Indie Rocker Sharkorama Invents a 'Wicked Machine' in His Basement

Fri Jul 16, 2021

While life was put on pandemic pause for most of us during the past 15 months, Chicago-based indie rock artist Sharkorama kicked quarantine into creative high gear, building a new album from the first note up from down in his basement; Wicked Machine.

Check out the title track “Wicked Machine” on YouTube here:

Sharkorama is the solo vehicle of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cody Knauer, who says he “crafts earnest rock ‘n’ roll for slackers.”

Slackers take heed though... Knauer’s productivity is far more earnest than slack: Wicked Machine was built completely during a string of all-nighters Knauer pulled over the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in 2020.

Country Singer/Songwriter Tommy John Ehman is All About the Journey with “Road Band 101”

Fri Jul 16, 2021

Canadian country singer/songwriter Tommy John Ehman takes you on a revved up journey down the hard highway of a touring musician’s life with this, his new single, “Road Band 101” — give a listen and watch it on YouTube here:

According to Albert Einstein, “the only source of knowledge is experience.” Therefore, longtime recording and touring artist Ehman (pronounced ēmn, with a hard ‘e’), needed only to look in his rearview mirror to rediscover the rich road life experiences that have been the most challenging and cherished parts of his career.

Playing gigs all over Western Canada and beyond since 1988 has given the multiple SCMA nominee a great perspective on the passion, commitment and drive it takes to survive, thrive, and be able to give it your all, night after night after night.

Singer/Songwriter Trevor Owen Releases ASL-Enhanced Videos and debut of And the Moon Rising

Fri Jul 16, 2021

Since the stirring and sterling release of his debut album, And the Moon Rising, Canadian musician Trevor Owen has been keen to incorporate American Sign Language into his music videos. The time has finally arrived, and the complete 10-track set of his ASL-enhanced music videos are available now.

The brimming double-handful of videos — including “Not the Only One,” “Fire Moon,” and the album’s title track, “And the Moon Rising” — feature actress and Deaf rights advocate Dawn Jani Birley, who Owen ultimately connected with through the Canadian Hearing Society.

Check out the video of “And the Moon Rising” here:

“It turned out to be more involved than I had imagined,” Owen revealed of the process of finding the right translator for the job. “A common response I received was ‘I don’t do music.’

“Indeed, I could not find anyone who would do it.”

Alt. Rockers The High Loves Say Hey, “Call Me Back” Single Lands Ahead of New Album

Fri Jul 16, 2021

Hear that? It’s The High Loves calling you. You should probably answer.

Alt-rock five-piece The High Loves lend credence to the connotation that Toronto is the creative capital of Canada with this, their new single “Call Me Back”- check it out on YouTube here:

Freshly pressed from their forthcoming album, Too Much Of A Good Thing, this electric groove-laden rockin’ offering is one of the “catchiest songs” lead guitarist and vocalist Noah Monckton has ever written, he says.

“When I first wrote the hook, I wasn’t able to get it out of my head for weeks,” he adds. “For better, or for worse.”

Indigenous Blues Singer/Songwriter Donita Large is “Going To Walk That Line” with New Single

Fri Jul 16, 2021

An emotionally charged power song for those finding strength to put one foot in front of the other, Saddle Lake First Nation, AB-based Indigenous blues singer/songwriter Donita Large unveils her empowering gospel-esque vocalizations and dynamic lyricism with this, her new single, “Going To Walk That Line” — check out “Going To Walk That Line” on YouTube:

That said, however, gospel does not define this Cree blues-inspired singer-songwriter. If anything, it’s more of the “line” Donita Large has walked in life.

With a singing career that started early on in life, and having so much Métis, country, and gospel music around her, Donita started singing at funerals and weddings early on. Learning how music could be a powerful tool in healing hearts, she decided it was time to branch out.

“I want to share my music, and belt my heart out,” she says. “I am ‘going to walk that line.’”

