Hamilton, ON's Michelle Titian Brings Raw Beauty to Exploration of Addiction in “Drive”

Fri Dec 10, 2021

Addiction can be such a devastating, destructive force in a person’s life, and their loved ones, as well. It’s with that in mind that Canadian singer-songwriter Michelle Titian soars with a beautiful, radical, coming-clean sense of honesty coming to terms with such destruction in this, her new single “Drive (radio edit)”.

“It takes a village to spread the word and help others struggling with addiction,” Titian shares. “This song has been a tremendous part of my healing, and my wish is that it inspires hope in anyone who is struggling, or simply needing a friend on the toughest of days.”

Working with Canadian producer Les Cooper (Jill Barber, The Good Lovelies ), “Drive (radio edit)” is an immersive example of Titian’s intrinsic songwriting that allows her to effortlessly arrange melodies and harmonies that tap into human emotions and share artful lyrics that speak to the soul.

With stirring, soaring vocals, lyrics full of hard-earned insight and clarity, and featuring elegant piano, strings, and deft guitar, “Drive (radio edit)” is the appropriately-titled ballad to play in your car when you’re in the mood for a good long think, or a cathartic cry.

Rocker Laszlo Jones Releases Brilliant New Single & Video, “Save My Soul”

Fri Dec 10, 2021

Circling existentially arresting concepts, rock artist Laszlo Jones asks ‘is there a God, or is it a lie?’ in this, his new single and video, “Save My Soul”. Check out the entertaining and engaging YouTube of “Save My Soul” here:

“Do we have a soul? Can it be saved? Is there any redemption?” the multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and producer continues. It’s a pretty self-explanatory track,” Jones says of the track. “Many people live according to the rules given to us by our religion; many have their whole lives dedicated to it, love for it, hate for it, kill for it, die for it…”

“Save My Soul” is the latest to land from Jones’ hallucinatory, explorative, and deeply personal new album, Beyond The Door, and follows previous single, “Out Of My Head” — a song that roams the darker side of romance with harrowing tale of a love so potent, it becomes dangerous.

Canadian Artist Ritalin Boy Explores Life & Death in Blistering New Single, “Some Kind of Angel”

Fri Dec 10, 2021

Toronto-based Ritalin Boy explores life and death with his blistering new single, “Some Kind of Angel”.

Check out “Some Kind of Angel”on YouTube here:

The new video and single off the acclaimed studio album Adult Entertainment is a mammoth track with a sensational melody that cuts no corners. This anthemic single is dripping with all of the style and polish you find on the most significant rock records, and this larger-than-life sound meshes seamlessly with the contemplative writing style that has become seminal in Ritalin Boy’s art.

“Cross my heart and hope to die if you I did betray
Heart behind bars covered in scars as my demons held sway
And when the last trace of hope was gone
That’s when an angel came along.”

Canadian R&B Annabel Oreste Reimagines Timeless Classic in New Release of “Body And Soul”

Fri Dec 10, 2021

Showcasing her powerhouse prowess for R&B, Montreal singer/songwriter Annabel Oreste and her inimitable soaring vocals channel Anita Baker’s classic with the release of new single and video for “Body And Soul” — watch it here:

While her music warrants adoration in and of itself, Oreste has captivated the hearts and support of Canadians during her participation on the popular reality TV series, Star Acadamie, in 2021. In fact, a quick Google search of the name drums up a plethora of results. Showcasing her vocal talent and range via Sia’s “Bird Set Free” and Peggy Lee’s “Fever”, Oreste successfully demanded the attention and affection of an entire nation.

Montreal Rockers AXLAUSTADE Burn Into A Post-Modern Grunge Apocalypse with “oui no na”

Fri Dec 10, 2021

Pressing play on Canadian rockers AXLAUSTADE’s new single, “oui no na” — available now — is akin to giving the trio a chance to breathe life into the language of an era... A post-modern grunge apocalypse, in fact. And one that’s solely instrumental — the words laid lyricless, deep inside the melody.

