Sylvia Kay Pens Nostalgic Ode to Coming of Age in Shimmering New Single, “Legacy”

Fri May 13, 2022

There’s that wistful, scary realization many of us have on the cusp of becoming adults that nothing – absolutely nothing – is going to stay the same. Canadian pop-country songbird Sylvia Kay captures that heady mix of emotions so beautifully in her new single “Legacy” – check out on YouTube here:

“Legacy” starts out shimmering with mellow beats underneath, and then Kay’s voice comes in ethereal and crystalline, painting a watercolor of her hometown — the blue skies, the violets, the dusty, tree-lined backroad where her dad used to speed. She’s looking around, soaking it in, taking mental snapshots, and taking us along on this journey to adulthood. “What does living on the edge of seventeen even mean? / All these people tryna tell me who they want me to be,” she sings.

JUNO-Nominated Rockers The Zolas Cover Poppy Family’s “Where Evil Grows” for Push Button Radio Album

Fri May 06, 2022

Light Organ artists The Zolas have been commissioned to cover 70s Canadian musicians the Poppy Family’s CanCon classic “Where Evil Grows” as part of Light Organ Records Presents Push Button Radio: CanCon AM Radio Hits from the 70s.

Check it out on Spotify here:

Their electrifying interpretation of the yesteryear hit will resonate with generations of music fans. The Zolas stay true to form of the Poppy Family’s recognizable shangrila of 70s fanfare while updating the vibe to match the current mainstream of today’s alternative pop.

Windsor, NS Flamenco & Rock-Instrumental Guitarist Roland Grant’s New Single is Born of Fire

Fri May 06, 2022

Award-winning Canadian flamenco and rock instrumental guitarist Roland Grant sets speakers ablaze with his fiery new single, “Nacido del Fuego” — check out the video on YouTube:

A scorching testament to his incendiary guitar technique, “Nacido del Fuego” has Grant masterfully commanding the frets as a puppeteer of a passionately penned prose on the music that moves you most. The track is featured on his debut album, Equilibrium, and is matched solely by his exquisite music video showcasing his expertise.

Pop-Soul Artist Natalie Nicole Gilbert Passionately Reimagines Adele’s “Easy on Me”

Fri May 06, 2022

In a riveting reassessment of Adele’s record-breaking single, Natalie Nicole Gilbert transforms her rendition of “Easy on Me” into a desperate plea for vulnerability between two aching lovers in the heat of an argument – check it out on YouTube here:

The multi-award-winning pop-soul artist’s soaring vocals are countered by Chris Sloan in a harmonious amalgamation that is poignant, to say the least. With each building to the emotional swell that synthesizes into a moment of clarity for our protagonists, Gilbert’s prowess is put on a pedestal as she delivers a captivating performance once again.

“I really wanted it to feel more conversational,” Gilbert shares. “I saw room for it to take a turn like The Civil Wars’ ‘Poison & Wine’ – where this argument doesn’t have to end in finality, but could maybe open a door of vulnerability and understanding, whatever the eventual outcome.”

R&B-Soul Singer-Songwriter Jarvis Church Reimagines Bill Withers Classics With A Modern Twist with Release of New Album

Fri May 06, 2022

Tuning into The Soul Station, Jarvis Church’s inimitable ear for inventive tributes to his favourite soul singers continues to soar, this time with Vol 3: A Tribute to Bill Withers and Beyond.

Check out “Just the Two Of Us” on YouTube here:

Paying fitting homage to the late legend, while remaining unique all on its own, the new release is the latest in Church’s ongoing series, The Soul Station.

“This time, however, there’s a twist,” Jarvis reveals of the new offering that features four inventive and contemporary reimaginings of Withers’ hits. “I decided to lose the retro sound, and interpret these classics with contemporary modern production.

“And, for each of the modern production styles of the four Bill Withers classics, I used contemporary hits as sonic references.