Treaty #6 Territories of Saskatchewan Alt.Rockers The Reckless Famous Say “Goodbye Sorrow”

Fri Jul 16, 2021

Alt-rockers The Reckless Famous let go of self-destruction and despair to say “Goodbye Sorrow” on this, their latest single. Check it out on YouTube here:

An instant hit plucked from the heart of modern rock, the song is fourth of five brand new tracks from the band’s sophomore eponymous effort, released in April 2021; the album The Reckless Famous is a follow up to their 2017 breakthrough LP, 10 Stories.

The track bursts out of the gates with a raging riff, and succinctly follows through with savoury vocals steeped in brilliant range. Mingling their influences of rock, blues, soul, funk, jazz, and even hip hop, The Reckless Famous have managed to carve out a unique place they can call entirely their own.

Award Winning Creator Brooke Burgess Proudly Presents His Ultimate Ode to Fatherhood

Fri Jul 16, 2021

With the first being his son, Raimi, award winning Canadian creator Brooke Burgess has released his second greatest opus; double-single “DADBOD” and “Best Friend,” and titular double-album DADBOD.

Best Friend (Official Music Video — DADBOD — Brooke Burgess W/ Tobias Tinker + Chrystal Leigh)

After 25 years in the entertainment industry writing, directing, and producing video games, animations, interactive narratives, and audio projects (see: Electronic Arts, Broken Saints, The Cat’s Maw, and Buddha and the S**t — plus a win at the Sundance Film Festival), DADBOD lands as more than just a mid-life singer/songwriter flex.

No, this is the legend of an incredible boy, the man who was transformed by his love, and the kind of bond that comes around once-in-a-(thousand)-lifetimes.

Alex Whorms Delivers Stunning Rendition of Jann Arden’s Timeless Smash Hit “Insensitive”

Fri Jul 16, 2021

With a song on her heart, Hamilton, ON pianist prodigy Alex Whorms has leant her ethereal vocals and masterful penchant for delicate homages to a new interpretation of Jann Arden’s “Insensitive.”

Listen and experience this breathtaking version on YouTube here:

What was it about the chart-topping smash hit that would come to ring true with legions of fans — and other artists who cover it — all flocking to the track’s aching melancholy? Its truly honest lyrics of heartbreak and longing... Of letting go after being let down… All relatable, earnest words delivered by the honest-to-God truth of feeling every crack in your soul from losing love.

In short, it’s the perfect combination of sense and sensibility for the Hamilton-based indie songstress.

It May Take Borrowed Thoughts, But It’s Time to “Decompress” Folk Pop Artist’s New Single

Fri Jul 16, 2021

Sometimes it takes some Borrowed Thoughts to remind us all you must wind down, surrender to your feelings, and take in the moment instead of life expediting past you. For singer/songwriter, screenwriter, martial artist, and bath enthusiast, Michael Masurkevitch (Borrowed Thoughts), pressing pause is imperative. And it was when he gave into this utter oneness with the world that he developed the loving mantra that now beats like a drum in this, his latest single, “Decompress”.

Give a watch and listen to “Decompress” on YouTube here:

Produced by Julian Cassia, “the song was conceived when I was meditating in an urban woodlot off the Don Valley Parkway in Toronto,” BT explains — sharing that he began to cry with the release of processing his feelings. “I began singing to myself through my tears.”

Power Pop Trio The Golden Seals Pose a Question in New Single: “To Be or Not To Be (With Me)"

Fri Jul 09, 2021

With The Golden Seals’ latest feel-good summer banger, “To Be or Not To Be (With Me)” — available now — vocalist, bassist and guitarist Dave Merritt channels the soliloquy spirit of ‘The Bard’ with the lyrics “I know I'm no Olivier, I'm just an old clown; but the irony is, I’m bringing us down.”

The Ottawa-based pop rock ensemble’s retro-ish new single transports listeners back to a vintage 1970s-era soundscape via today’s digital DeLorean — in a kaleidoscope-induced, Cheap Trick-esque kind of way!