Recorded by Éric Lamothe, mixed in Los Angeles by Justin Raisen (Kim Gordon, Viagra Boys, Charli XCX), and mastered in Los Angeles by GRAMMY-Award winner Mike Bozzi (Childish Gambino), the song lands fresh from the band’s recently released eponymous debut, AXLAUSTADE (2021).

10-tracks tall, “oui no na” — and the surrounding LP — bears witness to exciting new songs that vary in length, strength, volume, and vigor.

Watch “oui no na” here:

Singer/Songwriter Alex Goupil Sets Out to Soothe Aching Hearts with Stunning New Single, “I Swear”

Fri Dec 10, 2021

Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Goupil sets out to soothe aching hearts with the release of this, his beautiful new single, “I Swear” — Watch it here:

A non-traditional love song that navigates the emotional journey that’s faced when letting go of someone, the song provides a hopeful message embedded throughout, all while complementing the warmth of the Ottawa-based artist’s instrumentation.

With distinctive guitar work lending a tone to the musical composition that blends seamlessly with the lyrical aesthetic, Goupil not only explores the tribulations of relationships — but also the personal freedoms that come with taking a leap of faith.

Hip-Hop Artist Vivek Mehmi Releases New Indie-Pop Single, “Love Myself”

Fri Dec 03, 2021

It’s a strenuous battle when it comes to loving oneself through flaws and strengths, and Mississuga, ON hip hop artist Vivek Mehmi showcases this internal struggle in his newest single, “Love Myself”.

Check out “Love Myself” here:

Serving as a self-reminder to accept his position during hard healing moments, Vivek looks to instill a forgiving message into his listeners. Asking listeners to surrender, and to not be overly critical of the challenges people face daily, Vivek hopes to push self-reflection and awareness onto his growing fanbase. “Loving ourselves sounds cliché, or like a catch phrase used in the spiritual community,” he says. “But it’s really important, and not something someone else can do for us.

“Sometimes we have layers of trauma that need to be healed before we can get to this point.”

Tortured Soul Celebrate Release of 20th Anniversary Album

Fri Dec 03, 2021

Celebrating 20 years of 100% LIVE soulful-house hits, Tortured Soul have cracked open their extensive vault to release their 20th Anniversary Album — available now from Slammin Media and distributed worldwide through Believe Distribution.

A hefty mix of fan favourites and unreleased gems, the 16-track tome sees the Brooklyn-based trio toast two decades on the scene by unveiling five tracks and mixes yet to be offered — including two exclusive live recordings from the band’s 2020 performance at Little Big Beat Studios in Liechtenstein.

Check out Tortured Soul “I'll Be There For You”  Official Video here:

Stratford, ON's Hannah Thomas Says 'Christmas Don’t Be Late' with New Holiday Album

Fri Dec 03, 2021

All ready to go and tied up with a bow, award-nominated Canadian artist Hannah Thomas celebrates the season with the release of her stunning holiday album, Christmas Don’t Be Late

Recently nominated for Young Performer of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, the 18-year-old songstress from Stratford, Ontario harnesses the magic of Christmas by delivering 11 reimagined Christmas tracks that feature her gorgeous vox and ethereal delivery.

Thomas began prepping the album alongside Dayna Manning and Lori Thomas in the early months of 2020. “I love Christmas music,” Thomas says, adding she’d been considering a Christmas album for more than a few years.

The title track of the album, “Christmas Don’t Be Late”, was one of the first songs the trio considered for the project. “I love the song and thought that I could do a really unique version of it,” Thomas explains, adding, “Ben Bolt-Martin was the arranger on this album and he did an outstanding job making all of the songs unique but this arrangement was one of my favourites. It boasts a slow melodic start, then breaks into an uptempo, fast paced, catchy Christmas tune.”

Canadian Kindie-Rocker Russell Sprout Delivers Family Songs with Much-Needed Positive Messaging

Fri Dec 03, 2021

Delivering messages of kindness, caring, community and more, Canadian singer/songwriter Russell Sprout’s new single “We Rise Above” is one for the ages — young and young-at-heart alike.

