Award-Winning Moncton, NB's Folk-Rocker RYAN HILLIER Offers No Excuses In New Album

Fri Aug 07, 2020

Award-winning Canadian folk-rock singer/songwriter Ryan Hillier is making No Excuses when it comes to this, his latest solo album release.

Based in Moncton, NB, Hillier’s story of this, his third album, is one nothing short of tenacity: “It’s a blues song without being a blues song,” he offers as an early overview. “The message is that life sucks and that it can get better — you just have to keep going.”

“This is a record of my evolving feelings during a very uncertain time in my life,” Hillier continues. “Sparked from the idea of making ‘one more album’ while I was temporarily homeless and living in a band tour bus in my friends driveway after leaving an abusive relationship, I needed something to anchor me and to help me process the last several years.”

With early billings as an opener for Tim Hus in 2010, Hillier’s signature airy, high and lonesome style of folk has long garnered him critical acclaim through a lengthy series of live performances, collaborations, and self-produced solo albums — including Midnight Revelation (2014) and In the Shadow of the Chapel (2016).

JUNO-Winning Canadian Blues Master PAUL REDDICK Releases Love Letter To Italy In 'Alive In Italia'

Fri Aug 07, 2020

JUNO Award-winning Toronto-based singer, songwriter and harmonica master Paul Reddick lauds life’s bounties of great friendship, great music, and great surroundings in this, his new release — Alive in Italia.

“This record is somewhat of a love letter to Italy and our friends there,” Reddick muses. “If I had one wish come true today, I would be sitting on a patio on the narrow, cobbled streets of Italy’s Sestri Levante…. I’d be kept cool by a sea breeze, and be drinking a glass of red wine.I would be celebrating in the fine company of my Italian and Canadian musician friends, and savouring the endless beauty of that place and that moment. We would talk about the shows we have played together, and we’d remember and drink ‘to’ one evening in particular: the one in a wooden beamed theatre among those piacevole foothills of Piemonte…

“The one where we performed as one, come fratelli, as brothers, Alive in Italia.”

From the 90s to Now: Award-Winning Toronto, ON’s Pop-Rocker Michael Vincent Quattro Wants to “Save Our World”

Fri Aug 07, 2020

Award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter Michael Vincent Quattro has seen it all between his late-90s chart-topping hit “Fallen For Your Love” to today’s release of “Save Our World”.

It’s this storied career and life-library of experiences that had the multi-talented artist consider the world’s current situation as a whole.

“One evening as I sat at the piano to write for my new album, I started pondering the impact of the global pandemic and the effect it’s understandably having on people of any status and background,” Michael Vincent says. “I became very emotional as I began to put my thoughts together.”

Watch and listen “Save Our World” here:

Singer/Songwriter Matt Morson Shakes Things Up in New Rock-Blues Single, “Why Woman”

Fri Aug 07, 2020

Canadian country to blues-rock artist Matt Morson has gone against his own grain as he unveils a spiffed-up sound in his new single, “Why Woman”.

Landing ahead of his forthcoming EP, the track mixes guitar-driven anthemic rock with leave-it-all-on-the-floor bass-led blues — complete with country storytelling mixed in for good measure.

But perhaps most importantly, it signals a change in direction and creative mettle for the artist.

“After being on the country scene for five years, I took a year-long hiatus,” the Nobleton-born, Toronto-based artist shares. “Coming back, the band and I decided to shake things up a bit.”

The result is a new sound and distinct style; a dedication to the ‘old’ with the flair of the ‘new,’ he says. “The song came to me while playing with some blues riffs,” Morson shares. “I was very much — and still am — into the classic sound of blues and rock. Naturally, these sounds shift towards times of stress and heartbreak. Add a little personal experience, a bluegrass riff, some good low end and you got yourself ‘Why Woman.’

Watch and listen to ‘Why Woman’ here:

Glenn Baker Sings About “Freedom”

Fri Aug 07, 2020

Glenn was born in a very small Illinois town in the late 60's.Two years later the family loaded up their 1950 Studebaker pickup which took him to God's land where the country raising began. Pryor, Oklahoma was the place he was brought up and lived the next chapter of his life. Glenn spent his childhood working for his dad in the body shop,  going to Church or wrestling. It was always one of those 3 things. Music entered into the scene during the Church days.

