Singer/Songwriter Mike Vitale Comes “Home” with New Single & Album

Fri Oct 22, 2021

Singer/Songwriter Mike Vitale is here to usher you “Home” with the release of his new single, and album — ϕ — both available now.

Check out “Home” here:

When it comes to the album, you don’t have to try and say ϕ, you just need to listen to it. In case you’re wondering, though, it means “Phi” — and it’s a beautiful lullaby that leaves you lingering on each hook.

It’s an LP the roots indie musician from LA has been in the process of creating for nearly a decade; a labour of love that began four years ago in Long Beach, Vitale fuses heart and love and musings on a 12-track full-length that finds him yodeling, to enchanting us with wanderlust — inviting us to spin starry circles in lovers lengths.

“The album is called PHI as this is the Greek letter representing the Golden Ratio,” Vitale explains. “It is an irrational number that goes on forever, just like Pi.

Popster Nano Talrose is “falling deeper” with Release of New Single & Video

Fri Oct 22, 2021

It might be Nano Talrose “falling deeper,” but it’s you, the listener, drowning in the delicate beauty of the emotive indie artist’s latest single and video.

“falling deeper” channels leaning into love; finding it, holding it and allowing oneself to lose the ability to swim in an ocean of passion, fire, and desire. The song breaks out over a pulsing electric riff, before branching off into an electronica, low-fi vibe, and dreamily mashed with the intricacy of Talrose’s exquisite vox.

Check out “falling deeper” on YouTube here:

“The song is very different from all the other songs I’ve made so far, which are usually slower with more heartfelt lyrics and emotion,” Talrose recalls. “‘falling deeper’ has more of a grunge-pop or alt-pop vibe, and I am looking forward to showing people a different side of me as an artist.”

Justin Maki Flirts With an Elusive Old Flame in New Single & Video, “Close To You”

Fri Oct 22, 2021

Sometimes you mess up, and a relationship ends. And even though it’s over, you’ve been okay with that, until one day, out of nowhere, that old flame starts haunting your daydreams. Delving deep into this type of deliciously torturous mental scenario is Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Maki and his new single and video, “Close To You”.

A jazzy pop-funk cocktail, “Close To You” tells the story of catching sight of a former lover in a bar, and playing the stare-look away game. The song begins with a guitar riff nearly identical to the iconic opener of Prince’s “Kiss,” and it could very well be an intentional choice on Maki’s part, for he’s about to spend the entirety of the song trying to convince the woman to give him some of her extra time.

Let’s get out of this place
Will you stay?
Will you stay?
I don’t mean to impose
I just want to be, let me
Close to You

Watch the video of “Close To You” here:

Rocker Josh Ritchie Releases the 'Love at the End of the World' Album and Single

Fri Oct 22, 2021

When it feels like the light at the end of the tunnel is dim, there always seems to be an artist like Whiarton, ON’s Josh Ritchie ready to walk you through it. Featuring soulful guitar riffs, boisterous vocalizations, and a Hammond keyboard (always a winner), the Canadian pop-rock singer/songwriter does just that, leading audiences on an emotional journey with his new single and album of the same name, Love at the End of the World.

In the face of systemic racism and corruption laced into society, “this record does talk a lot about systemic racism, the greed and brokenness of our society and the pressures of having to fight against all that,” Josh Ritchie shares. “However, it’s not meant to be sad; it’s meant to be a hopeful record that people who care about this kinda stuff can listen to when they feel alone or feel like giving up.

“This record is for all of us who feel,” he continues, and “to remind us that there actually is some love even at the end of the world.”

Watch Love at the End of the World here:

Jazz Songstress Fiona Ross Sings Across Life’s Emotional Spectrum with ‘Red Flags and High Heels’

Fri Oct 22, 2021

The black and white keys on a piano. Heads and tails on a coin. Yin and yang. Just like these opposing halves that create a whole, life would not be complete without both its highs and lows. Multi-award winning contemporary jazz artist Fiona Ross reflects the full emotional spectrum of this thing called life with her highly anticipated new album, Red Flags and High Heels, and its satisfyingly scathing lead single, “You Are Like Poison”.

Watch You Are Like Poison” here:

With her fifth studio album landing after Ross being named among the 100 Alternative Power Music List for 2020 by, the internationally acclaimed, London-based vocalist, pianist, composer, producer and journalist has garnered experience and expertise to cast a wide net to capture the dark, light and much of what lies between in this personal and very relatable new collection.