Check out “To Be or Not To Be (With Me)" on YouTube here:

Along with drummer/percussionist Philip Shaw Bova and guitarist/synths Kevin Lacroix (Ron Sexsmith, Communism) — The Golden Seals continue to deliver a plethora of chart-topping hits. The Canadian band’s 2019 release “Something Isn’t Happening” featured the CBC national radio mainstay “Independence Day.”

Canadian Rock Trio Whatzername Seize “Freedom” with New Single

Fri Jul 09, 2021

Badass Canadian rockers Whatzername are guaranteeing audiences always put a song to the name with the unleashing of this, their searing, sardonic anti-establishment single, “Freedom” — available now!

“This song is a tongue-in-cheek anthem to those that work minimum wage in a first world society,” band members Ashlee Standish, Clairisa Rose, and Jess Gold share.

“It addresses the idea of social responsibility, and how hard it is to stay sane while being poor and impossibly trying to ‘get ahead,’” Rose continues. “It’s about poverty, and the limitations people face because of their financial barriers…

“All while living in a ‘free world,’” they add.

Check out “Freedom” here on YouTube:

Award Winning ViVA Trio Sweep Audiences Away with Cinematic, Theatrical New Single & Video Ahead of New Album

Fri Jul 09, 2021

Spun straight from storybook shelves of fantasy and folklore, award-winning Canadian group ViVA Trio have released a new single ahead of their forthcoming concept album; “Lorien” is inspired by Lord of the Rings’ Galadriel.

Featuring ethereal vocals, theatrical moments, and a feel-good, soothing vibe, “Lorien” lands as an entertaining listen. And with electronic vocal layering, upbeat theatrical interludes, and a light-hearted energy, this track continues to demonstrate how ViVA Trio doesn’t do anything by halves; their first album, Nothing Else Matters, features 11 songs recorded with a full 52-piece live orchestra and children’s choir.

Check out “Lorien” on YouTube here:

Welcome to the World of KingDow’s Awakened Mind…

Fri Jul 09, 2021

Infused with trap flavouring, and inspired by world sounds, genre-transcending artist KingDow says he’s flexing his third eye prowess in his new single, “Toucan Woucan”.

Check out , “Toucan Woucan” here on YouTube:

Produced by Tophatt Productions, “Toucan Woucan” is a single off the Seattle-area artist’s upcoming album, Spiritual Eyes — a project that was cultivated during his spiritual awakening in 2020, he reveals.

As a dancer and bass player, KingDow incorporates his talents into his arts through his visuals and in the music; in the video for “Toucan Woucan,” KingDow sparrs with himself while rapping about the opening of his inner eye, and bringing the world to a higher vibration.

Hell Hath No Fury Like Artist Keegan Chambers & Her Searing New Single, “Look What You’ve Done”

Fri Jul 09, 2021

Canadian artist Keegan Chambers a searing new single in the form of “look What You’ve Done”,

The heart-pounding, electric guitar-driven track is fresh from her newest EP, June 2021’s Out Of My Head.

Check out “Look What You’ve Done” on YouTube here:

The single and EP continue to confirm the FACTOR Canada Artist Development recipient is a force to be reckoned with; from a childhood filled with big rock star dreams, Chambers began to feel the fruition of those hopes with her 2019 release, “Loving You,” and its subsequent music video — which she also co-directed.

Indigenous Artist of the Year Nominee Conrad Bigknife Says “Never Say Never” with New Single

Fri Jul 09, 2021

Riding high off the foot of his newly-released, self-titled album, Regina, Saskatchewan-based, Indigenous country artist Conrad Bigknife has released a third single to accompany his fourth full-length. One of Bigknife’s most infectious numbers to date, “Never Say Never” is available now!

Early album offerings — from the enticingly glum and gut-wrenching lead single “I Miss You,” to the thought-inducing, yet inspirational follow-up track “Nothing but Me” — make evident Conrad Bigknife, both the album and the musician, is here to take avid country listeners on a rollercoaster ride of a lifetime. It’s a ride of not only sonic elements, but emotional ones too.

“Never Say Never,” the latest from the renowned Canadian musician, backs that sentiment up to a tee as well. Fortunately, however, fans of Bigknife will find that this tune will take them to the height of this unpredictable and theoretical rollercoaster ride.

