Let Them Smoke Pot

Fri Oct 30 2015
Let Them Smoke Pot

It’s pretty obvious Justin Trudeau mined for young votes an untapped source and got ahead of his feeble opponents who by all counts knew the plant was drying in the dorm stalls of their youth.
It truly is about time we legalize and savor the profits from the forbidden plant. Sucking families dry through gambling to me seems downright evil yet governments rely heavily on the faith of the weak, downfallen and underpaid to fill the coffers.

People smoke everywhere – who hasn’t. Hardly a day passes when I don’t recognize the sweet pungent smell of herb – it’s in and around. In fact, I see more people smoking freely on Main Street than at festivals.

It’s been decades since I last inhaled but I must admit I miss lighting up in cinemas and near the bandstand. Oh, the follies of youth!

Andy Kim Announced as 2016 Inductee to Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame

Fri Oct 30 2015
Andy Kim

Canadian Music Week is pleased to announce Andy Kim as the 2016 inductee to the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame. Andy will be honoured for his achievements and longstanding career in the music industry at the annual Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Awards Gala Dinner in the Grand Ballroom at the Sheraton Centre on Thursday May 5, 2016.

"Andy Kim's contributions to the Canadian and international music community are truly remarkable in his 50+ year career. As a former recipient of the Indie Award for Favorite Solo Artist during Canadian Music Week, we are so proud to have him as part of the CMW alumni and are thrilled at his induction into the Hall of Fame", says CMW President Neill Dixon.

BTW with Kalle Mattson, Nervous Curtains, Dragonette, Lee Harvey Osmond, Yukon Blonde, Paul Brady

Fri Oct 30 2015
Kalle Mattson

Continuing on a string of fall tour dates that took him through the US and out to Canada’s west coast, Kalle Mattson has added more stops, including Toronto, Ottawa, Guelph, Kingston, and Peterborough, before heading overseas. It's all in support of Mattson’s latest mini-album, Avalanche, out now via HOME Music Co. Written over the course of March 2015 it picks up where the previous full length left off. Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold was released in 2014 to widespread critical acclaim, listed for the Polaris Music Prize and led to Mattson playing more than 160 shows across nine countries, including dates with Hozier. As a sneak peek at what Kalle Mattson and his band sound like live you can watch them perform “A Long Time Ago” live at Cherry Beach Studios, a song which Stereogum rates as “fearless in vulnerability.” Mattson 's shared a new video for the title track, “Avalanche”, via NPR’s First Watch.

Robbie Lane Presented with the Cashbox Canada Legacy Award

Thu Oct 22 2015
Robbie Lane Presented with the Cashbox Canada Legacy Award
Robbie Lane & Bobby Curtola
Robbie Lane & Bobby Curtola

Robbie Lane, Canadian music pioneer, was honoured at his place a work, on stage, where he has spent the majority of his adult life. Rarely will you see an entertainer more at home, under the lights and performing for the crowd than Robbie Lane.

Robbie received the Cashbox Canada Legacy Award of Merit on Sunday October 18, 2015 from none other than Canadian legend and old friend Bobby Curtola. “What an honour it was for me to be the one to give this award to my old friend Robbie Lane,” said Curtola after the event. “He truly is a pioneer and the Canadian music industry owes a lot to guys like Robbie. And he’s still doing it!”

Robbie Lane’s career spans six decades, 1960’s through to 2015 and a brief history of how he got here is awe inspiring.

BTW-with Diemonds, Red Moon Road, Lucero, Modest Mouse, Alabama Shakes, Greg Rekus, Busty and the Bass

Fri Sep 18 2015

Here's an overnight success that's only taken a decade. That's how long female-fronted hard rockers Diemonds have been bashing it out, playing every venue they could plug into across Canada and the US. The quintet, fronted by the commanding presence of Priya Panda is having a helluva 2015. The hard-working posse have played such notable festivals as Heavy MTL, SXSW, NXNE, Vans Warped Tour, Seattle Hempfest and most recently The KISS Kruise with KISS and Cheap Trick. Just out is third and most heavy hitting album so far, Never Wanna Die, which gets release in the U.S. on prestigious Napalm Records. A personal highlight for Pryia was opening for hard rock heroine Lita Ford in Toronto, which was followed by their Infest The West last August.