Pop Artist Cmagic5 Brings Good Vibes to the Venom in Your Veins When it Comes to ‘That Ex’

Fri Oct 22, 2021

Canadian artist Cmagic5 is set to aid and abet audiences to get over their exes in this sizzling new power-pop single and video, “Dancing on My Heart”.

Landing hot on the heels of her highly acclaimed 2021 breakthrough debut, Ready To Run, the sizzling new song underscores the emotional precariousness of the “moving on” phase while showcasing the Toronto-based multi-talented singer/songwriter, actor, and dancer’s soaring, soulful vocals and magnetic, mesmerizing energy.

“In a fun and playful way, it’s about holding your ex responsible for your inability to move on,” Cmagic5 explains. “It’s about that part after falling out of a relationship, and the frustration that develops when you’re avoiding falling in love with the same person all over again because you know they’re not the one for you.

Check out “Dancing on My Heart” on YouTube here:

“But, hey! It happens!” she winks. “Have you ever been in love? It’s almost as if your ex is your guilty pleasure. That’s why it’s summed up in the line ‘I keep giving in and that’s my crime.’”

Bree Whitworth Sings About The Right Love at the Wrong “Time” in New Single

Fri Oct 15, 2021

Just ask Romeo and Juliet: Finding the perfect love is a noble pursuit that can be fraught with peril. It can either work out to be forever, or never — and often, it all comes down to the timing. Canadian singer-songwriter Bree Whitworth is adding her voice to the chorus of the star-crossed swoons with her new single and remix, “Time”.

Check out “Time” here:

An honest, heartfelt ballad that delivers full ‘80s nostalgia recalling Heart, The Bangles and Tiffany, “Time” is about meeting the right person but the timing is off, dooming the relationship. It’s the type of situation that the Vancouver-based artist feels has been amplified due to the global pandemic, and she has personal proof; as COVID shuttered the world, Whitworth was also experiencing the shuttering of a romantic relationship, and the grief and self-reflection that goes along with it.

David Vest Doubles Down to Deliver ‘Live at Hermann’s’ and ‘Live in Calgary’ Concert Albums

Fri Oct 15, 2021

While we take tentative steps back into the electric atmosphere of our favourite live music venues, multi-award winning Canadian blues singer-songwriter and performer David Vest is here to deliver a double dose of the next best thing: not just one, but two live concert albums landing at the same time! Live at Hermann’s and Live in Calgary are both available now.

More than 18 months of pandemic lockdown has us all longing for that undeniably kinetic live music experience, and Vest is giving us a twin taste of what we’ve been missing. Live at Hermann’s and Live in Calgary feature two uniquely different performances, sets of songs and tones from the multi-talented and honoured vocalist and keyboard player recorded pre-pandemic in Calgary and in Vest’s hometown of Victoria, B.C..

However different, the two albums are unified by one distinctive theme: David Vest is truly a master of his craft.

Check out Mr. Pinetop's Boogie (Live at Hermann's):

Rockers Eclecticus Celebrate the Joys of Concert Going with Fun and Frantic “Got Me Going”

Fri Oct 15, 2021

There’s no excitement quite like knowing you’re going to a concert tonight, and Canadian rockers Eclecticus capture that unique joy with their fun new single “Got Me Going”.

Check it out on YouTube here:

Straight from their newly minted EP of the same name, “Got Me Going” is a song perfect for reemergence after a pandemic — and the long-awaited return of live music.

Finland-Based Rockers Forth Pay Ode to Fallen ‘90s Musicians New Ballad, “1993”

Fri Oct 15, 2021

Shortly ahead of their long-awaited, self-titled third studio album, Forth have released a brand-new single called “1993”.

Doing its job in successfully taking listeners back to the glory days of the 1990s — objectively, one of the finest decades in music history — the — the up-and-coming Finnish hard rock band pay ode to fallen musicians of the era with this gorgeous new ballad.

Check out “1993” here:

This emotional, four-minute spanning song serves as the third and final single from the Forth album, and was written by frontman Brian Forth. “This song is about the loss of those voices, and the fading away of a kind of music that was real, powerful and driven by raw emotion,” the lead vocalist/acoustic guitarist says.

