Waterloo, ON's JP Sunga Delivers Powerful Testimony In Newest Alternative Soul “Dirty Water”

Fri Nov 19, 2021

Diving into the theme of self-redemption and rediscovery, multi-award nominated Canadian singer/songwriter JP Sunga inspires listeners across the board to find inner strength with his profound new single, “Dirty Water”.

"Many of us tend to collect, carry, and keep baggage as we journey through our lives from negative experiences we've endured,” JP Sunga shares, “and it can really start to wear us down mentally, emotionally and even physically…‘Dirty Water’ is about self-renewal; allowing oneself the courage to accept, and the strength to heal and progress from the hurt, burdens, and regrets of their past."

Check out “Dirty Water” on YouTube here:

Vancouver's Indie-Pop Artist JP Maurice Prevails With Impossible Optimism In “Unstoppable”

Fri Nov 19, 2021

After years of an uphill battle with today’s music industry and its perception of pop music, Canadian artist JP Maurice is finally behind the wheel of this indie-pop train, and there is no stopping it; especially not after JP Maurice’s newest single, “Unstoppable”.

Check out “Unstoppable” here on YouTube:

In a world of cookie cutter copy-paste formulas, JP Maurice breaks that mold with his riveting and fluid compositions that redefine bubblegum-pop: “Unstoppable” features poppy synths, emotional background cello, and, most importantly, catchy and captivating lyrics. JP Maurice paints a picture that is unmistakably deeply rooted in personal trials and tribulations that hide behind the mask of pop lyricism.

Haley K Turner Releases “Intangible Things (A Hanukkah Song)” Dedicated to Adam Sandler

Fri Nov 19, 2021

Canadian singer-songwriter Haley K Turner is releasing the most unanticipated original holiday song in the last 25 years. Inspired by a recent plea from Adam Sandler for “someone out there” to write a new Hanukkah song, Haley created one of the first timeless songs ever written for those who celebrate the holiday of lights.

Watch here adorably funny YouTube plea to Adam Sandler here:

Capturing all the nostalgic, sentimental feelings we adore from classics such as “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “Intangible Things (A Hanukkah Song)” features a magical string orchestra with lyrics that were completed in the winter of 2021 — the very last snow day of the year.

Watch and listen to “Intangible Things (A Hanukkah Song)” here:

Winnipeg's Carlo Capobianco Worships at the Altar of Love in Sultry “Pray To You”

Fri Nov 19, 2021

Canadian pop singer/songwriter Carlo Capobianco is down on his knees, worshiping at the altar of an amorous lust so intense, it’s inspired a new single in “Pray To You”.

“This song was a concept I had imagined several years ago,” the Winnipeg, Manitoba-based artist shares. “I was in the depths of a heartbreak, and the person I felt closest to almost felt as far away.

“I ended up having them spiral in my head forever, and I really did feel as if I had a sense of devotion to this person.”

That reverence ultimately spun the yarn that’s become a synth-infused, dance-floor bop, as well as set a solid foundation for Capobianco’s forthcoming album of the same name; the seven-song strong EP is centralized around themes of love lost, loneliness and unrequited love. For Capobianco, it is his life’s work linked together on a cohesive passion project.

“Lyrically, I wanted to make sure that all of my stories somehow connected together,” Capobianco says of the record. “I was sure to keep a consistent theme of production throughout the album — not allowing it to tip too closely to the 80s, or too closely to modernity.

New Debut Single from Barry Muir “Weathered the Storm” from Gentle Album

Fri Nov 19, 2021

Weathered the Storm, written by Barry Muir, is the first single/video from the soon to be released album “Gentle” (slated for release on all music platforms January 10th, 2022). Weathered the Storm is a search for clarity after a tumultuous breakup and the hope that after some time apart the flame might be rekindled.

“Weathered the Storm, is a song I wrote about giving a relationship time to heal.” says Barry. “There is nothing like a breakup to spur so many emotions as a songwriter and the upcoming album “Gentle” is filled with songs about breaking up, knocking the walls down, starting over and even finding yourself alone.

