Leader of Celtic Punk Icons The Mahones’ Finny McConnell Announces First Solo Record

Fri Jul 02, 2021

After 30 glorious years of leading renowned Celtic punk rockers, The Mahones, founder and band leader Finny McConnell decided it was high time to write and produce an album for himself. The result? The Dark Streets of Love — available this Fall 2021 via True North Records.

Check out “The Dark Streets of Love” here on YouTube:

A collection of his most intimate musings to date, The Dark Streets of Love is McConnell’s love letter to everyone important in his world. Stripped bare with personal lyrics that represent not only his truth, but a truth we can all relate to, the 11-track LP includes covers of songs by Bruce Springsteen, the Tragically Hip, Lou Reed, Shane McGowan, and even an outtake from an earlier Mahones release — all of which hold deep meaning to the veteran artist.

Canadian Alt-Rocker Delyn Grey Cuts Off the Cynics in New Single, “Daddy’s Love”

Fri Jul 02, 2021

Canadian alt-rocker Delyn Grey squares noxious naysayers away with the release of her searing new single, “Daddy’s Love”.

“I love this song, man,” the Toronto-based artist levels from the outset. “It’s gotten me through some serious mind-screws. It’s a relief.”

Check out “Daddy’s Love” on YouTube here:

But it’s not just for her, the powerhouse vocalist, songwriter, and producer adds. “I want people to feel empowered to deflect other people’s defeatist projections with this one. I want them to know: don’t ever let anyone dictate what your relationship with your passion, your loved ones, and yourself look like.

“It’s not up to them, and you must be pretty cool if people are trying to keep you from reaching your full potential, ha!”

Vienna, Austria Pop A.I. Trio Lucy Dreams Source a Sense of Peace in Outer Space with “Dreamland”

Fri Jul 02, 2021

Vienna, Austria dream pop trio Lucy Dreams source a sense of peace in outer space with their new single and psychedelic video for “Dreamland”.

The song itself is an exploration of freedom. It "is both the analogue and the digital subconscious put into sounds, a gentle-minded breakout from mental patterns and their subsequent realities," asserts band member David Reiterer.

A gorgeous synth-heavy ballad that sparks inspiration along with alleviation, the music video then centres around Mr. Mirandola — a man walking across landscapes, dreamscapes, and multiverses in search of a better world.

Though it's hard to say if the journey has turned him into a man whose inner world is too good for the one he's searching for...

The first taste of their upcoming debut album, Götterfunken, “Dreamland” showcases the outfit that is Reiterer alongside Philipp Prückl and an independent system of digital and analogue effects, Lucy.

Check out “Dreamland” on YouTube here:

Canadian Blues Rockers Fresh Breath Deliver Real, Raw Truth in “World Gone Crazy”

Fri Jul 02, 2021

Known for their raw, insightful lyrics teeming with truthful observations about the state of society, Canadian indie-blues rock duo Fresh Breath are back with a new story to tell by way of single, “World Gone Crazy”.

From their forthcoming album, How Did I Get Here, and joining the ranks of previous singles “Likes & Shares,” “Time For a Change,” and more, “World Gone Crazy” lands as an anthem for each of us in the midst of a global pandemic; an ode to what we are presented each day.

And through it’s boot-stompin, electric-guitar riff strummin’, truth-packed grit, the song delivers on telling it exactly how it is.

Check out “World Gone Crazy” on YouTube here:

Phoenix, Arizona's Funk Outfit Calumet Infectious Drops Soul Single “Save Us from Ourselves”

Fri Jul 02, 2021

Celebrating its 20th year, veteran funk septet Calumet have released a brand-new 70s-inspired funk single, “Save Us From Ourselves” — Check it out here on YouTube:

Serving as a companion piece to their 2020 summer hit, “This is How it Ends,” the infectious new song takes inspiration from many of the genre’s classics and legends, and combines them into a track sure-enough to have you on your feet dancing in no time at all. Be careful not to put your back out though, this is some seriously groovy content.