Watch “Never Say Never” here on YouTube:

Germany/Italy-Based Collaborative Pop Duo Anaté Release Brooding New Single Touching on Addiction & Recurrent Mistakes

Fri Jul 09, 2021

Italy/Germany-based, collaborative Alt/Pop duo Anaté have released their latest single, “One Last Time”.

Check out “One Last Time” on YouTube here:

"It was inspired by the thought of how most of us experience some of this in our life.”

Produced while Andrea was traveling through Croatia, the electronic track is dark and brooding, surrounded by layered synths and Ana’s rich, echoing vocals.

Inspired by Lost Love & a Big Move Singer/Songwriter Alex Goupil New Bittersweet Ballad “Drowning”

Fri Jul 09, 2021

Bittersweet and moving, Canadian indie pop artist Alex Goupil has just released his fifth single, “Drowning”.

Possibly his most ambitious offering to date, the undeniable love song stands out with its unique sonic and lyrical contrast. Though the Ottawa-born musician is singing his heart out about a lost love, the brazenly happy-go-lucky instrumentals suggest otherwise; as If there’s a light at the end of the tunnel — which is exactly what Goupil was going for.

Give “Drowning” a few listens and you’re bound to discover a sound or hook that you didn’t in the previous listen. The melody, however, is likely the first thing you’re going to notice, other than Goupil’s extraordinary vocal capabilities. The cheerful nature of this song is just downright infectious, and could easily have a crowd of people singing together arm in arm, with wide-eyed grins on their faces.

Check out “Drowning” on YouTube here:

Renowned Reggae Master & Producer Rasta Phil Spreads Big Love & Unity on “Livin’ Ain’t Easy”

Fri Jul 09, 2021

With the world in need of some love and unity, now’s the time to listen to what Trinidadian-born, Brampton-based reggae master and renowned producer Rasta Phil has to say on this, his latest track, “Livin’ Ain’t Easy” — available now through Slammin’ Media and distributed by Believe Distribution.

Check out “Livin’ Ain’t Easy” on YouTube here:

“We live in a time like no other and the world needs this song more than ever!” he says of the song. “With the world at a standstill for almost two years, and civil uproar overtaking even the most advanced societies, everyone surely has learned that ‘Livin’ Ain’t Easy’...”

This track features the vocals of New Edition's Ralph Tresvant, and was produced by Ali Durrani — a frequent musical collaborator of comedian/talk show host, Lilly Singh.

Toronto Singer/Songwriter Shannon Dooks Eschews All “Doubts” in New Single

Fri Jul 02, 2021

It’s the ‘straight from the cereal bag.’ It’s the steering wheel slam. It’s the glow-up, the girlfriends, and the goblet of red. Moment by moment, Oshawa-born, Toronto-based singer/songwriter Shannon Dooks delves deep into “Doubts” and those post-breakup blues with this, her new official video — check it out on YouTube here:

Landing ahead of this year’s forthcoming release, ‘Do It Again’, “we wanted to capture the very private moments of a woman going through a breakup, and how she copes with it all,” Dooks says of the official visual’s concept. “We wanted to weave through some relatable, light-hearted moments, as well as underlying tones of realness.

“Ultimately, the video embodies how I work through my own self-care after cutting ties with someone who consistently let me down.”

Toronto Rocker and Roller Derby Star Siobamm Crushes “Bones” with New Single

Fri Jul 02, 2021

Roller derby enthusiast turned production badass of rock and roll, Siobamm trades in her roller skates for electric guitars and microphones on her new single, “Bones”.

Check out “Bones” on YouTube here:

The indie songstress is no stranger to the recording studio, having been introduced to the music community through her family’s band Madd Paddy. As Siobamm remembers, she stepped into the recording booth at the age of ten, and thereafter spent her formative years in Irish bars watching her talented kin perform. Now, she’s utilized her know-how and the creative genes passed down to her to create, design and devise a home studio she can call her own. From derby girl to songwriter, and producer, Siobamm can safely say she inherited the family business.