Pop-Soul Artist Natalie Nicole Gilbert Releases Inspiring Video & Single, “Victory”

Fri Dec 24, 2021

Any triumph worth trying for is often hard-won, and pop-soul artist Natalie Nicole Gilbert gives backstory to any achievement’s highlight reel in her inspiring new song and video, “Victory (Music Video Mix)”  - check It out here:

A fresh cut from her Fall, 2021 album, Recovery, and the release’s version, “Victory Is Never Free,” spare, elegant piano is punctuated by warm, sonorous strings across the song; with crystalline vocals, heartening lyrics tell the tale of reaching a long-term goal with rigorous candor.

Everything I did to get me here
To sing this song loud and clear
For my laughter I had to cry
I had to fall so I could fly

Canadian Band JukeBox County Unveils Music Video “Put Me Down”

Fri Dec 24, 2021

Featuring a raw fusion of indie rock and funk, garnished with sprinkles of rock n’ roll riffs and country chords, Canadian outfit JukeBox County released the accompanying music video for “Put Me Down”.

Check out the YouTube of “Put Me Down” here:

The song is a fresh cut from their debut album, 2021’s Inner Space/Outer Space. Produced by Hugh Christopher Brown through Wolfe Island Records, the 10-track full-length release signaled Rich Tyo’s transition to headlining his newly crafted creative identity, JukeBox County.

Tyo’s biggest motivator when writing music for JukeBox County has always been emotion and the complex role it plays in our time on Earth. Notorious for lacing heartfelt messages into the power-anthem projects the group has managed to create, Tyo focuses heavily on the intricacies of comradery and the power of influence a good jam has on a crowd of people.

Country Rocker Jeremy Macklin Raises a Glass to Gratitude with New Single, “Half Full Cup”

Fri Dec 24, 2021

While it’s essential to happiness, taking time to focus on what we’re grateful for can be challenging — especially with the world overflowing with trials and tribulations. Thankfully, Cobourg, ON country singer-songwriter Jeremy Macklin shares that quintessential life wisdom with his new single and video, “Half Full Cup” – check it out here:

The song not only pays homage to the blessings found in the everyday, but also lands alongside the Cobourg, Ontario artist’s EP, We Bring the Fire. The five-track debut features previously unveiled singles, “The Beer Drinking Song,” “Small Town Pride,” the album’s title track “We Bring the Fire,” and more — and adds to Macklin’s collective 1 Million streams across platforms.

Jeff Gunn Soars in New Video for “Spiritus Momentous (Never Give Up Opus 2)”

Fri Dec 24, 2021

With decades of musical expertise and an unparalleled repertoire, Canadian master-guitarist and songwriter Jeff Gunn keeps your toes tapping with his new single and video, “Spiritus Momentus (Never Give Up Opus 2)” – watch it here:

Firmly footed on Gunn’s signature percussive rhythms and harmonic melodies, the song shines as the debut single off his forthcoming new album, Momentum — slated to arrive in Spring 2022.

The spirited song is a dazzling composition featuring the rhythmic stylings of renowned drummer and percussionist Mike Sleath (Shawn Mendes), who brings his chops to the Peruvian box-shaped instrument called the Cajón, as well as the the stringed sorcery of Koi Anunta (Glass Tiger, Adam Lambert), who enraptures listeners with her sensational guitar and violin work.

Punk-Pop Rocker Chris Nine Unleashes “ghosts” to Combat Whispers of Relationships-Past

Fri Dec 24, 2021

Shattering relationship ideals and their lingering effects on the psyche, Canadian rocker Chris Nine looks left at angst and right at pure adrenaline for his raucously rebellious, fully super-charged pop-punk new single and video, “ghosts”:

Taking a bayonet straight to the heart of the perilous emotional expedition that is love, and the raw vulnerability it takes to give it a shot, the Toronto-based singer/songwriter shares. “I wanted to embody the feelings of love with its heart-pumping feeling, juxtaposed by the heaviness it can leave,” Nine says. “‘ghosts’ captures how that overwhelming lust for another can topple one’s self-control over rationale, and open oneself up to the rollercoaster of emotion — just for the slim chance at happiness.”