Country Artist & Guinness World Record Joy Chapman Goes For It with “Could’ve Been Yes”

Fri Jul 02, 2021

Guinness World Record-holding vocalist and Canadian singer/songwriter Joy Chapman corrals life’s would’ves and should’ves in this, her sassy new single, “Could’ve Been Yes”

Dubbed a “hard-rocking fusion of country, rock, and rockabilly” by music critic Kristina Mondo, the track teems with Chapman’s inimitable songwriting skill and vocal talent — the latter of which recently cemented her status as holding the Lowest Female Vocal Note with Guinness World Record.

“At first glance, the message of this song is focused on a guy not being brave enough to ask out the girl he really wants to,” Chapman offers. “Ultimately, he never does.

“From there, I was thinking about how many times people don’t go after what they really want. It’s usually out of a fear of rejection — but if you don’t have the courage to ask, you’ll never know. Because of that, I think the message of the song can be taken further and applied to any aspect of one’s life when you’re not going ahead and giving something a try.

“After all,” she adds, chuckling, “it ‘Could’ve Been Yes.’”

Check out  “Could’ve Been Yes” on YouTube here:

Rockers Dutchman Have Arrived And Are On The “Run Run Run”

Fri Jul 02, 2021

The Dutchman have arrived, and this four piece are on the “Run Run Run” with this, their new single – watch and listen on YouTube here:

Freshly pressed from their debut offering, Dutchman Vol. 1 — a follow-up to the group’s breakthrough EP, A Broken Man’s Life and precursor to Dutchman Vol. 2 — the song harnesses the sonic talents of the band’s initial lineup: Jake Dutcher (vox/rhythm guitar), and Connor Johnson (vox/lead guitar), alongside Garrett Gravatt (lead/rhythm guitar) and Franco Solorzano (keys/bass), who were added shortly after first forming in 2017.

The group gelled quickly, finding themselves in the throes of writing an entire collection of tracks that would ultimately make up Volumes 1 & 2 of their eponymous offerings.

PEI Blues Rockers Arsenal Mills Releases Song About Love Called "Songs About Love"

Fri Jul 02, 2021

Just in time for the summer — and vaccination — season, Canadian blues rock band Arsenal Mills is back with another retro-fueled rock n’ roll tease ahead of their upcoming debut EP. An absolute breath of fresh air in terms of modern rock, “Songs About Love” – watch and listen to it here on YouTube:

Unlike the PEI-based outfit’s previous single, “Cry No More” — which is a perfect tune for driving at a high speed, windows down, in the middle of summer — “Songs About Love” is an emotional journey of rock n’ roll which really pulls at the heartstrings. Arsenal Mills frontman Brad Milligan says it “touches on the idea of innocence” and that it’s about “being young and naive.”

Heard Across the CFL, NHL & More, Bagpipe Rockers Arcana Kings Lead the Charge With “Here We Go”

Fri Jul 02, 2021

Hear that? That’s the powerfully catchy sound of Canada’s premiere “kick-ass bagpipe party rock” band, Arcana Kings, pumping up their pipes as they unleash this summer’s biggest blow out, stadium-sized anthem, “Here We Go”.

“Here We Go” is the lead single from the Nelson, BC, Regina, SK, Saskatoon, SK-based quintet’s brand new album Lions as Ravens, released this June on Brandy Records Canada/MC1 Nashville. It energetically showcases a band fired up and ready to play hard as we begin to emerge from our long, lonely pandemic winter and Canada opens up, smiles wide and gets ready to rock again.

Check out , “Here We Go” on YouTube Here:

Bill Wood - When the Summer Comes

Fri Jul 02, 2021

While the pandemic-induced hiatus on performing kept Bill Wood from joining his bandmates in Bill Wood and the Woodies in a promotional tour for their early 2021 release, Radiola, it hasn’t stopped Wood from creating more new music.

Hunkered down in his home at Prince Edward County, he joined forces with producer Annelise Noronha to record and release When the summer comes.

Eye Eye was a Canadian rock band in the 1980s andIndustry veteran singer-songwriter Wood, the former lead vocalist for Juno-nominees EyeEye (Out on a Limb, Endless Night, My Sensation) has perfected his craft over four decades. The band had its roots in The Oh Nos, a Toronto band whose members included vocalist Bill Wood and guitarist Andy Ryan. After that band broke up, Wood formed the band Billy Club, while Ryan joined with drummer Mark Caporal to form Eye Eye as a duo, to which vocalist Michael Bell and bassist Doug Ruston were soon added. Both bands were finalists in Q107’s Homegrown talent competition in 1984, which Eye Eye won; the following year, Eye Eye were also finalists in CBC Television’s Rock Wars and the Rock Express/MuchMusic Talent Search.