Watch Weathered the Storm on YouTube here:

Ottawa Indie Folk-Rockers The All Canadian Soundclash “She Won’t Play Your Game”

Fri Nov 19, 2021

Indie folk-rock outfit The All Canadian Soundclash brings the heat with their blistering new single “She Won’t Play Your Game”.

The first single from the debut album, Better Late Than Never, the song is an uptempo number teeming with electricity that surges start to finish; the relentless energy of “She Won’t Play Your Game” is seamlessly intertwined with the positivity in the message.

Check out “She Won’t Play Your Game” here:

A story of soulmates and the commitment that is shared between them take center stage in this supercharged love song; “She Won’t Play Your Game” is also a clear message that fate isn’t kind to those who take their partners for granted.

Banned & Outlawed Deliver Downhome Ode to the Genre in “Real Country Song”

Fri Nov 19, 2021

‘Three chords and the truth.’ That’s what they say country music is built on... And for multi-award nominated Hazelridge, Manitoba’s Banned & Outlawed — and their latest single, “Real Country Song” — that sentiment is absolute fact.

“Real Country Song”

With country music being the air they breathe, the food they eat, and the song in their hearts, the brothers Jon and Daniel Hnatishin’s authentic and sought-after yarn-spinning recently earned them multiple nominations at the 2021 Manitoba Country Music Awards — including for Group/Duo of the Year, Emerging Artist Award, Roots Artist/Duo/Group of the Year, and Daniel for All Star Band of the Year - Drums.

Crystal Gayle Reissues "A Crystal Christmas" in Time for the Holidays

Fri Nov 12, 2021

Crystal Gayle and Time Life will bring back “A Crystal Christmas” just in time to help celebrate the holidays. Originally released in 1986, Gayle’s renditions of 11 beloved Christmas classics will be available, including “White Christmas,” “Silent Night,” “Winter Wonderland,” “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and more.

“I love my Christmas album! I had so much fun singing my favorites with Bergen White’s wonderful, timeless arrangements,” Gayle said. “I hope you have a Crystal Christmas!”

“What better way to ring in the holidays than with Crystal singing these iconic songs,” says Mike Jason, Senior Vice President, Live Entertainment at Time Life. “Fans will now be able to bring the Christmas spirit with them everywhere they go.”

Canadian Synth-Pop Outfit Moves After Midnight Embraces “Savage Love”

Fri Nov 12, 2021

Canadian artist Christopher Mihas is the puppet master behind the new synth-pop nu-disco outfit Moves After Midnight, and nowhere does he pull more strings than on the pulsating fresh banger, “Savage Love,” and debut EP, Fluorescent Memoirs.

“It’s a song that many people will relate to,” Mihas says. “It’s about a relationship — not necessarily with a person, but with a substance; an  addiction.

“I think most people have had some type of chaotic relationship — whether it was with a lover or substance abuse, or even both,” he continues. “‘Savage Love’ touches on that: how something destructive can also be appealing.

“The lyric, ‘venom kisses, a tasty prison’ kinda sums that up.”

The track throws back the tumbler of 80s nostalgia, and washes it down with the futuristic Nu Disco vibe Mihas has perfected over his tenure as a DJ. Fusing low-fi riffs with dreamy melodies that summons you to the floor, coercing you to dance, “Savage Love” — and Moves After Midnight, at large — pack a retro punch on the rollercoaster that is electronic beats and synth-pop sounds.

Check out Moves “Savage Love” on YouTube here:

Canadian Rocker Sinematic Navigate Depths of Reconciliation & Struggle in Blistering “Indigenous”

Fri Nov 12, 2021

Navigating the depths of reconciliation and the Indigenous struggle, Canadian hard alt.rock outfit Sinematic scorch the soundscape with a blistering new single, “Indigenous”.