“See if you can identify them…”

Toronto Pop-Hip Hop Artist Holy Ramen is In Exile

Fri May 06, 2022

Holy Ramen is everything great about bedroom producers: intimate vulnerability thorough storytelling and creative control. With that, the Toronto-based artist’s newest single, “3am Thoughts,” and EP, In Exile, is a perfect example of this – check out “3am Thoughts” on YouTube here:

“3am Thoughts” is the product of a self-induced exile; bombarded by the duality of a toxic 24/7 news cycle and happy-go-lucky social media influencers, Holy Ramen was left with an empty feeling inside. Deciding to cut herself off from the world, Holy Ramen reclused into a personal uprooting, looking to find some sort of clarity in life.

‘It was too much,” she reveals. “I needed to cut myself off from everyone and everything. I entered a self-imposed exile, hence the name for this EP.

“I needed time alone to heal, and I was creating a lot of music.”

Alt-Rapper Shades Lawrence Fights Colonization With Powerful New Anthem, “No Return”

Fri May 06, 2022

When it comes to pride, there are few more empowered and emboldened by their homeland than Shades Lawrence, and these badges of humility and coat of pride are worn boisterously in the Quebec-based artist’s new single, “No Return” – check it out on YouTube here:

Shades Lawrence is a queer, Montreal-born hip-hop artist of mixed British, Jamaican, Irish, and Scottish descent. As she’s progressed through the journey of finding her sound, Shades Lawrence has performed over 40+ shows as a spoken word poet and hip-hop artist and shared the stage with a variety of artists — including Princess Nokia, Big Freedia, Cakes da Killa, and more.

Canadian Jazz Songstress Katie Ditschun Captures A Lonely Sense of Melancholy in Stunning “One Voice”

Fri May 06, 2022

In the age of social media, we are theoretically more connected than we’ve ever been, but that connection can prove tenuous when there’s bullying, anger, or unkind words, and Canadian jazz songstress Katie Ditschun captures the sadness around having one’s voice drowned out in her new single, “One Voice” – check it out YouTube here:

“I feel disillusioned and dismayed about the ways people communicate these days — especially by what gets attention and engagement on social media,” Ditschun shares. “My own efforts at reaching an audience online focus on encouraging people to be kind and seeing the good in life; on finding moments of joy and beauty… “But positive messaging has trouble competing with all the indignation, accusation, and animosity that people apparently prefer to spread.”

Country Songstress Bree Taylor Inspires Strength & Self-Love While Overcoming Challenges with New Single, “On My Own”

Fri May 06, 2022

When you’re going it alone, sometimes all you need for that extra pep in your step is an encouraging anthem about independence. Thankfully, Canadian country songstress Bree Taylor delivers just such an antidote with the release of her brand-new single, “On My Own” – check it out on YouTube here:

Bursting with a catchy, head-bopping chorus, “On My Own” is validating to anyone who might doubt their ability to do it alone. “I’m ok on my own/ I can do this alone/ I’ll find the road that will lead me home/ Because I’m ok on my own,” Taylor sings as an affirmation.

“I originally wrote this song about being fed up with disappointing dating experiences and wanting to just get to a place of being okay on my own and not needing someone to ‘complete’ me,” she shares. “The song was written almost four years ago now, so its meaning has taken a turn for me in the time since I originally wrote it…

Canadian Rockers Blaze Project Crystallize the Conundrum of Passion With New Single, “Sweet Little Misery”

Fri May 06, 2022

Sometimes having a passion can be both a blessing and a curse. Canadian rockers Blaze Project capture this very conundrum with their blues-infused single, “Sweet Little Misery,” from their brand new album, Enjoy This Moment – check it out on YouTube here:

“Sweet Little Misery” is a thumping, bluesy, head-bopping rock ‘n’ roll song with a wailing guitar solo that brings to mind the energy of an arena. Its message is somewhat meta: “It’s about an artist and his great passion for music, as well as his vision of a performance on stage,” the Baie-Comeau, Québec-based band shares. “A musician who was born with this talent and passion, and despite all the paths taken, he will always end up finding the stage and music on his way.”

Edmonton's Country Artist Shawn Oates Releases New “Outta This Town” Single

Fri Apr 29, 2022

Wanderlust consumes rising Canadian country star Shawn Oates as he releases his new single, “Outta This Town”.

Check out “Outta This Town” on YouTube here:

Straight from the stompin’ prairies, the Edmonton, Alberta-based artist borrows a chapter from the glory of the country greats with a ditty about trading common streets for newer heights — singing to his love about leaving it all behind for a different view.

“Life doesn’t always lead us in the correct direction, but it’s our ability to get back onto the right path that demonstrates our personal strength,” Oates says, sharing his personal journey of overcoming addiction to pursue his passion of music and get to where he is now — and beyond.

Shining Bright Amidst All the 80s Vibes, Pop/Soul Artist Nathalie Miranda Wants to Know: “Is This Love”

Fri Apr 29, 2022

The ’80s are it right now, and Nathalie Miranda knows. In a powerful throwback soul/pop combo, her newest single “Is This Love” drums up nostalgia fumes rife with neon vibes and fluorescent lights all the way.

Check it out on YouTube here:

“Is This Love” is a powerful mixture of 80’s synth-pop and love-at-first sight. Impassioned and lyrical storytelling is coupled with swells of synth-fueled serotonin spikes as Nathalie Miranda’s infectiously soulful timbre spirits listeners.

“Is This Love’ was actually the perfect follow-up to ‘Battle Scars,’ which had a 70s rock/pop sound,” Nathalie Miranda shares. “‘Is This Love’ was always meant to be a nod to 80s pop music — which is my favorite music decade — so I thought ‘why not follow up a 70s sound with an 80s sound?’”

Hip Hop Soul-R&B Artist Modlee Reveals SOUL URGE in the Form of Newly Minted Album

Fri Apr 29, 2022

Hip Hop soul-R&B artist MODLEE ushers audiences on a sound journey like none other with the release of her new album, SOUL URGE — available now via Disques 7ième Ciel.

Marking her arrival as the first female artist to sign with the label, the release is the fruit of a visionary, one-of-a-kind co-production alongside producer, DJ, and long-time collaborator, Vlooper.

A hymn to beauty, growth, and surrendering to your inner desires — the desires of the heart and soul — the LP shares stories tinged with inner healing and bearing a message to the other.

At #-tracks tall, the album pulses on the foundations of its hip-hop and electro influences before soaring into the expansion of soul fusion styles; SOUL URGE immerses you in a parallel universe of Rhythm and Blues and lulls you with MODLEE’s velvety vocalizations and imagination.

Check it out on Spotify here:

Lori Hardman – I Found an Angel

Fri Apr 29, 2022

Lori Hardman began her musical career at an early age and continued with a formal choir education throughout her school days. Influenced by a strong musical family that supported her passion for music, Lori has grown quickly in popularity, and with a very supportive local music family.

In September 2014, Lori formed Lori Hardman Band and since that time they have performed at many venues, festivals, and benefits throughout the region, honing their skills and developing a fan base.  With love for the music of Blues, Country, R & B and Rock & Roll, Lori Hardman demonstrates a strong vocal ability and delivers a powerful performance, combining all these genres to create a sound that is all her own.

Recently Lori Hardman partnered with Robert Hammerstrom, co-writing and releasing the inaugural self-titled album, with the release of a single “I Found an Angel”, which garnered attention  on the charts in the UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium, United States, Holland, Austria, Ireland, New Zealand amongst other global audiences.  “I Found an Angel” was also chosen as an April Top 20 Pick Hit on Cashbox Radio.

Check it out on YouTube here:

LGBTQ Christian Pop Artist Danah-Lee Laments Loss of Contact In “Love Letter To A Friend”

Fri Apr 29, 2022

There are times when alone time isn’t just necessary, but absolutely crucial to our wellbeing. Canadian contemporary Christian pop artist Danah-Lee sings of such with radical honesty and deep vulnerability in her new single, “Love Letter To A Friend” – check it out on YouTube here:

Melancholy but soaring, “Love Letter To A Friend” beseeches a friend to be understanding about the fact that the narrator has fallen out of contact. Featuring piano, a groovy-lite bassline, and elegant strings with some whimsical pizzicatos at the end, the song arrives from Danah-Lee’s newly released 2022 album, Made in the Image.

Ottawa Artist Terry Gomes Releases New Single Video “Steen’s Reverie”

Fri Apr 22, 2022

TTerry Gomeserry Gomes completed an Honours degree at the University of Ottawa, studying classical guitar and composition. He taught guitar for many years, played in several rock bands, and performed in a flute/classical guitar duo. Later on, he released three self-penned albums in singer-songwriter/pop/folk-rock genres. In 2013, his album SHH marked a major shift into guitar-based instrumental, smooth jazz.

However, his last three releases, THE SAND IN MY SHOES and BLUE. GREEN. AQUAMARINE., and THE TROPICAL DREAM, found him moving much closer to home.

Canadian Rockers Truce Serve a Sonic Testament to the Metal Gods with New Single, “Holyroller”

Fri Apr 22, 2022

Canadian rock band Truce showcases their high-precision musicianship and stadium-filling sound in a sonic testament to the metal gods with their latest rip-roaring single,“Holyroller” – check it out on YouTube here:

The blazing new single from the Moncton, New Brunswick-based band’s meticulously crafted new album, Unentitled, the release is a labour of love accounting for various rock styles — including blues, punk, and doom.

As the band maintains, “we don't discriminate when it comes to riffs…

“If it rips, it rips.”

Truce’s seamless musical chemistry puts forth the best qualities of all band members, with a tight playing style that is often associated with the highest performing acts in the world.

Mack MacKenzie’s Band Three O'clock Train Release New Single “It's Not Worth It”

Fri Apr 22, 2022

The new single from singer/songwriter Mack MacKenzie's band Three O'Clock Train is “It's Not Worth It,” was recently produced by Bob Rock at The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC.

Born in the North-Eastern U.S., in Maine, and raised in Montreal, MacKenzie has crossed borders both internationally and musically, through The Beatles, Bowie, Jimmy Page, Big Thief and Ghostland Observatory.

Early on in life, MacKenzie was turned on by Americana folk legend John Prine, noticed his name in parentheses on the John Denver single “Paradise,” and when he realized that he was the writer, decided that's what he wanted to be: “The guy in parentheses.”

As a Mi'kmaq Native, he takes a certain pride in watching the spotlight finally shine on the pioneering and pivotal role played by Native musicians in the history of rock and roll. “It's Not Worth It” features Mack MacKenzie, Chip Kinman, Zippy Pinhead (William Chobotar), Mary Celeste (The Modernettes) and Punk Rawk Choir including Tony Bardach (The Pointed Sticks), Chris Crud and Ron Reyes (Black Flag), among others.

Kristy Joy Smith’s New Single Release is About to “Reach” For the Top!

Fri Apr 22, 2022

Kristy Joy Smith is a mellow singer/songwriter who grew up singing and playing John Denver’s “Take Me Home Country Roads on guitar.

Kristy Joy SmithLikening herself to the sounds and style of Adele, or maybe Cheryl Crow, this talented new artist might be new on the charts but has had a unique career to date. Involved in Christian TV Shows, toured a teen as a musical featured soloist on a 66 major city tour (from the US to the Bahamas) with audiences of over 10,000 people.  As a former Ms. Tennessee United America in 2014, Kristy was also a model, airline stewardess and add Former Winner of Matt Duffy Showcase, of Hollywood Records (Disney Music) to the long growing list.

Innovative Jazz Duo The AltoRays Give Rise to the Groove with New Single “Lift”

Fri Apr 15, 2022

The best music creators are one part mathematician, one part mad scientist. They need to know how to get the right sounds out of their instrument, but also delight in mixing all of it up into an exciting, sometimes boundary-pushing concoction. The unbridled joy of skilled experimentation is evident in this, The AltoRays’ groove-driven new release “Lift” – check it out on YouTube here:

“It took a pandemic!” Austin, Texas guitarist, composer, and producer Mitch Watkins says, giving silver-lining credit to the two-year, global health crisis for allowing him and Montréal-born-and-raised, now Austin-based vocalist Dianne Donovan enough time in their schedules to finally create their long-planned duo album, Back to the Light, released late last year.