Graduating from high school in 1985, Glenn had 2 scholarship choices, singing, or wrestling. Glenn didn't want to be a sissy singer so he chose wrestling. The wrestling career lasted 1 year and 3 shoulder separations.

Not long after that, Glenn married and started life. He Joined the Army National Guard in July, 1988. Working full time left little room for outside pleasures. In November 15, 1990 he received the call! Time to pack up and go to war! Desert Storm was his destination.

While serving as a Fire Direction Sergeant in Iraq, Glenn had a lot of time to think. Upon returning home, he quit his job and went into business with his father. But the music was never far from his heart.

Folk-Rock Singer/Songwriter Moira Lazarus Says “Listen To Your Heart!”

Fri Jul 31, 2020

Folk-rock singer/songwriter Moira Lazarus relies on simple, honest emotional expression when it comes to her newest single, “Listen To Your Heart”.

“I wrote this song some years ago, and it has always been a favourite of mine,” she confides of the track’s earliest journey which, she adds, pretty much wrote itself. “It was a very direct, heartfelt plea, and an example for me of the alchemic and healing process of songwriting.

“When you’re communicating from the heart, something beautiful can come out of something painful.”

Watch and experience “Listen To Your Heart” here:

The song serves as an enthralling peek behind the curtain when it comes to the southeast London-based artist’s forthcoming EP, Rise the Phoenix, set for release this Summer 2020.

Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters Rise Up On New Stony Plain Records Album Coming September 11

Fri Jul 31, 2020

Ronnie Earl, a four-time Blues Music Award winner as “Guitar Player of the Year,” follows up the critical and commercial success of last year’s Beyond the Blue Door album with another blockbuster disc of music, Rise Up, set for release September 11 on Stony Plain Records. Created to heal and move bodies and souls alike, the majority of the album’s value-packed 15 tracks were recorded in “Living Room Sessions” at Earl’s house, with a vibe that puts the listener right in the room with Ronnie & The Broadcasters. A special bonus is the inclusion of several tracks recorded live from a set at a “Daryl’s House Club” show.

Pre-order Rise Up here:

Psych-Folk Singer-Songwriter Trevor Sloan Considers Youthful Antics & Lush Landscapes in New Album, Green Reflections

Fri Jul 31, 2020

Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Trevor Sloan extends a psych-folk pop-rock nod to lush landscapes and the antics of youth in his new album, Green Reflections, and premiere single, “Green Summer”.

Watch and listen to “Green Summer” here:

Harnessing a long-held affinity for “quirky folk-pop that sounds breezy and generally as carefree as childhood is supposed to be,” the Toronto-based artist’s new songwriting is rife with artful symbolism and mindful contemplation.

“I spent a year writing and recording the songs for this album,” Sloan says of the LP. “Some of the songs are about getting older. Some of the songs are about love. Some of the songs are about being young and fearless.

“And some of the songs are just about the things I see in my neighbourhood now, in the Junction, or when I was growing up in the town of Markham,” he adds.

Alt-Pop Rockers The Light Workers Offer Feel-Good Take on Living Your Best Life in New Single, “Peppermint”

Fri Jul 31, 2020

American alt-pop rockers The Light Workers have released a fresh, feel-good take on the inherent need to be free with their new single “Peppermint” — and debut self-titled album.

Watch and listen to “Peppermint” here:

With piercing imagery, sincere vocals, swelling cello undercurrents, and multi-layered guitars, the song stands as a take-notice intro to the newly minted musical collaboration from artists Anne Luna and Evan Woodward.

While it’s often said ‘that thing’s bigger’n she is,’ Luna makes playing the upright bass look easy; her graceful yet hard driving work is often found mostly in the bluegrass and acoustic roots fields, and she’s recorded with the likes of Alan Munde, Kenny Maines, Amanda Shires, and more.

TALI Reveals Musical Mystique in New Single “(Don’t) Wanna Be Yours”

Fri Jul 31, 2020

Canadian pop-soul artist Tali is stepping out of the Shadows with this month’s release of her new single, “(Don’t) Wanna Be Yours” — available now.

And not a moment too soon.

An old soul in a modern world, hopeless romantic in a heartless era, and a timeless artist in a disposable age, the emerging Toronto singer-songwriter introduces us to them all on her darkly compelling (and aptly titled) forthcoming EP, Shadows.