Susan Jacks It’s My Turn

Fri Jun 26, 2015

When we talked to Susan back in 2015, she really wanted her story to be told with facts and we did our best to do that for her. We both decided that an apt title for her story would be It's My Turn. Here was her reaction to the story. "Cashbox Canada has done a cover story on me and my music and I wanted this interview to be about my history, not filled with the incredible BS that appears on various pages on Facebook as well as in interviews, both past and present by other people. The important thing to me is that someone realized there is more to my story than one person's "creative version". There is still so much more that needs to be told and it will be. I've just started.  Thank you Don Graham and Cashbox Canada!!! "

BTW-Starring Bobby Curtola, Lost and Profound, Tom Wilson, Weed, Hudson Mohawke, L'Rock, Ault Sisters

Fri May 29 2015
Bobby Curtola at Musideum

Oldies don't come anymore golden than Bobby 'Fortune Teller' Curtola, master of the pop single, former teen idol, current Order of Canada holder and all-round smooth dude. Curtola pulled a Prince and played a private gig at the Musideum which quickly became a love-in. The sold-out house was treated to finger poppin' hit after hit, reeling in the years from 1962 onwards. That's the year Bobby dropped "Fortune Teller" and shot immediately to international fame at age 17. In between "Hand In Hand With You," "Three Rows Over", "Sandy," "Destination Love" and the other singles, he painted insightful, funny and warm portraits of life as a teen idol at the dawning of rock'n'roll.

Cashbox Canada Presents The First Legacy Award to Bobby Curtola

Thu May 21 2015
Cashbox Canada Presents The First Legacy Award to Bobby Curtola

Cashbox Magazine Canada, aside from promoting mainstream artists and their careers, has a mandate to promote the indie artists as well as the legacy artists who paved the way.

Last weekend they took that mandate one step further by presenting the first Legacy Award to Bobby Curtola. CEO & Editor in Chief Sandy Graham, herself a veteran of decades in the music business said “I firmly believe that there are a lot of good folks out there who have made outstanding contributions to the Canadian music landscape that, even if they have been recognized in the past, deserve another moment in the sun. Our plan over the next few years is to make sure these people get their due. And it won’t just be artists  it will include record people, industry insiders and the ones behind the scenes who paved the path to create a Canadian music industry.”

BTW-Canadian Music Week Edition-Kill Matilda, METZ, Alex Laurie & The Heat, The Kerouacs, Jully Black, The Jessica Stuart Few, Don Graham & Bob Cohen, Port Juvee, Aviator Shades

Fri May 01 2015
Kill Matilda

Saturday night's alright for freaking and Kill Matilda brings it large. The VanCity noise punk crew is making its CMW debut and given its rep for loud and energetic live performances, this gig should be intense. Formed in late-2007, Kill Matilda garnered immediate attention for its O.T.T. frontwoman Dusty Exner. Blessed with an impressive vocal range married to a penchant for extreme stage behaviour, a love of beer both onstage and off and a colourful range of cusswords, Exner's one of the most watchable performers in hard music. The current lineup's   Marcus Luk (Drums) – Mykel Exner (Bass) – Dusty Exner (Vocals/Guitar) and they'll be playing most of current EP, 'Punk, Zombie, Rock n' Roll' their weirdest set yet and somehow quite danceable.

"We are excited to be playing Canadian Music Week for the first time ever! After 6 months living in a van and touring the US being home and being part of this event is awesome. Our showcase is going to knock your socks off, so come prepared!" comments vocalist / guitarist Dusty Exner.

Kill Matilda. Bovine Sex Club. Sat. May 2nd

BTW - starring Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Gunner & Smith, Jerry Leger, Lily Frost, Tobias Jesso Jr, Chris Staig

Thu Mar 26 2015
Kitty, Daisy, Lewis

If you name check sibs Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, you’re liable to step off with thoughts of warm, fuzzy, alt roots pop. You’d also be very wrong about what they do. A better clue is that Mick ‘The Clash’ Jones produced current album, ‘The Third’, dropping now.

Described as "a gift to those of us who still believe in magic,” and three years in the making, it’s a worthy follow-up to their highly acclaimed 'Smoking In Heaven.’ That one coughed up enough coin for the crew to build a new 16 track analogue studio in a derelict Indian restaurant in Camden Town, resulting in an album and a sound pushing ahead what all that came before.

An early fan of the band, Mick Jones was keen on his gig as producer. Jonesy T spent four months rehearsing with the band at their home and utilizing many forgotten recording techniques. "This magical, heart-warming record really does produce a feeling of wonder,” says Jones. Something else Jonesy brought round was an enhancement of the group’s rockabilly leanings with a side of edgy vibe.

BTW-starring Grace Vonderkhun, Lucky Mike’s Sunday Matinee, Shad, Andria Simone, Chris Staig, Cancer Bats, Nimbus Young Producers Contest

Fri Mar 20 2015
Grace Vonderkuhn

So here’s our pick for wild chile of the week. Grace Vonderkuhn is a musician and songwriter out of Wilmington, Delaware. She sings, plays the guitar, bass, keys, and drums. All ferociously. After fronting her bands (Kind of Creatures, A New Dakota) from 2009-2014, she went solo with a style which cherry-picks elements from garage, psychedelic, punk, classic, and glam rock genres. Some say she’s the unearthly love child of Kim Deal and Joan Jett. Her current EP "Saints With Death Wishes", is rough around the edges in all the right places, She’s all beautiful, messy charm and knows her way around muscular music, brave enough to let the skeleton show through in places.


BTW-Starring Swamperella, The Bright Light Social Hour, Mr.Goshness, Lee Harvey Osmond, Pharis and Jason Romero, Will Butler, Aqua Alta, Ruthless Ones

Fri Mar 13 2015

Swamperella is a name synonymous with traditional Cajun music in Canada. Now celebrating its 20h year, this Toronto based group continues to honour the tradition from which their music stems while adding heartfelt and lively originals which dovetail beautifully into that tradition. Members include: Soozi Schlanger (fiddle, vocals, washboard); Peter Jellard (accordion, fiddle vocals); Conny Nowé (rhythm guitar); Rachel Melas (bass); Dave MacDougall (drum set , triangle). Swamperella has honed its musical chops over the years by playing to packed crowds at monthly cajun dances at the legendary Gladstone Hotel and has performed at kitchen parties, weddings and folk festivals across Canada. At the newly tarted up Tranzac last week, the crew showed no signs of slowing down, running through vintage zydeco material from such as Clifton Chenier, gorgeous Cajun waltzes with their roots in 17th Century France and original tunes from the band’s four albums, most recent being Leopard Skin Coat.

BTW-Starring Astral Swans, Swans, Michael Feuerstack, Dave Rave, Emilia, Bob Dylan

Fri Feb 13 2015

This week, it’s all about the Swansy. First up, Astral Swans, which is mostly just Matthew Swann. Astral Swans just laid down All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson, a collection of stark psychedelic folk from the mindsets of Calgary’s Matthew Swann. Songs steeped in universal anguish, marveling at the world’s knack for enterprise and cannibalism, come across instead as subtle, reassuring lullabies.

Chart Attack premieres the latest single from Astral Swan’s debut LP, “What Calms You Down, Freaks Me Out”. Steeped in serene 60’s folk, 80’s no-wave alienation, and the insouciance of 90’s grunge, the track bears the ominous pleasance of Syd Barrett, Arthur Russell, Nick Drake, and fellow Calgarian Chad Van Gaalen.

BTW-starring The High Dials, Closer To The Heart, Winterfolk Festival Highlights, Lesley Curtis, Dee Bronte, Timber Timbre, Dan Mangan & Blacksmith

Fri Jan 30 2015
The High Dials

In 2015, The High Dials are so on the radar of folks who think they define the nu-pop sensibility. In which case, dudes can claim O.G. stake, as ‘In The AM Wilds’, dropping Feb.3, is the duo’s fifth full-length cookie. This thing they’ve been doing is an amalgam of psychedelic, electronic, and folk rock influences, meshing with the compositions of singer-songwriter Trevor Anderson.

Centered around the band’s founders, Anderson and guitarist Robbie MacArthur, and operating with a rotating line-up, The High Dials have spent the last while working on soundtracks for two Montreal indie films, which led to a lot of experimentation. Any long-term band can slip into a comfort zone of lazy habits. That’s where producer Marc Bell (We Are Wolves, The Fugees) came into things. “Meeting Marc was huge because he really helped us stay fearless in moving forward. He knew nothing about our history. We were able to incorporate more of the influences that had always been there lurking but never really come through.”

BTW-starring The Confabulation, Elliott Brood, Gill Landry, Sleater-Kinney, Ron Hawkins, Deadmaus, Tim Chiasson, Hillside Inside Festival

Fri Jan 23 2015
Ron Hawkins

They’re called The Confabulation and they’re the best acoustic supergroup you’ve barely heard. Once ya know the lineup’s David Woodhead– bass, ukulele, gourd banjo Bob Cohen – guitars, ukulele Doug Wilde – keyboard Rich Greenspoon – drumset, we know you'll be beating down the doors of the warm and welcoming Southern Cross Lounge. You get two shots at it; Fri.Jan.23 at 7.30 pm, Sat.Jan.24 at 9.30 pm Tranzac Club, Toronto.

BTW–Starring Jerry Leger, Jason Collett, A Tribe Called Red, Andria Simone, Skydiggers, Monsoon, Martha and the Muffins

Fri Dec 12 2014
Jerry Leger

After a successful summer tour from The Rockies to the Confederation Bridge supporting his latest acclaimed album Early Riser, Toronto songwriter Jerry Leger has been back on the road again with a string of dates across Ontario. The tour, which began November 7 at The Horseshoe Tavern with Doug Paisley and Jenny Whiteley, will touch down again in Toronto with a performance at The Dakota Tavern on December 12. Expect surprise guests and heartfelt mayhem. Get a taste of what to expect with the new video from Southern Souls for “One More Bad Penny”.

The Dakota gig isn’t quite the end though, as Jerry L and crew play Dec 19 at The Brownstone Cafe, Orillia, with the final wrap coming Dec 20 at The Clarkson Pub, Barrie, ON.

BTW-Starring Devin Cuddy, 2 Bears, Dawn Pemberton, PUP, Isabel & the Uncommons, Neil Young, The Weather Station

Fri Nov 14 2014
Devin Cuddy

With the DNA of a rock’n’roll road dog in his genes, no surprise that Devin Cuddy’s all ready to take the band on its second cross-Canada tour this year, supporting current cookie Kitchen Knife. So it’s all stops in between Halifax to Vancouver on a tour that began on October 3. “It’s very important to us to bring this show to the doorsteps of Canadians everywhere”, says Devin Cuddy. “So come on out”.

Young Cuddy’s got something dif to offer in his rootsy country rock in that he passes on trends in favour of getting close to the sources of original rock’n’roll, honky tonk style country, barrelhouse piano, blues and jazz. So far it’s working out for the boy, having scored him a Juno nom for Roots / Traditional Album of the Year for his first record, Vol 1.Cuddy has said that Kitchen Knife was more of a ‘studio’ album that the debut, so checking how it translates live’ll be a bonus.


BTW-Starring Jane Bunnett, Emilia, Beautiful Nothing, Andria Simone, LIRA, The Jessica Stuart Few, Kathleen Edwards, Constantines

Fri Jul 04 2014
Beautiful Nothing

Toronto-based Andria Simone & Those Guys are on a major roll. They closed out June with a trip to Cognac, France to pick up an award as winner of the Hennessy artistry talent quest. During the week in France they opened for major European star Ben L’Oncle Soul and Monophonique as well as two or three other concerts, where they appeared on the same bills as Robert Plant, Taj Mahal, Lily Allen, Hiromi, Steven Seagal and Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne. Back in Toronto from Paris July 5 Andria and Those Guys will be met by two cars to drive them up to Jazz On The Mountain At Blue Mountain where they’ll open for The Commodores that evening.  July 9 finds the band in NYC to play the prestigious Rockwood Music Hall.

Back in the T.Dot, on July 19,it’s the main stage for the Beaches International Jazz Festival in Toronto’s East end. Come August 21 Andria Simone & Those Guys return to 3030 on Dundas Street West where they packed the room on their last show there, April 17. There won’t likely be many added summer dates , as the band have begun work on their as yet untitled sophomore album.

Jack and Misty Still Doing The Tennessee Birdwalk

Fri Jun 20 2014
Jack & Misty Onstage at The Citrus Bowl

Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan were born to be together. They were both born in in the same hospital. albeit 3 years apart, in Buffalo, New York and both their families relocated to Ohio when they were young and both can trace their roots back to Alsace-Lorraine in France. To continue the similarities , both had blue eyes and brown hair, both had parents named John and Mary and sisters named Virginia. They finally met when they were both living in Florida and working in separate acts doing the club circuit, Misty as a keyboardist and Jack as a musician (piano/guitar and sax) and comedian. They met, fell in love, got married and began working together, writing and performing.  In 1969 they had released their first record, ‘Big Black Bird’ which charted for the duo but one year later came their big break through song.  In 1970 Tennessee Birdwalk became a # 1 record for Jack and Misty, landing them concert tours and spots on shows like Nashville Now and solidified their spot in music history, garnering a Grammy nomination and a host of awards.