Toronto-Based Pop Artist Lorand Kis Delivers Sonically Soothing New Single, “Where We Are”

Fri Apr 15, 2022

Even as it coasts slowly, life can move equally as quickly, and the juxtaposition of living life in the fast lane, while weaving in and out of the passing yellows is expertly summed up in the sonic-soothing delivery of artist Lorand Kis’ new single, “Where We Are” – check it on YouTube

The Boca Raton Florida-native turned Toronto transplant is a trifecta of media talent. Having spent time acting, singing, and yarn-spinning, Kis has stood out against the masses with his unique flair for blending electronica with pop, poetically harnessing indie and alternative.

Innr Circle Meshes R&B with Dream Pop in Sultry New Single, “Uncut Gems”

Fri Apr 08, 2022

Toronto’s INNR CIRCLE delivers a rewarding new wave dream pop encounter with invigorating 808 rumbles and driving punches in his newest single, “Uncut Gems” – check it out on YouTube here:

Featured on the 2022 five-track EP, HAZED + AMUSED, INNR CIRCLE traverses a sea of emotion across “Uncut Gems”, exploring romantic desolation and loneliness — packaged into a sultry yet commanding vocal performance.

Influenced by the open-ended freedom that the B-Side of a record offers to musicians, the song is a collision of genre-bending dream pop with elements of neo-soul infused throughout — giving the whole production an otherworldly, ethereal soundscape. So expansive, in fact, is the production, that the Toronto-based artist gives audiences plenty of room to come to their own reflections, all while experiencing INNR CIRCLE’s own inner dialogues.

Indigenous Pop-Rock Trio Low Budget Rock Star Unveil Cozy & Anthemic "Sunglasses”

Fri Apr 08, 2022

Indigenous pop-rock trio from Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Manitoba, Low Budget Rock Star deliver a fresh and invigorating power-rock single, “Sunglasses” – check it out on YouTube here:

Checking all the group’s self-designated boxes, “Sunglasses” is a bold new arena-rock sound smothered in a blanket of intimate yet catchy lyrical storytelling. Packed with feel-good lyrics and light-hearted chord progression, the song is teeming with plenty of lifts to pick spirits up and keep them high.

It’s not just high voltage sounds and riveting rolls through chords. This high-spirited anthem also holds a powerful message that Low Budget Rock Star holds close to their hearts.

“It’s important to acknowledge the insecurities we carry,” frontman Kennie Henderson shares. “And it is equally important that we do not allow them to consume the life we have.”

Folk-Rocker Timothy Street Captures A Universal Longing for Home in New Single, “My Home Town”

Fri Apr 08, 2022

‘Home’ can sometimes be more of a feeling or a concept than an actual place, and Canadian folk-rock artist Timothy Street captures the comfort and stability of a conceptual hometown, the kind of place that doesn’t really change, in his new single “My Home Town” – check it out on YouTube here:

Having grown up in a military family that moved around a lot, Street always envied the people who had stayed in one place and couldn’t wait to leave and see the world. “That’s what I was daydreaming about when I wrote ‘My Home Town’,” he shares of the song — new from his 2022 full-length album release, Folk Town. “It’s about having roots somewhere, a sense of belonging, and a stable home that I never really got to have.”

Pop Artist Tyler Meacham Explores Love & Vulnerability in Danceable New Single, “No Running Away”

Fri Apr 08, 2022

Love can be nerve-wracking and, sometimes, it just feels easier to retreat than to stick around and deal. Richmond, VA-based pop songstress Tyler Meacham tackles this thorny theory in her infectious new synth-heavy single, “No Running Away” from her brand-new album, Into The Fray – check it out on YouTube here:

“‘No Running Away” is a song about the struggle with vulnerability and trust I felt while falling in love with someone,” Meacham reveals. “It’s a story about anxiety and overcoming past heartbreaks cleverly disguised as an upbeat, synth-y pop song.”

The song is indeed upbeat, with an earworm hook, head-bopping groove, and a fist-pumping chorus that will make you want to dance or sing along in your car. It was inspired by some of Meacham’s favorite artists and hit-making producers, like Sara Bareilles, Jack Antonoff of Bleachers, and Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic.