But she also presents someone even more vital: A gifted, dynamic and unique talent whose boundless creativity and commanding presence are matched only by her spiritual commitment to her calling. "When I sing, I feel like I connect to my source, to my higher self," Tali explains. "It's like a channel for me. One of my favourite quotes — I forget who said it — is 'The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought.' That speaks to me. I've been carrying those words with me ever since I first read them."

Rocker Erik Eimiller Captures Fear, Paranoia & a New Wave Vibe in Debut Single, “Cross the Ocean”

Fri Jul 31, 2020

“It was an amazing dream,” rocker and multi-instrumentalist Erik Eimiller says, setting the scene for how his debut 80s-esque new wave-vibe single, “Cross the Ocean” came to mind. “Vivid. Palpable.”

Okay, yes. Tell us more.

“It was like a full-on music video,” the Buffalo-based artist obliges, detailing his REM cycle. “The singer was running towards the camera, and running away from something terrifying, whatever it was, that was chasing him.

“The chorus for what would become ‘Cross the Ocean’ was blasting inside my subconsciousness, and the chord progression and melody line were ingrained in my mind as I awoke. I quickly grabbed my phone and recorded a voice message, humming the vocal line while clicking my teeth to the beat.

“I couldn’t quite remember all of the words, but I had what I needed.”

Watch and listen to ‘Cross the Ocean’ here:

Meet the New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers!

Fri Jul 31, 2020

Stony Plain Records announces a September 4 release date for the first volume of music from roots “super group,” New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers: Charlie Musselwhite, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Jimbo Mathus, the late Jim Dickinson, and North Mississippi Allstars members Luther Dickinson and Cody Dickinson. Recorded at the Zebra Ranch Recording Studio in Coldwater, Mississippi, the 10 blues-drenched tracks of sublime roots music on New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers Volume 1 will be followed in the spring of 2021 by Volume 2. Pre-order the album here:

Kelly & Gibson “Get This Right,” With Music On Debut EP Affinity

Fri Jul 31, 2020

With their music sitting at well over one+ million plays across platforms, multi-award nominated and MTV-featured Canadian pop artists Kelly & Gibson continue to fête their debut EP, Affinity, as recently announced semi-finalists in the 2020 Unsigned Only Music Competition.

The four-track album’s most recent single, 2020’s “Get This Right,” was the second song the Vancouver-based duo of Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson penned for the project, and speaks volumes on the album’s thematic muse.

Watch and listen to “Get This Right” here:

“In general, we were very inspired by relationships for this EP,” they offer. “We wrote ‘Get This Right,’ in particular, after a night spent talking with friends for hours about past relationships we all had, current long-term ones we were in, and what makes relationships work in the long run.”

Artist Ashley Sage and Producer GemimindBeatz Are at Their “Wits End” Ends

Fri Jul 31, 2020

Brooklyn-based producer GemimindBeatz and RnB singer/songwriter Ashley Sage have come together in a pop-trap pairing for this, their debut collaboration, “Wits End”.

Watch and listen to “Wits End” here:

Mixed by multi-Gold/Platinum selling and Grammy Award winning engineer Michael Ashby (Cardi B, Latoya Jackson, Fetty Wap, Zoey Dollar, Offset), “Wits End” smoothes the surface as a lyrical lid-pop into frustrations with the ‘talking phase’ of a new relationship and feeling fed up with random drips of romantic engagement. But dig deeper and music lovers will find themselves bearing witness to a debut crossover so rife with sonic chemistry, they’d never guess the collab came from a chance encounter.

6x JUNO Nominated Vocalist and Pianist Carol Welsman Invites You to “Dance With Me”

Fri Jul 31, 2020

Six-time JUNO Award nominated jazz vocalist and pianist Carol Welsman is set to release her 13th album entitled Dance With Me, marking her foray into Latin jazz. The recording scheduled for release July 31, 2020 on Justin Time Records is an eclectic collection of international songs arranged with Latin rhythms including salsa, boleros, cha cha cha, Afro Cuban and calypso; all the while keeping within Latin jazz and traditional rhythms.

Watch and listen to “Dance With Me EPK” here:

The selections include popular Latin standards adapted into English, Great American Songbook standards, original compositions, a Latin-flavored song penned by fellow Canadian Randy Bachman of Bachman Turner Overdrive, and a duet with multi-GRAMMY winning Latin superstar, Juan Luis Guerra on the title track and first single release, which is an English adaptation written by Carol of his song “Si Tú No Bailas Conmigo” (If You Don’t Dance With Me).