Iconic Folk-Rocker Howard Gladstone Releases Two Singles from Concord Sessions Album

Fri Oct 15, 2021

A hybrid folk album that holds a disarming mirror up to human nature, Toronto-based contemporary folk-rocker Howard Gladstone has released his new album, Concord Sessions, and singles “Building A Fence” and "The World's Become A Warmer Place".

Check out “Building A Fence” here:

In the age of environmental and humanitarian crisis, and a future we have limited time to shape, the songs on Concord Sessions focus on the broader picture of where we humans are at — collectively, as a species. 

Looking in the mirror reveals many sides of our human nature, our strengths, weaknesses, even foibles. “These are songs to help heal the planet,” the singer/songwriter shares.

Check out "The World's Become A Warmer Place" here:

Canadian Composer Huguette Lavigne Soars with Stunning New Single, “On Cloud 9”

Fri Oct 15, 2021

Music, at its very best, is a transportive experience. A bright, happy sounding melody can send our spirits soaring and, conversely, a sad, contemplative song can move us to tears. On that note, Canadian contemporary instrumental composer Huguette Lavigne is on a musical mission to lift us all into the happiest of places with this, her latest release, “On Cloud 9” — available now!

“In this piece, it’s a natural high,” says the Ottawa-based pianist. “You’re floating on air, happy, uplifted by the clouds and all is well with the world.

“The blue of the sky is also a constant and calming influence.”

It’s true. We all tend to look skyward at times for inspiration and comfort, and Lavigne’s joyous, ascending piano melody in “On Cloud 9” steadily rises up into the blue to give us a soft, fluffy landing.

Lavigne also knows that everyone’s ‘Cloud 9’ is decorated a little differently, and the routes taken to get there are not all the same. “Believe it or not, there are over 300 words and phrases to describe the phrase ‘On Cloud 9’,” notes Lavigne. “Take what you will from this!”

Check out “On Cloud 9” here:

Pop-Rockers JukeBox County Release Inner Space/Outer Space Album & Single “Words”

Fri Oct 15, 2021

Seldom do you get to sit back and enjoy pop-rock in its rawest, most sentimental form, but Canadian band JukeBox County — and their new album Inner Space/Outer Space — can give you just that.

Produced by Hugh Christopher Brown through Wolfe Island Records, the 10-track release marked the official rollout of Kingston-based artist Rich Tyo’s creative identity. It’s new song, “Words,” draws inspiration from his day-to-day experiences working as a mental health crisis worker.

A warm and heartfelt song about adventure, travel, and new love, the song also touches on the difficulty of communication and vulnerability in relationships and with ourselves, Tyo shares.

“The song ‘Words’ delves into the most intimate and challenging aspects of human connection and communication, and the limitations (and necessity), of words and the power of human closeness and physical touch.”

Upon first listen, “Words'' doesn't necessarily come across as a song laden with such a salient message. However, when you watch its music video, you really get a feel for the overall imagery JukeBox County is trying to create.

Check out “Words'' here:

Canadian Country Star Laurie LeBlanc Places a Big Bet on Love with “All In”

Fri Oct 15, 2021

Song is Latest in String of Hot Singles from the Francophone Country Artist’s ECMA & Music NB-Nominated First All-Original English Album, When It’s Right, It’s Right

Risking it all for love over a game of chance has never sounded like it feels so good until multi-award winning East Coast Acadian country artist Laurie LeBlanc sings about it in his new single, “All In”.

Check out "All In" here:

The fourth release from LeBlanc’s 2021 ECMA and Music NB Country Recording of the Year-nominated album, When It’s Right, It’s Right, “All In” goes all out for a rollicking good time over a high romantic stakes, poker tournament for two.

R&B Artist PLAZA Releases “Nocturnes” ft. Single “Still Alive”

Fri Oct 15, 2021

With a blend of dark piano, synth hits and spacious vocals, PLAZA instills a feeling of cruising down empty boulevards late at night, pining for lost love, and “Still Alive,” off of the Canadian R&B artist’s debut album, Nocturnes, drives home the harrowing emptiness that comes with leaving old lovers behind — for better or worse.