Elina Filice Releases an Ode to Queer Youth for Pride Month with New Single, “Let’s Get Lost”

Fri Jun 25, 2021

Singer/songwriter/spoken word artist Elina Filice has released a new single in celebration of Pride Month — “Let's Get Lost”.

Check out the video “Let's Get Lost” here on YouTube:

The dance-pop anthem celebrates the coming out experience, and getting lost to find yourself. Elina hopes the song can help those struggling to come to terms with who they are, as well as all of those on the lifelong journey away from shame, and into love and pride.

The song departs slightly from Elina’s usual sound into a world of colourful synth-pop, driven by an irresistible disco groove. She says, “If I’m writing a queer anthem, it’s gonna have to be a little gay.”

#1 Chart-Topping & Award-Winning Alt-Rocker Joey Nowyuk Releases New Single, “Pray”

Fri Jun 25, 2021

Chart-topping, award-winning alt-rocker Joey Nowyuk has released his newest single and video, “Pray”.

Check out “Pray” on YouTube here:

Produced by Thor Simonsen (Kelly Fraser, Aasiva), and Dale Penner (Nickelback, The Matthew Good Band), “Pray” is the latest preview for the Nunavut-based artist’s forthcoming debut, Tumitit. Set for release this July via Hitmakerz, the album also features Inuit throat singing performed by JUNO Award-nominated band Silla + Rise’s Qattuu Evic; the video for “Pray” was directed, filmed, and edited by Paris-born filmmaker, Aïda Maigre-Touchet.

Marc LaFrance New Single “Northern Lights” Released with Proceeds to Support Our Troops

Fri Jun 25, 2021

Marc LaFrance New Single “Northern Lights” is available now and can be ordered as a download on iTunes from which all proceeds will be donated to Canadian Forces families via Support Out Troops.

All the links are now available at his website: MarcLaFrance.com

The latest work from LaFrance and long-time musical collaborator Roger Frankham, 'Northern Lights' evokes the experience of someone separated from and missing their homeland. The song's narrator, who has been living and working outside his own country for years, has his spirit restored when he can finally return home.

In singing the part, Marc drew on his experiences from the road, entertaining the Canadian Armed Forces in remote locations around the globe. “The dedication that these men and women in our military bring to their jobs every day is truly inspiring. Yes, we were there to entertain, but we also stayed with them, ate with them, learned their stories firsthand, many were real eye openers. I came away from each tour with a totally new respect for how they help serve and protect, while they and their families often sacrifice so much.”

Kevin Hearn & Cosmic Krewe’s Michael Ray & Laranah Phipps-Ray Say “Hello Hello” with New Single

Fri Jun 25, 2021

Michael and Laranah (from The Sun Ra Arkestra) and Kevin (from Barenaked Ladies) have released song in honour of world unity week — including greetings in extra-terrestrial tongue.

Watch and listen “Hello Hello (One Planet !!) on YouTube here:

How do you say ‘hello’ in extra-terrestrial? In a sonic pairing where not even the sky is a limit, jazz funk afrofuturists Cosmic Krewe’s ‘Cosmic Couple’ and award-winning multi-instrumentalist Kevin Hearn aim to unite the masses with the release of their new single, “Hello Hello (One Planet)”.

Alt Rocker Cory Williams Brings Audiences to their Knees with New Single, “Capitulation”

Fri Jun 25, 2021

Alt-rocker Cory Williams — the man behind the collar of White Collar Grunge — is bringing audiences to their knees with the outfit’s new single, “Capitulation” and eponymous album.

Check out the video “Capitulation” by Cory Williams on YouTube here:

The debut release has been a lifelong dream for this lifelong musician who began tickling the ivories as a child. It was the fate of having Nirvana’s Nevermind gifted to him that changed the trajectory of his music, and ultimately his life. Now having founded the group, and fostering the ten tracks that made the final cut of the album, Williams is reveling in seeing his conquest come true.

