Jackie K Celebrates Gratitude in Hopeful ‘70s-Inspired “Dandelions Everywhere”

Fri Mar 11, 2022

Sometimes the longing for Spring, whether literal or metaphorical, is so palpable as to be an ache. That’s how Canadian alt-folk songstress Jackie K was feeling in the middle of an online workshop in the middle of the pandemic when she wrote her new single, “Dandelions Everywhere” – give a listen and watch it on YouTube here:

Fresh from her recently released EP, Look for the Little Things, the song arrives as simultaneously hopeful, wistful, and full of melancholy cheer as Jackie K sings about nostalgia for something she doesn’t yet have.

Victa Harnesses Sultry Late-Night Vibes in Seductive R&B-Pop “Keeping Score” Single

Fri Mar 11, 2022

Canadian singer/songwriter Victa harnesses late-night vibes to drop a seductive R&B bop recounting the trials and tribulations of a complicated lover on his blazing-hot new single, “Keeping Score” – watch and listen on YouTube here:

A story about a couple with a raw, tumultuous connection plagued with mixed messages and trust issues, the song touches on themes of relationship imbalance and the feeling that both parties aren’t on the same page; as Victa puts it, “at that point, people start questioning if it’s worth the emotional cost.”

Victa’s objective on “Keeping Score” was to fuse a relatable message with infectious musical energy “maybe they’ll hear a bit of themselves in my lyrics.” The lyrical composition is a multi-layered affair with Victa’s melodic crescendos and sophisticated yet catchy hooks.

Chicago's Sarantos Assures That “Love ALWAYS Wins!” in New LGBTQIA+ Single

Fri Mar 11, 2022

Award-winning singer and multi-instrumentalist Sarantos delivers the positive vibes and messages we all need with his effortlessly charming new single, “Love ALWAYS Wins!” – check it out on YouTube here:

The inspirational song embeds an unapologetic call to action for justice and equal LGBTQIA+ rights within a lively tune radiating with energy. According to Sarantos, the song's objective is simple: “to bring awareness to the struggle LGBTQIA+ individuals go through daily.”

Deceptively intricate bass lines and a laid-back percussive style set the stage for catchy lyrics and a distinct musical aesthetic that stands out from the rest of the pack.

Theatrical Art-Rockers The Black Gasolines Unleash Dynamite New Single in “Furthermore”

Fri Mar 11, 2022

Straight from Belgium, the next exciting chapter in theatrical rock art is here thanks to The Black Gasolines and their new single “Furthermore” — check it out on YouTube here:

Out to rewrite rock and roll history, the song lands on the heels of their debut full-length, It Took A Lifetime — a 53-minute-long rock opera about a guy called Krist Milkeyway who looks back at his life in the form of a talk show while being in a coma.

Rory Taillon Releases New Single “Welcome” from the album Drifting

Fri Mar 11, 2022

Ottawa-based, classically-trained singer-songwriter and road warrior Rory Taillon has launched a new video for his previously released single “Welcome.” The song is from his acclaimed album Drifting, which came out during COVID in 2020, when  all touring was halted, and the potential for a widespread campaign was shuttered. The hope is that the “Welcome” video will ease his disappointment and make up for lost time. A heartfelt, meditative piece, the song and album are available on all major platforms, and the video is available to watch on YouTube here:

Americana/Soul Rocker Peter Serrado Gets Honest and Self-Reflective in “If It All Came Down To This”

Fri Mar 11, 2022

The longer we go through life, the more there’s a need for healthy self-reflection, especially when it comes to solving matters of the heart. Canadian Americana and soul-rock crooner Peter Serrado offers up such in his soaring, introspective, and soul-searching new single, “If It All Came Down To This” – check it out on YouTube here:

With understated guitar and piano punctuated with easygoing beats, the Etobicoke-based artist sings in his signature sweet raspy tone about a lost love that he hopes will be found again. He closes his eyes and sees the person, and the trajectory of the relationship, across the landscape of his mind:

I see fields, I see skies
Oh there’s a truth in your eyes
I remember those nights
With you, with you, I see fields, I see skies

Chicago Electropop Artist David Poole Debuts Other-Worldly (literally!) “Getaway Driver” Single

Fri Mar 11, 2022

Known for creating planetary soundscapes in a faraway digital realm all his own, electropop artist David Poole flexes his talent for emotional feel-good composing with his newest single, “Getaway Driver” – check it out here on YouTube:

The brainchild of Thomas Thurlow and Kate Nikles, David Poole marked his debut in 2018; he resides in a digital dreamland known affectionately as Readymade Utopia – a destination that sounds almost too good to be true.

Poole is considered the flagship musician of this dreamland. Known throughout the digital and real world for his electronic dancefloor rhythms, immersive soundscapes, and intense storytelling, Poole’s work embodies his struggles and triumphs as an up-and-coming musician in Three Cloud City – the creative hub of Readymade Utopia.