U.K. Blues Rockers Elta Wave Dive into “Deep Water” Funk-First with New Single

Fri Apr 08, 2022

The old adage “plenty of fish in the sea” only rings true if the previous one you hooked up with doesn’t leave you drowning in despair… Still, if you’re a songwriter, bad relationships can provide inspiration for some of the best songs, and so, with their super-funky take on moving on, soulful U.K. blues-rock band Elta Wave ride the tide of growing popularity with their new single, “Deep Water” – check it out on YouTube here:

“This song is about how we keep going after being gaslit in a messy relationship, and how you keep doubting yourself after someone has blurred your grip of reality,” explains lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and principal songwriter, Elta Nice.

It's been such a long chase, such a long search
And I'm not sure I'm right at all
I mean I'm just second guessing every second person that might have caused to this fall

Vancouver Alt-Rockers The Midnight Echo Launch a Clear “View of an Astronaut” with New Single

Fri Apr 08, 2022

Canadian alt-rockers The Midnight Echo are defying gravity and shattering sound waves with the launch of their latest single, “View of an Astronaut” – check it out on YouTube here:

The four-piece from Vancouver are an electrifying pop-punk throwback of 2000s nostalgia. Featuring the high octave and octane vocals of Joel Lalonde, seemingly effortless lead guitar of Tyler Rayman, inspired bass lines and vocal harmonies of Matt Gibson, and dynamic and entertaining beats provided by Aaron Passek, the group hook listeners track by track, show by show.

Having formed in 2016, The Midnight Echo exploded on the scene with their debut album Voyager in early 2017. They followed up the release with their sophomore effort, Dichotomy in 2019, followed by a string of singles including “How To Escape Reality,” “Paris in 39,” and finally “Carbon Copy” in 2019, and 2020 respectively.

Australian Folk Singer/Songwriter Tim Withano is Up on the “High Wire” with New Single

Fri Apr 08, 2022

Relax. Take a break. Breathe in the air around you. Plug your headphones into your device and walk into the ethereal new song offering from folk singer/songwriter Tim Withano, “High Wire” – check it out on YouTube here:

The Finnish-born, Australian-based singer/songwriter is back with a brand-new song that reaches into your soul and promises to understand everything you’ve got going on around you.

It’s the song that plays over the final credits. The track that rolls with you down an empty highway. The melody that pierces the very part of where you know you want to be — and finally have found solace in hearing it.

“None of us are spared moments when the turmoil of life leaves us balancing on a precarious path where the destination is unclear or unknown,” Withano says. “‘High Wire’ emerged because I finally found time to catch my breath and take stock.”

Legendary Prog-Pop Rockers Strange Advance Are Having a “Perfect Day” with New Single & Tour Dates

Fri Apr 08, 2022

Borrow from tomorrow, and get a Strange Advance on a “Perfect Day”. The legendary Canadian prog-rock-pop indie group from those heady days of 80s MuchMusic have got the inside track on a throwdown with their latest single — available now! And it’s as exciting sonically as it’s a hat tip to the yesteryear of pop influence.

Check out “Perfect Day” on YouTube here:

While the band was initially formed in the late 70s by Drew Arnott, Darryl Kromm, and Paul Iverson, the lineup would shake into its current existence of Arnott joined by Ian Cameron, Ross Friesen, Rob Bailey, Sean Dillon, and Alexander (A-Train) Boynton. Together, the culmination of individual talent, meshed with their like-minded influences in pop and prog rock, Strange Advance has continued and maintained their unique eclecticism of sound and song.

Toronto-Based Hip-Hop Family Group The Royaies Tease New EP With “Thus With A Kiss I Die”

Fri Apr 08, 2022

There are few things in this world sweeter than sultry Latin guitar mixed into an 808 and drum beat, and Toronto’s The Royaies know this. So well, in fact, that they’ve created the perfect blend of these elements in their new single, “This With A Kiss I Die” – check it out on YouTube here:

“We blended electro-esque beats, soft R&B vocal textures, and soft rap,” member Elijah Royaie shares of the track. “Each verse paints a picture of desire and wants — all contradicted by misery, a sense of loss, and a dark sense of regret.”