Apricity Releases New Post-Apocalyptic World with “The Fear” Single & Video & Comic Book

Fri Jun 25, 2021

Alt-pop indie rocker Apricity ushers audiences into a dim and grim post-apocalyptic world with the release of her sophomore single and video, “The Fear”.

Watch "The Fear"- Apricity Music Video here:

For those newly enchanted under Apricity’s cast of spells, be prepared for an audio and visual storybook of epic tales — literally and figuratively. “The Fear”s official music video is set in a steampunk world with dashes of Walking Dead and comic book escapism for good measure, and the release also features a stunning graphic novella to well-buckled boot.

“After searching far and wide in a post-apocalyptic world, I find my companion, Jason, only to discover he is now being used for sport to fight the captured zombies,” Apricity reveals of the multimedia project’s plot.

Chart-Topping, Award-Nominated Country Artist Dares to Get Close to “Kryptonite”

Fri Jun 25, 2021

Chart-topping and award-nominated Canadian country artist Bree Taylor channels her superwoman vocals with new single, “Kryptonite”.

Check out “Kryptonite” on YouTube here:

Recently nominated for a 2021 Mississauga Arts Award (MARTY) in the Music: Solo Vocalist — Emerging category, the Ontario-based singer/songwriter has been churning out classic country tracks for the better part of the past two years.

With “Kryptonite,” she’s granting an all-access pass to fans with this contagiously upbeat, diary-reading track about a love that’s so wrong, it feels so incredibly right.

Since the age of six, Taylor has been harnessing her impressive vox onto stages and in recording studios. The up-and-comer has worked with the likes of vocal coach to the stars, Bob Garrett (Los Angeles), and Lorraine Lawson (Toronto), notable for her work on CTV’s “The Launch.”

Hawaiian Alt-Rock Artist MDMP Reflects on Personal Turmoil in Emotional New Single, “Kneeling Scars”

Fri Jun 25, 2021

Nearly seven months after his last single, the enticingly frightening “Chosen One” — where he pays homage to veterans, living and fallen, by delving into his own harrowing memories of serving time in the military — Jeremey Meyer, front man for MDMP, has appropriately returned to the alternative rock scene with a brand-new single, in which he discloses more of the torments he’s faced throughout life. Fittingly, it’s called “Kneeling Scars ”.

Though the lyrical content of this brand-new original is not as vividly agonizing as that of “Chosen One,” “Kneeling Scars” is one of MDMP’s most-personal tracks to date. Check out “Kneeling Scars ” on YouTube here:

This is evident in the songwriting; multiple times throughout the song, Meyer is heard singing, ‘All I do is cry / ‘Cause I miss you,’ and clearly reflecting on an impactful absence in his life.

Singer/Songwriter Ethan Flynn is President of The Pumpkin Club with Release “Somebody To Love”

Fri Jun 25, 2021

Canadian artist Ethan Flynn cuts to the heart of existentialism and love with the unveiling of his single, “Somebody To Love” and his recently released sophomore album, The Pumpkin Club — watch the video on YouTube here:

The genre-bending feel-good ditty either leaves you desiring someone for yourself, or remembering the beauty of what it was like to be in want. “People tend to think love songs are cliche, but I think love is the most powerful, honest, raw, and healing thing in the world,” Flynn offers. “And there are so many kinds of it!

“I tend to long for beauty in life, in general, so that’s just how I usually think,” he continues. “It’s beautiful to have somebody to love. It’s beautiful to want love.

Singer/Songwriter Ethan Flynn is President of The Pumpkin Club with Release “Somebody To Love”

Fri Jun 25, 2021

Canadian artist Ethan Flynn cuts to the heart of existentialism and love with the unveiling of his single, “Somebody To Love” and his recently released sophomore album, The Pumpkin Club — watch the video on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/If1h4rtB5YE

The genre-bending feel-good ditty either leaves you desiring someone for yourself, or remembering the beauty of what it was like to be in want. “People tend to think love songs are cliche, but I think love is the most powerful, honest, raw, and healing thing in the world,” Flynn offers. “And there are so many kinds of it!

“I tend to long for beauty in life, in general, so that’s just how I usually think,” he continues. “It’s beautiful to have somebody to love. It’s beautiful to want love.