Canadian Artist Chris Sunfield Releases New Single, “Tomorrow’s Here (Far Away Objects Mix)”

Fri Mar 11, 2022

Canadian progressive-pop artist Chris Sunfield rises through adversity and wrangles existentialism in his new and empowering feel-good anthem, “Tomorrow’s Here (Far Away Objects Mix)” – check it out on YouTube here:

Featuring lush, symphonic suites embedded in deeply human messages, the inventively reimagined take on his 2021 single “Tomorrow’s Here” appears on singer/songwriter’s 2022 four-track EP, Far Away Objects.

“Lyrically, the new release is a clarion call to live authentically, and realize one’s full potential before it’s too late — all while accepting that life’s achievements are sometimes gained at the expense of intimacy,” he explains. His ability to convey kind, yet transcendent messages through a medium like music gives “Tomorrow’s Here (Far Away Objects Mix)” a unique edge in its genre.

Canadian Country-Pop Artist Alexis Taylor Is Far From Comfort In “Long Way From Home” Single

Fri Mar 11, 2022

Big dreams often come with bumps in the road, and award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter Alexis Taylor shows us such with her confessional new country ballad “Long Way From Home” — available now.

Produced by award-winning artist John Willis, “Long Way From Home” is a slow, smooth traditional country jam with an infectious melody, twangy guitar, and warm, enveloping harmonies. Despite its story of dejection and loneliness, the Ontario-born, Nashville-based artist’s voice soars above the feelings, while the lyrics, poetic and evocative, paint a vivid picture of a young woman alone on a dusty road.

The song reveals the vulnerable side of pursuing stardom; when Taylor started writing “Long Way From Home,” she hadn’t finished writing a song in months and was having a day where she felt like giving up on her music career. “I felt so defeated,” she says. “I felt like it was time to pack my bags, go home, find a regular 9-5 job, and quit chasing these crazy dreams of mine.

Alt.Rockers Blackout Orchestra Release New Dream-Like Smooching-Inducing “Tongues”

Fri Mar 11, 2022

Alt-indie rock duo Blackout Orchestra release their hazy, dream-like, and make-out-inducing new drop, “Tongues” ahead of their forthcoming sophomore LP, Beauty Sleep – check it out on YouTube here:

The song sizzles as it moves along in a gritty, sexy, Garbage-esque offering, refusing to back down, repeating crashing crescendos as the song lurches forward — never bending in its ability to draw you in and hold you in a trance. It’s a lovesick, alt-rock banger Ben VanBuskirk (vocals, music) and Morgan Thompson-Reid (vocals) dare you to try on. But the real thrill is knowing you’ll be back for seconds, and thirds, of this extraordinarily thirsty track.

Ottawa Artist Ash Ravens Serenades the Soul with Warm & Bittersweet “Home”

Fri Mar 11, 2022

Ottawa-based Bangladeshi guitarist and singer/songwriter Ash Ravens serenades the soul with a tale of finding warmth and familiarity in new places with his bittersweet new single “Home” – check it out on YouTube here:

Enriched by a soothing groove and satisfying nylon string guitar melodies, “Home” is a love song about the unparalleled comfort of feeling at home. For some people, feelings of warmth and belonging aren’t solely associated with a place and, as Ash puts it, “the feeling of ‘Home’ for some people might be a person with whom they feel their truest self.”

Ash Ravens breathes new life into universal messages of honesty and openness with a rhythmic maturity that compliments the personal subject matter.

‘In a room full of friends
I’d still be alone
No matter where I am
You’ll always be my Home’

Alt-Rockers The High Loves Bask in Warm Feelings of Trust in Sunny "Sure of It"

Fri Mar 04, 2022

Being able to relax completely in another person’s presence is often rare and underrated. alt-rockers The High Loves crystallize the essence of that warm, light-hearted feeling in their mellow, melodic, and summery new single, “Sure Of It” – Watch and listen on YouTube here:

The song begins with a shimmering tone over the sound of raindrops, and then two guitar countermelodies fuse to create a gentle, rolling, lo-fi super melody that evokes roller skating on the beach at the golden hour. Add an easy but energetic beat, and you’re in an afternoon where the sun’s putting a halo in your hair and shadows are long and graceful on the boardwalk.

The video for “Sure Of It” reflects this laid-back, sunny vibe, and makes use of slightly grainy ’70s-style film to capture the band playing their instruments on the beach.

2x JUNO Winner Donné Roberts Celebrates City Life & Neighbourly Love with New Song, “Seheno”

Fri Mar 04, 2022

It’s a big, diverse world out there, and living in any supportive and caring community can help us thrive. Multi-award winning Madagascar singer/songwriter Donné Roberts has experienced that nurturing feeling of community in his adoptive home of Canada, and represents it in his joyful new global music single, “Seheno” – watch and listen on YouTube here:

A key track from Roberts’ third solo album, Oya, released last August, “Seheno” is a celebration of life and neighbourly love flowing along to a multi-cultural, urban rhythm. Written and sung in Roberts’ first language, Malagasy, there’s a global, but widely shared human experience that he is conveying.

