Josh Macneil (drums, percussion), and André U (bass, keys/synth). They may hail from the smallest province in Canada, Prince Edward Island, but the release of their six-song album has seen their career exploding in a big, big way.

David McLachlan Singles Out Rampant Dishonesty with Timely New Single “Gimme the Truth”

Fri Jan 14, 2022

In a world where truth changes its appearance more often than a supermodel, Canadian country-folk artist David McLachlan is delivering a powerful dressing down of fakery with his fiery new single, “Gimme the Truth” – check it out on YouTube here:

From misleading politicians to social media misinformation, McLachlan’s new roots-rock stomper issues an attention-grabbing call to clear the increasingly blurred lines between fact and fiction. Fresh from his ninth album, A Little Place I Call Home, “Gimme the Truth” lands as a demand that’s in high demand by humans everywhere.

“You say hold on
What’s it all about
You askin me
All I got is doubt
Ain’t got no answer
Find it on your own
Know when you do
You’ll call me at home
Gimme the truth”

the dt’s Speak From the Heart with Release of New Rock Single, “Need You (Forever)”

Fri Jan 07, 2022

the dt’s speak unabashedly from the heart on this, the release of their third single, “Need You (Forever)” — check it out on YouTube here:

The duo from Springfield, NJ were brought together by a chance open-mic night and their shared passion for songwriting, performing, and love of harmonies. Fresh out of prior musical outfits, the dt’s — David Cacciatore and Tom Losito — dove head-first into creating; both multi-instrumentalists with influences from jazz, rock, modern and power pop, they formally began releasing music together this year, and their dedication to their craft, plus innate desire to experiment with sound, provides a shiny forecast to a bright future together in the music community.

Newfoundlander Adam Baxter Setting Musical Standards with “Cant Let Go”

Fri Jan 07, 2022

Adam Baxter’s  single “Can’t Let Go” is a hard hitting Alt-Country song that will leave your heart strings pleasantly pulled. Though Baxter is the primary singer and songwriter on the single, “Can’t Let Go” also features musicians spanning the island of Newfoundland: St. John’s Clare Follett (Backing Vocals and Bass), Kippen’s Stuart Gallant (Organ and Percussion) and Pasadena’s Paul Heppleston (Electric and Slide Guitar).

Give a watch and listen to “Can’t Let Go” here: YouTube:

Canadian Non-Profit Euterpe: Music Is The Key Announces Newly Expanded Offering to School-Age Children Nationwide

Fri Jan 07, 2022

Abundant is the garden planted with musical seeds, says the charitable non-profit Euterpe: Music Is The Key — and that’s just the bountiful flower bed they’re sowing with their growing series of Canadian school-age programming, initiatives, awareness, and releases.

Named for the mythical Greek muse of music, Euterpe (pronounced you-ter-pee) is expanding its 15+ years of bringing one-of-a-kind, enriching Classical, Jazz, and other musical experiences into local schools towards a series of larger, farther-reaching outreach across the country.

“The reduction — and in some places, outright elimination — of music in our schools over the last 20 years is a crisis in itself,” Euterpe’s founder and artistic director Dr. Catherine Wilson says. “With the ongoing impact of Covid-19 further exacerbating many situations, the problems our children face now could have been greatly reduced if music had been available to them in this way.”

LGBTQIA+ Champion Ana Pac Releases Space Odyssey with “Blast Off (Light Years and Beyond)”

Fri Jan 07, 2022

When the familiar catchphrase ‘I love you to the moon and back’ comes to life, you have Canadian pop artist Ana Pac and her cosmically catchy, romantically rocket-fuelled new single, “Blast Off (Light Years and Beyond)”.

“‘Blast Off (Light Years and Beyond)’ is about now understanding all the love songs ever written,” Pac shares. “It's about the word ‘love’ not being strong enough to describe what you are feeling.”

Check out “Blast Off (Light Years and Beyond)” on YouTube here:

In addition to being about finding that special person who changes everything you ever thought love could be, it’s also quickly turning into a LGBTQIA+ anthem on TikTok thanks to her tribute to her fiancée Jo; the two met by way of TikTok’s algorithm, and they now have a large following as a popular couple on the app.

Canadian Artist That Nikki You Know Says “Give Me To The Season” with New Holiday Song

Fri Dec 24, 2021

Reflecting on yet another holiday season mid-COVID, Canadian artist That Nikki You Know says “Give Me To The Season” with the release of their new single – check it out on YouTube here:

An ethereal ballad from the Montreal-based multi-talented musician, writer, slam poet, and podcaster, “Give Me To The Season” is a dreamy mosaic full of lush, orchestral instrumentation, and rich vocals that draw on both longing and acceptance. The release lands ahead of the forthcoming full-length album, Thursday Colours — set for March 2022.

“When I was recording the bells at the opening of the song, someone walked past me — coughing,” Nikki recalls of making the track. “I didn’t intend to put the bells at the beginning until I heard how perfectly it set up this song; ‘Give Me To The Season’ was about our first pandemic holiday season, and it just fit so well!”