A sultry yet inebriating production, “Thus With A Kiss I die” takes the listener on a journey through heartache and regrettable desires. The Royaies built on this concept when writing the song, finding the mood of the music should match the lyrics.

Alt-Electronic Artist Rick Christian’s New “Contagious” Taunts & Teases Danger

Fri Apr 08, 2022

While his previous single asked if you’ll “Dance With Death,” Canadian alt-electronic artist Rick Christian now gets up close and personal with more macabre-meets-music themes in this, his new single, “Contagious” – check it out on YouTube here:

No stranger to the thrill of horror-savvy songs that invite listeners into a dark realm of fantasy-meets-nightmare, “Contagious” is plucked from the twisted inner workings of Christian’s mind to both taunt and tease with danger.

He has, in his words, “escaped from the depths below to spread his Dark Jams into your mind in an attempt to regain a soul” and admitted to tapping into the dark recesses of his mind while penning the track.

“I decided to write a song that was very honest for the listener,” Christian says. “In that process, I’ve exposed my emotions in a vulnerable way…

Joe Satriani Releases “Pumpin’” Single from Forthcoming Album, The Elephants of Mars

Fri Apr 08, 2022

World-renowned guitarist Joe Satriani recently announced the upcoming release of his 19th studio album, The Elephants of Mars, set for release April 8, 2022. Now, he unleashes his newest single, “Pumpin’,” via his new label, earMUSIC, the international rock label of entertainment group Edel.  

Pre-orders continue to be available for fans and include a special limited digipack CD release featuring seven double-sided cards of original artwork by Satriani representing each song from the album. In addition, several colored vinyl options will be available as well to pre-order including orange, pink, and a special purple version sold through Guitar Center only.

New single, “Pumpin’” showcases the band's funky fusion party side, as Satriani describes “Pumpin’” as a high-energy, funky celebration about the visceral side of being alive. “Heart pumpin’, living large, moving fast and feelin’ good!”

Check out “Pumpin’” on YouTube here:

Genre-Bending Rock/Hip-Hop Musician Chris Caulfield Releases Poignant New Single, “Feelings”

Fri Apr 08, 2022

Packed to the brim with emotion and strife, Chris Caulfield’s newest single “Feelings” is hauntingly delicious in all the best ways.

Watch and listen to “Feelings” on YouTube here:

Despite the wave of new musicians crashing on the shores of 2022, Caulfield stands above the noise with introspective lyrics and evocative melodies, using engaging compositions as the foundation for his tightly woven mix of alternative, emo rock, hip-hop, and more.

Playing in bands around the Toronto area exposed Caulfield to the production side of music at a relatively early age — however, nothing was solid yet. He spent a good chunk of his early twenties managing his own businesses and starting a family and, while he may not have taken the plunge into music yet, he was constantly exposed to situations that would eventually fuel his songwriting.

Vancouver, BC-Based Son of James Doubles Down With “I Need You” & “Have You Been in Love”

Fri Apr 01, 2022

While many romantic relationships have not survived throughout the global pandemic, many have thrived, begging the question of what’s behind love lost and found during this unprecedented time in human history. Vancouver, BC-based rock group Son of James is exploring these two sides of love from a personal perspective with back-to-back singles and videos, “I Need You” and “Have You Been in Love.”

Both “I Need You” and “Have You Been in Love” were borne out of pandemic-inspired introspection and creativity for Son of James’ lead vocalist and songwriter, Shon Wong.

Check out the tunes on YouTube here:
“I Need You”

“Have You Been in Love”

Vancouver-Based Pop Artist Sarah Tolle Releases Body-Positive Messaging in “Like It Or Not”

Fri Apr 01, 2022

Beach season is soon upon us, and Vancouver-based pop artist Sarah Tolle has a new body-positive anthem titled “Like It Or Not” at the ready. Available now, the song’s message? Acceptance. “Like it or not/This is how I look naked.”

The track begins with that lapel-gripping line, followed by a driving, danceable disco beat. Tolle then takes us on a relatable journey of both liking and loathing her body — and trying to accept the body she inhabits on both good and bad days.

Check out “Like It Or Not” on YouTube here:

The idea came to her by accident, she shares.