Check out “We Rise Above” here:

Produced by GRAMMY Award-nominated and JUNO Award recipient Ken Whiteley (Raffi, Fred Penner), the song is freshly picked from Sprout’s new sophomore album; the youth-friendly release stitched with lessons of tolerance and kindness is called Together.

Beginning as a plucking melody with simply beautiful lyrics, and speaking to rising above through the verses, the lovely new kindie ballad sees Sprout churning out a gentle chorus along with a children’s choir of “we rise above!” while asking elsewhere: “Are you kind? Are you fair? Do you help, do you care?”

With the Holidays on the Horizon Michael Dickson Releases Heartwarming Song of Hope

Fri Dec 03, 2021

When Canadian actor, singer/songwriter, and screenwriter Michael Dickson sat down to pen his first Christmas song, he wasn’t expecting to write a COVID Christmas tune; it just sort of turned out that way. The result? “Dear Santa… that’s enuff,” and it’s available now!

“The song started simply as a child's letter to Santa,” the Ottawa-based artist shares. “Then, while writing it, the child realizes just how fortunate he really is. As the song evolved,” Dickson continues, “the events of the past year kept creeping in. I just couldn’t tell the story without acknowledging the struggles people everywhere are going through; families losing loved ones… Their jobs... Their homes...

“Similar to last year, this is going to be a difficult Christmas for a lot of people.”

Once all of the elements of the song fell into place, Dickson felt he had something many people could relate to. “I wanted to get the song out there, but knew it wouldn’t have the same impact with me singing it.”

Watch and listen to “Dear Santa...that's enuff” (feat. Viggo Hanvelt) here:

Leanne Pearson Pays Ode to Sassy Cats Everywhere with Fun, Folky New Single “Caturday”

Fri Dec 03, 2021

Multi-award winning and chart-rising Canadian singer/songwriter Leanne Pearson pays tribute to the much-loved furry, four-legged friends that bring simplicity and joy to complicated modern lives with the release of this, her new single, “Caturday”.

Whether it’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or whatever... Every day is “Caturday” in Pearson’s lyrically layered world. Fun and folky with acoustic guitar and upbeat, lilting vocals, the sweet song about the special relationship is sung from the perspective of the cat-as-narrator.

Check out “Caturday” here:

Like any cat you could possibly know, this one is a bit of a smartass. Oh, and as a cat, it’s your right to follow your human into the bathroom, too — no place is off limits.

JUNO-Winning & Top Reggae Performer of the Year Lazo Releases New Single, “Love Is On Ur Side”

Fri Dec 03, 2021

Set and ready to be a timely classic all at once, JUNO Award-winning reggae artist Lazo brings listeners together with the power only love and music combined can have in difficult times with the release of his new single, “Love Is On Ur Side”.

Give a listen here to “Love Is On Ur Side”:

It’s a timeless story of classic Reggae music: a story of hardship that makes the end seem so far away. However, with some love, compassion, and the inner strength to overcome obstacles we can and will make it happen. It’s human nature, and you can’t suppress love. “Love Is On Ur Side” echoes this story for generations who grew up with Reggae music while also creating a welcoming experience for newer generations learning to embrace music that loves them back.

Canadian Country Crooner Laurie LeBlanc Releases Official Music Video For “All In”

Fri Dec 03, 2021

Risking it all for love over a game of chance has never sounded like it feels so good until East Coast Acadian country artist Laurie LeBlanc sings about it in his new single, “All In”.

Check out “All In” on YouTube here:

The fourth release from LeBlanc’s 2021 ECMA and Music NB Country Recording of the Year-nominated album, When It’s Right, It’s Right, “All In” goes all out for a rollicking good time over a high stake poker tournament for two.

Kele Fleming Celebrates the Power of Perseverance with “Sturgeon Love”

Fri Dec 03, 2021

It takes a lot of survival instinct to stay afloat in the music industry… You have to keep believing, creating, and swimming hard to reach success and, on a much wider level, it’s akin to the struggle every living being faces to stay alive. Through her own connection to that survival instinct, Canadian indie folk-pop artist Kele Fleming pays tribute to the universal drive to survive and flourish in her brand new single, “Sturgeon Love”.