With remnants of a solid Weeknd or Drake production sprinkled throughout the entirety of “Still Alive,” it is sure to resonate with PLAZA’s ever-growing cult following. And at tens of millions of views and streams across platforms, PLAZA’s previous signing with OVO Sound is sure to help bolster this talented independent R&B artist to the top of billboards across the country, and internationally, alike.

Check out “Still Alive” here:

Rozalind MacPhail Releases New Music Video for “Never Let Go”

Fri Oct 15, 2021

Called “Never Let Go,” award-winning St. John’s-based singer/songwriter and flute looping troubadour Rozalind MacPhail has released a new music video inspired by her artist residency through the Unscripted Twillingate - Digital Arts Festival and Director/Producer/Writer Joshua Jamieson's LGBTQ short film, Waiting Outside.

Featuring the Newfoundland-based multidisciplinary artist, inspirational speaker, and classically-trained musician’s moody vocals, atmospheric omnichord, and percussive flute loops, “Never Let Go” is about leaving a loved one behind after being diagnosed with a serious illness.

Watch the video for “Never Let Go” here:

Taming Sari Releases Electrifying & Timely “Crazy” New Rock Anthem

Fri Oct 15, 2021

Speaking to the deep human desire of connecting with others, and how good it feels to let loose from it all, the timeliest of timely anthems has arrived from Ottawa rockers Taming Sari: “Crazy”.

Taming Sari’s signature splashy guitar work and thunderous drums guide the listener through a supercharged anthem to inspire hope in the post-pandemic. Bringing us back to when life seemed more straightforward, “Crazy” is about the inherent connection we all feel towards one another, and how surreal it can feel to lose touch with our need to just enjoy life.

One listen to “Crazy” tells you everything you need to know about Taming Sari’s musical influences, and Toronto’s iconic Polson Pier set the backdrop for the band to channel the rock gods on a beautiful summer day and lay down a couple of blazing new tracks.

Check out “Crazy” here:

Multi-Award Winning & Nominated Indigenous Artist Mattmac Releases “Status”

Fri Oct 08, 2021

2021 has been a busy year for up-and-coming pop-trap artist Mattmac so far. After tucking an Album Of The Year Award into his belt from the Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards, he’s also received an Indigenous Artist of the Year nomination at this year’s BreakOut West Festival’s Western Canadian Music Awards.

Among it all, Mattmac has debuted this, his latest single, “Status” to his dedicated and expanding cluster of listeners.

Check out “Status” here:

Something that makes Mattmac’s music so unique is his ability to incorporate other genres into his pop music productions. While Mattmac has a tendency to focus on pop-trap music, it hasn’t kept him from incorporating elements of the rock and metal genres into his productions, with “Status” being no exception.

The Nylon Admirals Defy Norms With Dramatic Electronic/Orchestral Fusion in “Morgunsár”

Fri Oct 08, 2021

The Nylon Admirals are at the helm of the ship of life, ready to grab it by the wheel and sail through the stormy darkness and back into the light. That is the feeling instilled by the cinematic mood of their new single, “Morgunsár,” as it shepherds the listener from a dark, dramatic beginning through several distinct themes — all towards a bright, upbeat climax.

Check out “Morgunsár” here:

Blending pounding rhythms, ethereal vocals, hypnotic guitar riffs, and tension building strings, “Morgunsár'' has everything necessary to at least be a profound hype track, if not an excellent cinematic feature. Available now, the song makes it easy to see why The Nylon Admirals describe their sound as "electronic music for thrill seekers."

J-Pop Sensation Shihori Fuses Musical Eclecticism Into a Fluid Think Piece with New 'Mutation' Album

Fri Oct 08, 2021

With each song a piece of art unto itself, J-Pop indie sensation Shihori’s aptly titled new album, Mutation cleverly surmises her uncanny ability to fuse her eclecticism in music into a fluid think piece.

At 15-tracks strong, and available now, the dynamic debut LP features new single, “Under the Skin.” With her exquisite vocals clear, pristine, and with a touch of lilt that lands like the beauty of precious glass, Shihori shines on the track — its layered harmonies creating mesmerizing, siren-esque hooks that grab you from inside and refuse to let you go.

Check  out “Under the Skin” here:

Weaving intricate melodies with pop culture edge, Shihori fluently mashes the harmonies with exciting instrumentation. Where she excels is her ability to lure you in and captivate you long enough to keep you around till the next track.