Coquitlam, BC Singer-Songwriter Steve Jensen Sings About a Simpler, Merrier “Xmas Time With You”

Tue Dec 21, 2021

With this holiday season needing no shortage of smiles for everyone, Canadian singer-songwriter Steve Jensen is here to deliver with his cheerful, grin-worthy new single, “Xmas Time With You”.

Watch the nostalgic and lovely video here:

“It’s Christmas time! Whaddya know?” is the question that kicks off this merry and bright track as Jensen reminisces about Christmases past — wishing “you were here with me” with a bit of bitter sweetness in his warm, welcoming vocal, along the way.

Add in the jingle-jangle of guitars, a pinch of piano, and a lively shuffle, and you certainly have a Santa-approved aural treat for the holiday season.

“When I thought up this song, I had a thought of my brother Ken and I growing up in South Burnaby and how a happy and simpler time it was then,” Jensen recalls.

Rock Band The Flakes Acknowledge the Elephant In The Room When it Comes To Their Release

Sat Dec 18, 2021

Canadian rockers The Flakes acknowledge the Elephant In The Room when it comes to the release of their freshly pressed debut album, and anthemic new single “When I Get It”. Check it out on YouTube here:

A freight train of sound that builds momentum throughout, “When I Get It” showcases the Halifax, Nova Scotia-based band’s exceptional musicianship start to finish. While the instrumentation emanates warmth and hope, the lyrical approach is juxtaposed to tell a different type of story; the song speaks to the very human nature around obstructing our own self-growth, and how we sometimes cause emotional strain on our loved ones in the process.

Rapper Yasuke Releases Love Letter to Basketball Idol in New Single, “Like Mike”

Fri Dec 17, 2021

Telling the toll, toil, and tale it takes to achieve greatness, Canadian rapper Yasuke releases hip hop love letter to inimitable and iconic basketball player Michael Jordan in new single, “Like Mike” – check it out here:

Going hard to seamlessly fuse lyrics in both English and Japanese to create something unique all his own, the bilingual track lands ahead of the artist’s forthcoming album, 上阪 (Jyousaka).

The song’s smooth sonic journey is a twist on the typical homage to Jordan, with Yasuke channelling his childhood idol while also reflecting on his rise as an artist. Yasuke’s refined cadence accompanies fellow rapper Rito on a chilled-out song filled with linguistic intricacies. Yasuke’s introspective vision and grasp of world culture allow him to artistically navigate eastern and western soundscapes with ease.

Nigerian Afrobeat Artist Sonia Aimy Delivers Optimistic Message Of Self Love - “Life Nah Jeje”

Fri Dec 17, 2021

With lots to say in so few words, artist Sonia Aimy does what she does best and ushers her listeners into the world of jazz infused afrobeats with the release of her new single and video, “Life Nah Jeje” –  watch and listen here:

Nigerian-born and Toronto-based multi-talented artist Sonia Aimy has been touring for years now; when she isn’t spreading joy and life messages through her music Aimy spreads it through humanitarian projects. Her “velvet, Sonia’s soulful, empathetic, and often joyous voice” inspires thousands around the world and has earned her the reputation as a quintessential embodiment of the “Contemporary African World Musician.”

Guitar Maestro Stu Weinberg Releases: “Donnie Green” & Disco Stu Likes Disco Music

Fri Dec 17, 2021

Canadian guitar maestro Stu Weinberg steps front and center, showcasing his inimitable expertise alongside an all-star team of musicians with the release of his debut album, Disco Stu Likes Disco Music, and its groovy lead single, “Donnie Green”.

An ethereal guitar-driven track invoking the cadence of jam-band music, “Donnie Green” and the rest of the seven-track LP features skillfully crafted arrangements throughout every moment of this monumental sonic effort. With Stu revealing that each track takes on a life of its own — ”Some are funky, some are real funky, some are groovy…” — the breadth of instrumentation is only matched by the assembled musical forces that helped realize Weinberg’s vision.