NITE Releases Thrashing Metal Anthem Single on Addiction & Toxic Relationships

Fri Apr 01, 2022

From burgeoning rock that rolls into a thrashing metal anthem surging with the fire of enough 80s synth to power 100 suns, Dallas-based dark wavers NITE take the day with the release of their new single, “Good Boy.”

“Good Boy,” the band — aka the twin mastermind duo of Kyle and Myles Mendes — says is an anthem about saying no to addiction and unhealthy relationships.

Check out “Good Boy” on YouTube here:

“Since the instrumentation set up the song to be more grungy, we wanted the lyrics to be playful — almost vindictive,” NITE explains. “Twisted Sister’s ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’” was a reference for how we wanted the chorus to sound; we wanted to repeat a strong and spiteful message.

Jazz Singer Mary Lou Sicoly Offers Up a Timeless Standard with Release of “Blame It On My Youth”

Fri Apr 01, 2022

Holding on to a slice of childhood innocence should never be ill-advised as it can enhance the sweet moments in our lives, and make the inevitable sour times easier to swallow. With that in mind, JUNO Award-nominated Canadian jazz vocalist Mary Lou Sicoly is serving up a deliciously spicy take on romantic naivete with the release of her new single, “Blame It On My Youth” – check it out on YouTube here:

Written by Oscar Levant and Edward Heyman in 1934 and recorded throughout the decades since by the likes of Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Nat King Cole, Connie Francis, Chet Baker, Holly Cole, Aaron Neville, and Jamie Cullum, “Blame It On My Youth” has stood the test of time as a relatable tale of guileless love.

If I expected love when we first kissed
Blame it on my youth
If only just for you I did exist
Blame it on my youth

Alexis Lynn Isn’t Afraid to “Fall Apart” in New Single Release

Fri Apr 01, 2022

Encapsulating a personal, edgy, and inside view of her perspective on the world, Alexis Lynn lays it bare on her latest single, “Fall Apart” – check it out on YouTube here:

Unafraid to be vulnerable, raw, or emotive on the latest release, the honeyed pop diva with a story to tell is back with a dreamy, up-tempo dance-floor bop that moves listeners in her catchy hooks, ear-worm melodies, and a message that resonates with us all.

“It’s about being everybody else’s rock, and putting their needs before your own,” the West Coast-based artist explains. “I wrote it at a point in my life where I felt like I was constantly balancing everyone else’s needs, and making sure everyone else was good — disregarding whether or not I was good.

Electronic Producer Jay Slay Teams Up With Scarlett Darling To Reinvigorate “Shape Of You”

Fri Apr 01, 2022

Dramatically different from its predecessor, award-winning electronic artist and producer Jay Slay’s new rendition of Ed Sheeran’s chart-topping hit single, “Shape of You,” hits all the right notes with a sweet after-taste left behind.

Slay’s version of “Shape Of You” features gritty guitar and Latin-flavored percussion elements that lend an air of sensuality to this dancehall-inspired cover song. Featuring Scarlett Darling’s sultry vocals that pay homage to the original version of the song, long, sensual syllables tie into swift and seductive lyrics — captivating the listener and forcing them into a solid groove.

Check out “Shape of You” on YouTube here:

“I wanted to move away from strictly making original music,” Slay shares. “I wanted to expand into making the occasional cover song, having fun creating entirely new instrumentations and harmonization to well-known tunes.

Americana Artist Kelly Pardekooper Documents Heartbreak in New Single, “Someday Someone”

Fri Apr 01, 2022

We’ve all known — at one point, in some way — a heartbreaker in a one-horse town… And now, Americana crooner Kelly Pardekooper pays tribute with an infectious mix of sincerity and swagger to the one knockin’ all those local boys down in his new single “Someday Someone,” from his new EP, Autumn – both available now.

“Someday Someone” is a galloping guitar-driven romp along a dusty, dirt-road trail of broken hearts. “A trail of tears to the county line/ Someday, someone/ Is gonna do you like you’ve never been done,” Pardekooper sings with a voice like velvet.

Check out “Someday Someone” on YouTube here:

The narrator isn’t bitter, however, and seems to ultimately regard the heartbreaker’s game-playing as a challenge; the song ends with “Someday someone/ Gonna love you like it’s never been done/ Gonna win you like you’ve never been won.”