A new, one-off release following her fourth album, The Song I’ll Write For My Whole Life, “Sturgeon Love” rides along on a jubilant, up-tempo current like whitewater rushing up and down, over and under to the sea.

Check out “Sturgeon Love” here:

R&B Singer/Songwriter JENNA Nation Revels in the Joys of Christmas with “My Christmas Wish”

Fri Dec 03, 2021

No matter how old we are, that sense of childlike wonder and hope, even if just a glimmer, is always sparked once the Christmas season comes around, and Canadian R&B artist JENNA Nation is igniting that very sentiment with her soaring new single “My Christmas Wish”.

Written by JENNA Nation, and produced by JUNO Award-winning and GRAMMY-nominated producer Roger Ryan, “My Christmas Wish” has all the trimmings and trappings of a favorite Christmas ballad — the piano, the slow beats, the snaps, the strings that come in at just the right time for catharsis…

Check out here:

Indigenous Blues Artist Donita Large Hails the Power of Her Lineage in “Ancestors in My Bones”

Fri Dec 03, 2021

In light of a person’s lineage playing a strong role in the choices they make and the person they become, Indigenous blues singer/songwriter Donita Large pays tribute to the power of her heritage in this, her new world-rock single “Ancestors in My Bones”.

Check out “Ancestors in My Bones” here:

“When in circle and we pray, an Elder will say, ‘Pray in your own way. All beliefs are respected in the circle,’” Donita shares of the song that is certain to speak to those who feel an ancestral connection around the globe. “I want my listeners to know that this prayer is shared with the same intention.”

Canadian Rocker Chris Nine Unleashes New EP, the heavy

Fri Dec 03, 2021

Canadian artist Chris Nine’s recently unleashed EP of adrenaline-inducing post-hardcore punk-pop, the heavy, is proof positive the Toronto-based rocker is a force to be reckoned with all his own.

Featuring “fracture,” “ghosts,” and “the rage,” the blistering trio of tracks serve deeper purpose than an all-out, high-octane sonic sojourn; in fact, they nothing short of extricated the singer/songwriter after a devastating series of events — a concussion, a breakup, a global pandemic, to start.

Watch “fracture” here:

“The songs on the heavy all resemble the past, present, and future components of dealing with relationships and trauma,” Nine reveals. “I was navigating this mental fog, and confronting shadows of my past. From this, the heavy was summoned; each song sheds light on the different perspectives each version of self brings to the table, and the emotions that follow.”

Surrey, BC's Alexis Lynn Holds onto the Joy of Christmas Year-Round in “December Dreaming”

Fri Dec 03, 2021

Capturing the magic of Christmas, and how sometimes in life, holding the holiday in your heart year-round can keep you going, Canadian pop artist Alexis Lynn explores that joyous, hope-inducing feeling through her new single “December Dreaming” – Watch it on YouTube here:

Ethereal and lullaby-like, “December Dreaming” features soft, honeyed vocals over the familiar, comforting sound of Christmas-choir handbells. Like many of the best Christmas songs, it’s beautiful specifically because of its simplicity, and the lyrics take the listener through all the other seasons – the green of Spring in May, the golden glow of summer days, kicking up autumn leaves – with the Christmas spirit burning like a tiny ember.

Because even on the brightest of summer days
No matter the season
I’ll be December dreaming away

Canadian Folk-Rocker Glen Foster Gets in The Spirit Of Christmas with Delightful New Album

Fri Dec 03, 2021

Renaissance musician and veteran Canadian folk-rocker Glen Foster embraces the holidays with a collection of songs sure to warm your home and hearts this season; The Spirit Of Christmas is available now!

Check out the title track “Christmas In Vancouver” here:

An eclectic assortment of classic holiday numbers paired exquisitely alongside original compositions, Foster’s extensive guitar experience lends itself to a unique twist on the Christmas standards endured for generations. Notable on the 12-song album is the remaster of Glen Foster’s 1986 single “The Spirit Of Christmas” — which was initially released on red vinyl, and inspired the new record’s title.