Alt-Rock Artist Meagan Aversa Sets the Scene Ablaze with Release of Her Fiery Debut, Matchbox

Fri Dec 17, 2021

Canadian alt-rock sensation Meagan Aversa sets the scene ablaze with the release of her fiery debut EP, Matchbox, and its accompanying new single, “Torso” – listen here:

As track #1 on the four-song breakthrough, “Torso” trickles out of the speakers with Aversa’s acapella leading the melody. Landing as a near-whisper, imploring the listener to sit up and pay attention, pulsing percussion fades in, followed by instrumentation fleshed out with gorgeous harmonies. ‘Pick myself up just to watch them walk away,’ Aversa muses on the lyrics.

Each song on Matchbox artfully bleeds on top of the other, and offers a theme of exploration into the dark side of being alone, and the ultimate acceptance of being the only one capable of consoling your very self in the face of loneliness.

Pop Singer/Songwriter Lora Ryan Flips the Narrative with New Anti-Holiday Anthem, “December”

Fri Dec 17, 2021

In an anti-holiday anthem for the ages, Canadian pop-electronic artist Lora Ryan wallows in wishful thinking with the release of her new single, “December”.

Check out “December”

“This song is for those finding it hard to get into the holiday spirit,” Lora shares of the simmering seasonal offering. “Playing off titles of popular songs, I flipped the narrative of cheery classics, and made ‘December’ for anyone missing someone they love, but can’t be with during the holidays.”

Following the release of her 2020 debut LP, Reckless, and upwards of 70,000+ streams across Spotify alone, Lora Ryan joined forces once again with longtime producer Adam Royce when it came to the new track. “With a couple of ideas for how the verse and chord progression would go, I knew I needed to take it straight to the studio so Adam could put his magical touch on it,” she recalls.

Jarvis Church Reimagines Bill Withers Classic With A Modern Twist In “Just The Two Of Us”

Fri Dec 17, 2021

That only a handful of artists are able to do Bill Withers justice, especially when it comes to some of his most famous work, is what makes Jarvis Church’s newly minted cover of “Just The Two Of Us”— so refreshing... It pays fitting homage to the late legend, while remaining unique all on its own.

Check out “Just The Two Of Us” here:

The release is fresh from Jarvis Church’s forthcoming album, The Soul Station Vol 3: A Tribute to Bill Withers and Beyond — the latest in an ongoing series paying tribute to his favourite soul singers.

“This time, however, there’s a twist,” Jarvis hints of the new offering that features four inventive and contemporary reimaginings of Withers’ hits. “I decided to lose the retro sound, and interpret these classics with contemporary modern production.

6 x Billboard Charting Canadian Artist Franklin McKay Says “Christmas Ain’t the Same (Without You)”

Fri Dec 17, 2021

Multi-Billboard charting Canadian artist Franklin McKay lends his soulful passion to those with the holiday blues, and says “Christmas Ain’t the Same (Without You)” with the release of his latest single – listen on YouTube here:

Celebrating the season with a freshly-minted tune has been top-of-mind for the singer/songwriter before, including a few varied versions of “The Best Day of the Year” and “This Christmas” — the latter of which hit #24 on the Billboard-charts.

This year, however, McKay switched gears when it came to “Christmas Ain’t the Same (Without You),” he says. Co-written with Harem Scarem’s Harry Hess, the release strays from McKay’s traditionally up-beat and happier-sounding holiday offerings, noting that “not everybody is jingle-bell happy.”

Smooth Jazz & Folk Chanteuse Catia Dignard Celebrates Starting Again with New Single, “Rather”

Fri Dec 17, 2021

Learning from past experiences without reliving them is one of the key ways to win at this game called life, and Canadian jazz and folk singer-songwriter Catia Dignard places us at the beautiful starting line of leaving the past behind with her new single, “Rather” – check it out YouTube here:

“‘Rather’ is about starting love anew once we have lost our innocence,” Dignard explains, adding that it also touches on “carrying the scars of our pasts without them becoming liabilities.”

A torch song about not carrying one, “Rather” atmospherically sets such a stage for renewal with its lovely, interwoven piano and sax intro melody. Dignard’s yearning declaration of “wanted for so long to feel this peacefulness inside on my own” opens a channel to calmer waters after the storm.

“I’d rather be with you here than in the past.”

Hailey MacIsaac Offloads In Searing New Genre-Blending “Lumber”

Fri Dec 10, 2021

With undercurrents of genre-blending alt.pop, and overtones of burdening past relationships, multi-award winning Canadian artist Hailey MacIsaac creates a somber and gritty listening experience for her growing fanbase with the release of her searing new single, “Lumber” – check it out here:

An immersive and ominous sonic sojourn from start to finish, the song walks the listener through a dark landscape of troubled thinking and coping with heartache.

With its title, “Lumber,” being hyperbolic for the weight we feel when we are ‘Going Through It’ with a capitalized and underlined ‘GTI,’ the Toronto-based singer/songwriter seeks to offload a bit through her emotionally lyrical swan dive into a song of trials and tribulations.

Troubadour Steven Heighton Embraces Uncertain Days with Love in New Single, “New Year Song”

Fri Dec 10, 2021

Through two years of pandemic-fuelled anxiety, political and social upheaval, and deepening social divides, maintaining hope and optimism has been a monumentally tall order. Having eagerly hoped 2021 would bring with it a cure for what ails us, enter award-winning Canadian author and rising singer/songwriter Steven Heighton and his new single, “New Year Song” — check it out here:

With the song poetically turning the page to what matters most on any and every day — the love we give — the profoundly moving single arrives from Heighton’s recent debut LP, The Devil’s Share, out now via Wolfe Island Records/CRS Europe.

Alt-Rocker Bryce Clifford Crosses the Border from Heartbreak Lows to Highs in “Checkpoint Charlie”

Fri Dec 10, 2021

Sometimes you just gotta drop everything and get the heck outta dodge, especially when staying put means staying close to the person who broke your heart. Such was the case for Canadian alt-rock artist Bryce Clifford when a sudden bad breakup fuelled him to leave his adopted U.S. home in Austin, Texas, head back to Hamilton, ON, and the creative fire to write and record his upcoming album, Rebounder — with its scathing first single “Checkpoint Charlie” – listen here:

With its brawny guitars and breakneck tempo, “Checkpoint Charlie” speeds through a checklist of loss, anger, grief, and bewilderment that only a big change and a long drive may seem capable of soothing.

Fate-Crossed Rock Duo Libre Stone Lay it All on the Line for "Mark of Cain" Album & Single

Fri Dec 10, 2021

England’s fate-crossed rock duo Libre Stone lay it all on the line when it comes to the release of their new full-length album and title single, Mark of Cain.

Libre Stone - Mark Of Cain - Music Video (Warning - Contains Flashing Images)

The 11-song strong release follows their debut EP, Wrecking Ball, and lands as a passion project they were forced to create remotely due to a global-wide pandemic.


Hamilton, ON's Michelle Titian Brings Raw Beauty to Exploration of Addiction in “Drive”

Fri Dec 10, 2021

Addiction can be such a devastating, destructive force in a person’s life, and their loved ones, as well. It’s with that in mind that Canadian singer-songwriter Michelle Titian soars with a beautiful, radical, coming-clean sense of honesty coming to terms with such destruction in this, her new single “Drive (radio edit)”.

“It takes a village to spread the word and help others struggling with addiction,” Titian shares. “This song has been a tremendous part of my healing, and my wish is that it inspires hope in anyone who is struggling, or simply needing a friend on the toughest of days.”

Working with Canadian producer Les Cooper (Jill Barber, The Good Lovelies ), “Drive (radio edit)” is an immersive example of Titian’s intrinsic songwriting that allows her to effortlessly arrange melodies and harmonies that tap into human emotions and share artful lyrics that speak to the soul.

With stirring, soaring vocals, lyrics full of hard-earned insight and clarity, and featuring elegant piano, strings, and deft guitar, “Drive (radio edit)” is the appropriately-titled ballad to play in your car when you’re in the mood for a good long think, or a cathartic cry.