Hip-Hop Artist Rawmny Wildcat Unleashes Triumphant New Powerhouse Anthem in “Fearless”

Fri Mar 04, 2022

Hip hop artist Rawmny Wildcat channels energy and heart into an anthemic, hard-hitting production around the tropes and techniques that reinforced early 2000’s rap with his newest single, “Fearless (feat. CHXXX)” – check it out on YouTube here:

Harkening back to the radio bangers that nothing short of defined the early aughts, “Fearless” is an amalgamation of Ludacris and Lil Wayne’s production styles — with a splash of Rick Ross for flavor.

Couple that with a feature from Rawmny (pronounced Raw Money) Wildcat’s close collaborator and friend, CHXXX, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Finding himself quarantined during lockdown, as much of the world did, it was after being exposed to Covid and not sure what to do, or how to kill two weeks in solitary, that “Fearless” was written and recorded.

There’s Been an “Attack of the 50ft Woman” with the New Single Release by Douglas Von Irvin’s Carnival

Fri Mar 04, 2022

Step right up: there’s been an “Attack of the 50ft Woman” at San Francisco/Toronto-based Douglas Von Irvin’s Carnival, and admission to show is just a stream away, thanks to their new dizzying-pop alt-rock synth-bop of a single – check it out on YouTube here:

Douglas Von Irvin’s Carnival (DVIC) are back with their latest drop, and the upbeat banger is everything you’d expect from the monster garage-pop duo of the mysterious — but friendly — Von Irvin and his constant counterpart and ‘spiritual advisor,’ Dave “Dr. Prycenstein” Pryce.

Canada’s The Dirty Beat Release New Supersonic Single, “Birds”

Fri Mar 04, 2022

Canada’s The Dirty Beat walks through hellfire and brimstone, separating scorched earth beneath the audience’s feet with the release of the supersonic new single, “Birds” – check it out on YouTube here:

Landing alongside The Dirty Beat’s self-titled new album, “Birds” is a song unlike any other with its unique instrumentation and compositional depth that rival the most prominent music production houses. As the brainchild and sole member of The Dirty Beat, Warren G. Funk channels the energy of the greatest hard rock legends while telling soul-wrenching tales of triumph and despair.  Bone-crushing vocal harmonies and planet-shifting percussion take center stage as heavy-folk melodies fill listeners’ ears and open minds.

Pop Artist Carlo Capobianco is “Sleeping With The Enemy” with the Release of New Single

Fri Mar 04, 2022

Carlo Capobianco is “Sleeping With The Enemy” with the release of new synth-infused electro-pop track – check it out on YouTube here:

Hot on the heels of the sultry love affair that was recent single, “Pray To You,” the Canadian singer-songwriter continues to push the boundaries with his unapologetically sexy flair for dance tunes — this time an imploring request for release of a partner who is unequivocally wrong for him.

“‘Sleeping With The Enemy', if even more so than my last single ‘Pray To You’, is what I believe to be the epitome of my album,” says Capobianco. “Sonically, it is like a dark dream or a Tim Burton story. I wanted to make sure that the feeling of unknowingly, or knowingly, loving something so deeply — can be as euphoric as it can be blinding.”

Christian Artist Ileen Laura Shakes Off Anxiety & Self-Doubt In Uplifting, Affirming “I Am Yours”

Fri Mar 04, 2022

Self-doubt is inevitable sometimes but, when someone struggles with anxiety, it can become chronic and amplified. Having experienced that anxiety firsthand, Canadian Christian artist Ileen Laura sings an upbeat, uplifting prayer of and for confidence in her soaring, harmony-filled new single “I Am Yours” – watch and listen on YouTube here:

“I am someone who has struggled with anxiety ever since I was a little girl,” Laura shares of her inspiration behind “I Am Yours” — which is from her forthcoming album of the same name, set for release early Summer 2022. “My friends know me as a ‘worrywart’ and I am in a constant battle with myself over self-doubt.

“I wrote ‘I Am Yours’ about this struggle, a little reminder to set aside the opinions of others and focus on the one opinion that matters, God’s.”

Guitarist/Composer James Brown Releases Song Within The Story

Fri Feb 25, 2022

Guitarist-composer James Brown returns from a 13-year recording hiatus with the fetching Song Within the Story. Brown’s fourth album, and his first since 2009’s Sevendaze, finds him helming his Toronto-based working trio featuring bassist Clark Johnston and drummer Anthony Michelli.

Respected tenor saxophonist Mike Murley joins the band on three of the album’s 10 tracks—eight of which are original compositions that document Brown’s ongoing intermarriage of jazz and classical music, while two covers explore Canada’s rich folk-rock legacy.

Steve Poltz's Stardust & Satellites Album Out Now

Fri Feb 25, 2022

Veteran troubadour Steve Poltz has released his new album, Stardust & Satellites — available now via Red House Records.

Check out on Can O' Pop (Official Animated Video) YouTube here:

Produced by Oliver Wood and Jano Rix of The Wood Brothers, Stardust & Satellites is Poltz’s 14th solo album, and comprises another exuberant, thoughtful batch of songs that celebrate life in all of its stages — including his effervescent new single, “Can O’ Pop.” The high-spirited, syncopated track is joined by an official animated video directed by Boston-based artist/animator Duncan Hatch (Galactic, American Authors). In its premiere of the video, Rolling Stone Country called the song “a delicious delivery reminiscent of ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues.”