Check out “Indigenous” on YouTube here:  https://youtu.be/1gE5Cb6OF7g

The alter-ego of author and composer Ayden Gray, “Indigenous” is the first single to land from the artist’s forthcoming sophomore album, The Dark Circus. The release was produced under NTRTNMNT.ca to craft a soundscape that complements his vision, and the visceral feel of the song was achieved by the sonic craftsmanship of Cree sound-designer/programmer Zachary Ithahokow, Metis guitar maestro Everett Mayhew, and with backing vocals provided by Janessa Von Koppen.

Carmen Braden Sows New Immersive & Exploratory Album, Seed Songs

Fri Nov 12, 2021

Sown from a thicket of inspiration throughout the pandemic’s earliest days, multi-award-winning contemporary composer and singer/songwriter Carmen Braden unearths her immersive and exploratory new album, Seed Songs.

With previously unveiled singles “Kick Kick” and “Menu” landing prior to release, the 18-song collection opens with “The Mind is Wild” — a spacious and rich journey into how we as humans internalize and connect to our environment.

Check out “The Mind is Wild” here on YouTube:

“The first lyric reveals that ‘the wilderness is just a state of mind,’” Braden offers, adding, “this is from a realization that I carry the influence of the space, the cold, and the gentle pace of my northern home within me, no matter where I am.

Buffy MacNeil’s “Somebody Pray” Launches to Support Indigenous Youth

Fri Nov 12, 2021

In honouring those who have suffered within Canada’s Residential School system, as well as supporting Indigenous youth, multi-award nominated singer, songwriter, advocate and educator Buffy MacNeil’s new song, “Somebody Pray,” is available now.

Watch and listen to “Somebody Pray” here:

“I was asked during a conversation with Dr. Isabelle Knockwood to promise not to forget her stories,” Buffy shares of the now-late esteemed author, advocate, and Residential School survivor. “Dr. Knockwood’s words resonated as I put pen to paper to honour those who have suffered so terribly in these institutions.”

When MacNeil began to envision all the ways she could bring support to the health and well-being of Indigenous youth, the lyrics for “Somebody Pray” came pouring out as she reflected on those in her life who have been impacted by the system’s violent history.

Brazilian Alt-Rockers WRY Release Poignant Single About the Complexity of Relationships

Fri Nov 12, 2021

Brazilian alternative rock band WRY blesses the musical landscape with their electric new single ˆWhere I Stand” — check it out on YouTube here:

The latest single off of WRY’s forthcoming splashy new album Reviver is a poignant love song about the complexity of relationships, and our place within them. The airy nature of the music accompanies the hopeful tone of the message embedded in the lyrics, and demonstrates the sophisticated approach to music that flourishes within the well-travelled band.

“I’m going through this thing in my head
Love is here but she is in despair
I can see her in the shadows
She’s waving in slow motion
I’ll bring her back.”

Country Rockers Hot Mondy Release Some Good Outlaw Country with Single, “Vampire”

Fri Nov 12, 2021

Sexy, stylish, and, well, a bit spine-tingling are descriptions that aren’t usually applied to classic country music, until now as Canadian country rock quintet Hot Mondy unleashes a toe-tapping, hair-raising new single and video in “Vampire” — check it out on YouTube here:

Three singles and videos into the reveal of their debut EP Pale Embers, we’ve come to not only expect the unexpected, but be delighted by it from this Halifax-based band of five outlaw country-loving musicians and friends. And as a tempting slice of country-noir, “Vampire” continues Hot Mondy’s newly minted tradition of creating music that is both respectfully nostalgic and unapologetically modern.

Folk-Rocker Dany Horovitz Captures the Joyful Sound a Mended Heart Makes with “Moving On”

Fri Nov 12, 2021

Capturing that golden moment when you realize time truly heals and that the spiritual superglue of making new memories can actually mend a broken heart is Canadian folk-rock artist Dany Horovitz and his joyful and personal debut single, “Moving On”.

Watch “Moving On” via YouTube here:

The lead single in advance of Horovitz’s forthcoming debut album, Free Times, due in early 2022, “Moving On” takes the ‘moving’ part of its title — moving, as in high energy — very seriously. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter calls this jubilant stomper “an upbeat folk-pub song about the moment you’re no longer heartbroken”; think The Lumineers plus a few beers.