Bouncy Like a Beach Ball, Moncton's Ryan Maynard Shares His Summer Anthem “Summer Sun (Nothin’ on You)”

Fri Jul 24, 2020

Canadian pop singer/songwriter Ryan Maynard is soaking up that “Summer Sun (Nothin’ on You)” with the release of his new single.

A timely preview to his forthcoming sophomore album, Matter of Time — an upbeat pop explosion with contemporary electronic sounds set for release this August — the video for “Summer Sun (Nothin’ on You)” was shot entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro at L’Aboiteau Beach across two picture-perfect days.

“This song was inspired by our east coast’s beauty during such a beautiful season,” he shares of the origins behind the track. “And now, it’s even better as restrictions are being lifted and people are starting to emerge from quarantine to be with their loved ones.

Watch and listen to “Summer Sun (Nothin’ on You)” here:

Canadian Hip Hop Afro Fusion House Master Edge Gives Off “Vice City Vibes”

Fri Jul 24, 2020

Kelowna, BC’s Afro fusion, house and hip hop artist Edge is out with his searing new single, “Vice City Vibes (S.S.C.R.C.Y.)” — available now!

Produced by Flowers in Narnia and Ramoon, “Vice City Vibes” lands as a two-part modern-day 80s disco dream mixed with hip hop vocals and Afro-fusion. As a follow-up to his previous release, “11:11” — which sits at over 70,000+ streams and counting — Edge reaffirms his multi-faceted versatility and inventive genre blending skills through distinctly rhythmic vocals.

Watch and listen to “Vice City Vibes” here:

Toronto's Grunge Trap / Alt Hip Hop Rocker Krosst Out Hits the Road for a “Drive”

Fri Jul 24, 2020

Canadian grunge trap and alt hip hop rocker Krosst Out hits the open road for a “Drive” in this, his newest and most definitive single to date — available now.

“‘Drive’ is my anthem,” Krosst Out confirms. “It’s the song I’ve wanted to make for years, and it’s the song that, if someone were to ask me who I was, I would point to it and tell them: I’m that. It’s grunge, it’s metal, rap, and rock, all in the span of 2:44,” he adds. “It’s why I’ve spent the last 14 years of my life in a notebook.”

Watch and listen to ‘Drive’ here:

The track lands ahead of his forthcoming album, Phone Calls With Ghosts, a project that has the Toronto-based artist squaring away with his small-town upbringing. “Some kids treat piano lessons like a chore, but I treated them like a lifeline,” Krosst Out — nee Aaron Siebenga — offers. “They were my way out.”

Toronto's Roots Rockers The Actual Goners are Very Much Here with Release of New Self-Titled EP

Fri Jul 24, 2020

It’s time: Canadiana x Americana alt roots rockers The Actual Goners are very much here with the newly minted release of their self-titled EP — and what single CILU calls “solidly traditional” and “fun to hear,” “Cannonball”.

Watch and listen to “Cannonball” here:

“It’s an attempt to verbalize the feelings of restlessness I’ve experienced throughout my life,” says co-frontman Duncan Symonds of “Cannonball,” a track fittingly dubbed a “perfect soundtrack for a road trip.” “It’s about moving from one place to place, leaving behind people and relationships, all while trying to maintain a sense of purpose and routine in the shuffle.

Stan Simon Atones Within The Strangeness Of Life In New Single “Rest Well In The Blue Night”

Fri Jul 24, 2020

Canadian folk/roots singer/songwriter Stan Simon explores the ‘strangeness of life, love, and loss’ in his newly minted album, Songs From Strange Places — available now through Slammin Media with worldwide distribution by Believe Distribution!

“I was going through a rough couple of weeks and, one morning, took it out on someone I cared for deeply,” the Toronto-based troubadour reflects on single, “Rest Well In The Blue Night.” “I was getting ready to head out the door and got into a very short and explosive argument; I threw my words around like daggers.

“Fuelled through my own frustrations, I only ended up hurting someone trying to care for me. I made my way to the train and knew I was going to sit with that anger for quite a while until we saw each other again.

“When my anger turned to regret, the sun was starting to set and there was a dark blue sky melting over the day,” he continues. “I took out my notebook and wrote the lyrics to this song, atoning for the hurt I caused.”