Jaye Marsh Awakens Inner WildFlute & A Vastly Canadian Experience in New Song, “Calling”

Fri Nov 12, 2021

Contemporary classical artist Jaye Marsh awakens her inner WildFlute, and welcomes audiences to experience Canada’s vast wilderness and beauty along the way with the release of her new single, “Calling” for flute and loon calls.

Written by Diane Berry, and featuring loon calls by recordist John Neville, “Calling” is the first track from Marsh’s stunning forthcoming 13-song album, Flute In The Wild, which is set to arrive this November.

Check out “Calling” here on YouTube here:

Alt.Rocker MDMP Channels Cosmic Forces of Sound & Silence into Emotionally-Charged “Strength"

Fri Nov 05, 2021

Cosmic forces of sound and silence are channelled effortlessly through the artistic perception of multi-disciplined renaissance musician MDMP on the emotionally charged single “Strength”.

The new single off MDMP’s ambitious 27-part debut album, Day One, “Strength” is a harrowing tale surrounding the internal struggle that invites itself in when all hope seems lost.

Check out “Strength” on YouTube here:

Featuring the ultra-talented metal band Dayshell out of Southern California, MDMP fearlessly captures the haunting realities of those who deal with trauma in harmful ways; particularly those with substance abuse issues. Meticulous listeners are rewarded with a vocal performance that takes no lyric for granted with the depth and raw energy that does this pain-staking subject justice.

Alt-Electronic Artist Rick Christian Asks “Will You Dance With Death?” In New Single

Fri Nov 05, 2021

There’s a good chance you’ve been asked to dance, or asked someone else to. But if that dance was with Death, would you square up or bow out?

That’s what Edmonton alt-electronica artist Rick Christian is asking in his new single and music video-turned-horror flick, “Will You Dance With Death?” — available now. The electronica, low-fi, banger wastes no time mashing a dance bop with dark, chilling lyrics. And it’s just as Rick Christian likes it.

“I wanted something dark that people could dance to,” Christian says, simply; his music is heavily entrenched in bass and synth, layering his lyrics inside the production. “I attempted ideas and techniques when recording and producing this song that I had never done before. The production and blending of the synth in the mix was the next level for me. The hours of post production really paid off.”

Toronto Pop-Punkers LST IN HLYWD Unleash Supercharged Single & Video in "Bittersweet"

Fri Nov 05, 2021

Check out "Bittersweet" on YouTube here:

This Toronto-area supercharged indie group of 17-20-somethings are laying down tracks that could easily slide into soundtracks for the summer of ‘96 — and that’s precisely what they set out to do.

While most teens were sequestered to their bedrooms, their parents’ living rooms — the mundane and mediocrity of less to do, and even little to see due to the global pandemic of 2020 — James Marrin decided to get creative, and LST IN HLYWD was born. By the fall of that same year, the little-band-that-could grew to a four-piece, and finally rounding up to a five by spring 2021. And now the group has nowhere to go but up into a stratosphere built on the shoulders of their idols: Fall Out Boy, MGK, Chase Atlantic, among others.

Hard Rockers Live Animals Are Release New “Uplifiting” EP and Lead Single

Fri Nov 05, 2021

Personifying sonic grit and technical musicianship, Canadian hard rock band Live Animals bring the authenticity back to rock n’ roll with their soaring new single, “Uplifting”.

With it, the Toronto-based rockers have unleashed their raw creative energy with their epic new EP, (ep)iphany; electricity pulses right out the gates through the expertly crafted guitar riffs of Spencer Bailey and the exceptionally developed vocal stylings of Andrew Healy, both founders of the band — their musical chemistry on full display with the follow-up to their debut release.

“Uplifting” is a song about the power of music and its ability to unite the world despite the ongoing global health crisis. The positivity that radiates from every musical note blends effortlessly with Live Animals’ message of hope and is delivered as sincerely and potently as only they could.

Check out “Uplifting” here on YouTube: